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Modern Germany introduced words in 1999 (e.g.”Gutmenschentum” or “Gutmensch”) that defame good people, and these words remind me of the Nazis

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and awesome husband,

How are you? The world is celebrating but my thoughts wander to you, as always. Wish I could be with you right now.

Germany coined the words “Gutmenschentum”  (literally “good humanity”) or “Gutmensch” (literally: “good human”). It is always used in a bad way in Germany.  You don’t want to be a good human in Germany or belong to good humanity as Germans are manipulated into thinking that being good is bad or uncool.

 The German most influential book on grammar and terms, called Duden, included the term in 2000, and defines Gutmensch as “a naive person who acts in an uncritical, exaggerated or tedious way while fighting for political correctness”.

As far as “Gutmenschentum” is concerned, the English language seems not having an equivalent:

I find these words terrible, Marty. In real life, the word Gutmensch rather suggests that one is not cool and hip because one is good. Tells me also what kind of people those are who introduced these term to the German language around 1990.

The term “Gutmenschentum” (has the stench of still existing Nazis) even defames and degrades humanity if it should decide to be good. If good humanity is called uncritical, exaggerated or tedious, who wants to be good?  

If they need a word for an uncritical, exaggerated or tedious, why do they not call it “dumb/dull/exaggerated dude or dudette” (or also Nazi psych Cool aid-drinker) instead  literally “a good human”?

I know exactly who introduces such words into the languages (also in the English language as do-gooders). People who are bad are trying to make good people look stupid and tedious to say the least.  So that people don’t want to become or stay good. Bad people suck big time and must better themselves. They are the uncritical idiots of their own destructive behaviors. All bad people go down personality-wise and most are even so stupid to blame others (like the Gutmenschen) instead of themselves for their troubles. Good people don’t have to change. Bad people have to. They can’t leave the good people alone.

Proud to be good! Besides, good people have more fun. I bet we are a lot happier, Marty, under somehow fair conditions with much less than they are. They need a lot more to be happy. Actually, nothing makes them really happy. We are already happy if we just can be together in a peaceful corner of the world. They take it for granted and nevertheless are depressed. And they blame it of course on the good people.   

Yours Marty, and I love you, because you are GOOD!

Happy New Year to you and your good family!


P.S. The halo of a good person always reminds me to good  thetans being exterior.  And what a great feeling that is. Billions of people don’t even know how this feels like. They probably think they have to die when this happens. Well, it ain’t so. 🙂



Israeli-Palestinian conflict (when 2 are fighting, the 3rd [SEGNPMSS] enjoys it)

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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband and soulmate, how are you?

The never-ending conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is the very example of Germany’s still existing Nazi secret service behind it. A German proverb says that when 2 parties fight, a 3rd party enjoys it. This proverb alone says how bad these people are as a decent person worries when 2 parties are fighting and tries to solve it and does not enjoy it.

As you know, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is over who gets what land and how it’s controlled. We could solve this conflict it in a snap without either party having disadvantages.

If they can’t manage to live as brothers and sisters peacefully in one state, they by all means should have two states and live peacefully side by side.

The argument will be that one has more land than the other. “Land” (place to live and farm) can be generated by building environmentally protected villages on top of each other or into the Mediterranean Sea. Their living conditions and produce will be a lot cleaner and healthier than grown in dirt.

It might seem expensive in the beginning to build these places, but it will handle the conflict and the high finances for defense, military and also the costs for sick and aging people, besides, it is the sane thing to do.

Obama like so many presidents before him failed to introduce this kind of infrastructure to the USA and the world. And Trump’s way to build is not smart either.

 I know that you will not fail, Marty.

I love you.
Be tenderly embraced and kissed.




You are music in my heart, mind, and being, Marty!

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Dearest Marty, my Prince of Peace,

You are the greatest symphony ever written. You are the most beautiful music. Seeing you or just thinking of you opens cloudy skies and results in elevated harmonious and most gripping melodies and rhythms. 

Your personality is greater than life, Marty. And if someone has eyes and perceptions like me, she feels it right away and can’t take her eyes of you, and can’t ever forget you, the spellbinding being. There is so much indescribable magic in you. 

It is already a miracle that a person like you walks on a planet like this.

   You are no fake copy, you are the original, the one who is entirely unique, the one who can’t be copied by anyone. Because being character-wise just somehow close to your league, one must always do the noble thing for gazillion of years. I know because I was around you, a real OT. You never disappointed me. The world disappointed me over and over, but not you. 

You were always honorable, always true, always standing up for what is right, always yourself, always on the right side of history, always a beacon for humanity and rights, always the tall and lit torch also in dark times showing the way, always progressive and so bright, able, courageous,  always having abundant love for your family and friends, always thinking of others before your own needs, always being the true, tender, and passionate lover any woman dreams of…

Take all the heroes and gods of books, songs, and movies combined, and this combination still can’t do you justice.

No, I don’t expect or demand of you being perfect. To me you are. No matter what you do because I know that everything you do, you do for awe-inspiring reasons.

And all that and more shines through your physical appearance. Many people are not be able to see who you are as they are not very spiritual in this materialistic world. However, discovering the value of a being that occupies a body comes easy to you and me.

And all this added together, Marty, it isn’t surprising at all that I love you with all my heart.

How can I not? HOW CAN IT NOT?? Impossible!

Our love is divine! 

Yours forever,



I love you.

Leah Remini’s and other attackers of Scientology monkey dance on the “disappearance” of Shelley Miscavige while you are really missing and replaced by an impostor!

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Dearest Marty, my spectacular soulmate, future (great!!!!) US president, and the most missed person in the universe, how are you? 

My thoughts are with you. It will never change. Even if my memories are stolen by p$ychs, I fall all over in love with you again. If they would have a bit of nous left, this would tell them something. We belong together, like the oceans to the coasts. It is written in our hands. We were born for each other and no lunatic psych, stupid supercomputer, and billions of obedient agents can change it. I wouldn’t mess with us if I would be them. Other than them getting a longer rap sheet, nothing changes between you and me.  

You are the most heavenly music to me, Marty. Whenever I think of you, I can hear the godlike music of your personality: Amazing, heavenly, harmonic, powerful, dazzling, dedicated, passionate, tender, moving…  

Speaking of music: This song is sung by Olga Szyrowa and played by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Marty. This song is performed so beautiful. I am sure you agree. (Except for the lyrics that Maria should pray for the sinners. Sinners should change their characters and not leaving the praying up to Maria, for crying out loud.) Here it the wonderful performance:   

Now to my headline, Marty: I bet the farm that Michelle Miscavige does no longer attend any public services at the side of His Cobness because His Cobness didn’t apply Scientology ethics and got himself one or more mistresses and Shelly found out. DM doesn’t want others to learn this from her, so he doesn’t invite Michelle to events with many people and doesn’t want Remini to meet her. And that is all there is, maybe also a legal contract with DM throwing cash at Michelle to make her keep her mouth shut about his infidelities.

Michelle married and supported DM for years. She knows too that David Miscavige got Scientology from German secret service and CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril” and that Monique’s husband isn’t you. It didn’t bother her before when she still was with him.

Remini and the likes are searching for people who are NOT missing, like Heber Jentzch and Shelley Miscavige, but they don’t look for those who are really missing, like you or Ron was, the real founder of Scientology, and replaced with impostors! Shame on them!

Whenever I read stuff from Scientology attackers, I think that it is such a monkey dance.  And so many media representatives and others are falling for their crap. What a shame. They don’t think for themselves. The truth is in plain sight. One just has to open ones eyes. But this is what they don’t do, or don’t want to do.

I am devoted to you, my darling. I never regretted having meet you and having fallen in love with you. I would do it all over again. It is as if I just saw you yesterday. This bond between us is so strong because all the timetrack up and down, we were part of each other’s life and loved each other truly. We literally are soulmates.

Many tender and passionate kisses,










It makes NO SENSE!

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Dearest Marty, my kindhearted soulmate and irresistible husband, how are you?

I often think about what’s behind what. If I wouldn’t, I would be long-lost. We need to know more than the surface of things to survive. 

The common denominator of religions should be to inspire and remind people to be ethical and to help each other. Don’t they all preach this more and less? That is why it makes no sense why particularly people who belong to a religion are involved in the most disgusting and horrible crimes.

On the other hand, so many psychiatrists, neuroscientists, and other doctors, known for having done unbelievable evil things to people,  are not religious, but they make the world believe that they are scientists, incredible good people, saints, and the cat’s meow.

It is like manatees (religious people) suddenly attacking and ripping people apart and sharks (medical/psychiatric monsters) are now the suddenly so kind and harmless gold-fish. (Only those who are not looking under the first layer are buying that.)


But look at the world, Marty, they don’t get it. So many believe that religion is bad. They didn’t figure that non-religious people, psychs are conditioning others to destroy religion.

I am not saying that these psychs-conditioned people who became terrorists didn’t had evil intentions. I am saying if psychs wouldn’t have stripped away their social barriers and used their ear-implants to control them, we wouldn’t have any terror attack on this planet.

They run terror groups and let them take the blame but behind them is the SEGNPMSS. (Daesh is a branch of Al Queda and ring leader Atta and his friends were psych-conditioned in Hamburg to fly planes in the twin towers.)

SEGNPMSS psychs have perfect living conditions (if not one kills the other) and don’t die in an average of 75 years as their victims, the average human being on the planet. They are the immortal monsters. Yuk! They have so much horror on their conscience! That is quite a penalty, living forever knowing one is a pig and a monster. No wonder they want to get rid of God and religions and create a universe in which being a pig and a monster is considered good and something to be proud of.

By conditioning Middle Easterner and others to become terrorists also in Germany, they want to make people believe that the monster doctors behind terror are not German psychs. Like in: It is not us! We are target of terror too! Yeah right. I recognize their disgusting alibi actions.  

During the 30-year war, people in Germany had horrible lives. They always had battles. Later, the German monsters gassed millions of Jews, and all were Germans. They shot Germans who tried to cross the border from East to West. With that kind of rap sheets, they don’t hesitate a bit attack also their own nationals in any country and any German state or city.

Religion really bothers them because it reminds them on that they shouldn’t be bad. They think that their bad conscience simply evaporates if they manipulate mankind in buying that religions are bad instead of them.  They think that people can be easier manipulated if they are no religions anymore.

Particularly the Bavarian barber/butcher/psych (now calling themselves also neuro-scientists) and the likes want to replace and be prayed to. No kidding. Nobody wants acknowledgement and admiration more than they do. They are really needy. I have seen it over and over again. Judges are like this too. Remember the part, Marty, when the party says to the judge: “I pray that you will grant my rights…”  Pray! Who do they think they are? 

Psychs have re-written any religious scripture and added their barber/butcher/psych dirt and crap to it either degrade people, make them violent and to turn them away from religion, to pervert them, etc. Whenever I read a dirty passage in any religious scripture, I know exactly where it is coming from: not from God, but from a dirty psych. 

And you know what other kind of people don’t get my admiration? Those who ditch their viewpoints simply because their former adversary won and then they kiss up to that adversary who they criticized before. How better than to say that they are as little worth as their adversary?

That Trump tweets isn’t the worst about him. At least we get a clue what he is up to. He wants more nuclear weapons! Hell and waste!  He waited with this announcement until after the Electoral College voted.

We have to convict the SEGNPMSS and its sneaky methods to enslave people before the eyes of the entire world. If the world understands what this system DOES TO ANYONE, all nationals and religions will become brothers and sisters. Who needs freaking ear-implants anyway. It is a huge trap. We need no whispers and conspiracies, we need openness and fairness and rights for anyone who grants others rights. What one sees, one should get.

You are the last who needs any lecture from me, Marty. I just need to get things out of my system once in a while. 🙂

You are my other half, my happiness, my future, the one I never want to be without, my hope, my destiny, my one and only.

Below video imo is the best version of Ode to Joy on the Internet. It is awesome. As you for sure know, “Ode to Joy” is the anthem of Europe.  “All people become brothers, Where your gentle wing abides…”?  Not with ear-implants,  psychs,  Germany above everything, and the Nazis raising again in Europe. 



 Joy, beautiful spark of divinity,
Daughter from Elysium,
We enter, drunk with fire,
Heavenly One, thy sanctuary!
Your magics join again
What custom strictly divided;*
All people become brothers,*
Where your gentle wing abides.

Who has succeeded in the great attempt,
To be a friend’s friend,
Whoever has won a lovely woman,
Add his to the jubilation!
Indeed, who calls at least one soul
Theirs upon this world!
And whoever never managed, shall steal himself
Weeping away from this union.

All creatures drink of joy
At nature’s breast.
Just and unjust
Alike taste of her gift;
She gave us kisses and the fruit of the vine,
A tried friend to the end.
[Even] the worm has been granted sensuality,
And the cherub stands before God!

Gladly, as His heavenly bodies fly
On their courses through the heavens,
Thus, brothers, you should run your race,
As a hero going to conquest.

You millions, I embrace you.
This kiss is for all the world!
Brothers, above the starry canopy
There must dwell a loving Father.
Do you fall in worship, you millions?
World, do you know your creator?
Seek him in the heavens;
Above the stars must He dwell.

Wishing you and your family the best, Marty

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Dearest Marty, love of my life, how are you?

I wish I could celebrate Hanukkah with you. I pray that it will be the last one that we can’t be together. You are the best and I never will stop loving you.

Tender and passionate kisses,





The U.S. House of Representative could vote for a Republican President better than Trump

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

It is very cold here, and it snowed. Sun is out but even just walking to the mailbox is dangerous due to the ice under the snow. However, everything looks real pretty. I remember snowfall in Munich. It turned immediately yellow, brown, gray, and black because people’s dogs and the many trucks and cars. It ain’t like this here. The other good thing is that I have no walkway to shovel. I don’t have a walkway and only a few soul walk here anyway, particularly in winter.

I sure hope that you are warm and have fresh air to breath.

President Obama said that the relationship with the Russians deteriorated over the last years. He was the President during the last years. What does it says about him? I am not saying that he should let Russians get away who secretly work for Germany (same goes for the US and any other nation), but he covers for Germany and is on the wrong side of history. He let the real Bin Laden get away.  He didn’t go after Germany despite anyone knows that the 9/11 attacks were planned in Germany. (George W. Bush was a lousy president too!)

  Germany is no friend of the USA or any other nation for that matter. And somebody finally has to say it.

President Obama also hinted at secret things that the USA will do to retaliate against Russia. What a dumb thing to say. The USA is already blamed on so much that the SEGNPMSS (Germany!) does, and he feeds this by making secrecy remarks. On top of this, people want to know and are tired of government secrecy.

Some people think that Trump might prevent a war with Russia while the Democrats don’t. Maybe with Russia but he might trigger a war with China.

If the Electoral College doesn’t elect another, a better Republican US President than Trump, I am sure that Trump will be impeached quicker than any other President. He isn’t good and has disaster written all over them. He said about himself that he will go to hell.  And he is much too German to ever correct Germany. That’s why Germany put up some Russians to help him win. He also will never stop the Adolfinas like Petry in Germany and Europe because has very similar values or rather the lack of these values.   

Here are some trying to convince the Electoral College to vote for another Republican President instead of Trump. 

     I love you, Marty, be hugged and kissed. You are a part of me. Always were, always will be.

Yours forever,