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More attacks against the voting recount effort…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, and soulmate,

It was Donald Trump who went on and on about a rigged election and that he wouldn’t accept the outcome if he loses. Now he goes after those who want to see if the election was indeed rigged. What a hypocrite he is, and he should be the Commander-in-Chief? Yikes! And did I say Yikes? 

If I would have been in Hillary Clinton’s shoes, I would have said to him during the campaign: “Ok, it is your right to ask for a recount of the votes but mine too if I lose.” (Instead of saying that he doesn’t accept democracy as she did. What is democratic about not knowing for sure?) Democracy should be transparency.

Any official decision should have an appeal process and nobody should be attacked for using that process. Politicians, certain people in the media, and numerous other people act as if it would be a sin to ask for an audit. The sounds of psychiatry can be heard in these attacks against the recounting. The requester of the recounts are called “delusional” and that they should be “ashamed”.  

Can you believe it? They are called delusional and should feel ashamed because they want to know for sure. There is NEVER anything wrong with reviews. As more as better.

If Trump would be sure that he has truly won, he would be glad about the recounting process so that the conspiracy theories that he didn’t really won go away. The way he reacts makes me think: Does he knows of rigging in his favor?

He claims that millions of illegals voted for Hillary in California. What is stopping him to ask for a recount? 

Asking for a recount of votes is made difficult and is getting more expensive for the Greens (who are doing the right thing here). They have to go to court, file appeals, etc. Gee, lots of people act as if it is Un-American to do an audit. All in the USA should be interested in learning the result of the recounts. 

If Trump would be sure that he won with fair means, how come he is so opposed that others do what he would have done: asking for a recount.

The election process, methods, machines, and technology should be the same in all 50 states with an automatic and very easy and transparent recount process otherwise it will be the same expensive mess again and again.

If Russians are found having hacked the election, the Germans are behind it. Not saying that the Russians are innocent, but Germany has the overall control over ear implants and runs all people. Germany doesn’t want to be caught, so they are using Russians to do the hacking for them.

Do you know what makes me so sure about what Germany is up to? No, I don’t know everyone on this planet, but I know Germany, particularly the German Bavarian psychiatric (butcher and barber) minds. Driven by all the fires of hell. They are so fanatical that they don’t leave people out and don’t attach them to their system. THEY HAVE TO CONTROL ANYONE NO FREAKING MATTER WHAT!

The people not run with loud sounds are the rarest people ever. I know that psychs are trying to influence also me with silent sounds, e.g. I notice this by typing and hitting false keys or running into a piece of furniture, things like that. Silent sounds to forget you didn’t work, Marty, because I know of them and what they are doing and I work actively against it.    

Back to voting: The recount still doesn’t include what I am saying as the only one on this planet: loud and silent sounds through the ear-implants in people all over the world, and the men/women behind that non-American psychiatric mind- control system, are those who select the candidates and influence the votes of the people. Unfortunately, a recount of votes won’t reveal what is transmitted into the ears and minds of people to manipulate elections. 

I love you very much, never forget this.

Always at your side, because you deserve it, Marty.  You are my soulmate, and nothing will ever change this.




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