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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

For a high-tech country like the USA, there really should be a uniform hacker- and manipulation-safe voting system in all states for national elections. Recounting should be a snap and automatically part of the process. The highest official is voted for and some of the votes are not even recountable. And it is the year 2016!

There are also the ear-implants, the loud and silent sounds used by SEGNPMSS to influence the voters. SEGNPNSS is making sure that shady people run for the highest offices. What is that for a process anyway when people don’t even have a choice voting for a decent and intelligent person because their parties don’t nominate such a person with convincing arguments. This needs to be handled too.

Reince Pribus said that the American people want “an earthquake” in Washington because they are tired of the same old politicians. Why can’t it be an ethical Republican candidate instead of Trump to change Washington? Besides, Trump isn’t even in office and broke already several of  his campaign promises.

Angela Merkel runs for re-election too.  She wants to ban full-face veils. SEGNPMSS is behind the suppression of women. They changed/re-wrote/added their crap to any religious scripture there is. In other words: first they arrange the burqas for women and once they are used to it, then they rip it off them, even through their French agents at beaches. And as I said, Germany set up the war in Syria to get young and hard workers to become world power no.1 and now tries to take away their customs. A woman should not have to cover her face and hair in the presence of adult males outside of her family. If he gets ideas, it is his problem, and he needs to work on it. But people have to put themselves into the shoes of women who were brought up wearing the burqa or whatever name the veil has in various countries. It can’t be ordered first and then ripped off. Each woman should be allowed to make that choice herself. 

Germany never allows the Syrians their own tradition and identity. They will have to work to get Germany richer and as thank, they will be Germanized or else. This is the only reason why Merkel allowed them into Germany and Europe. She also doesn’t hesitate to send some back. SEGNPMSS can always create a new humanitarian disaster in some country to get new fugitives to flee to Germany. I know how the men behind Germany, those dirty old barbers and butchers, are thinking. They kidnapped me and I was able to study their actions, they way they think, what they capable of, and now, I recognize their handwriting when I see it. It really was a huge mistake by them to take the Miss.

Speaking about covering-up, anonymous are harassing Scientologists in masks (face completely covered) in Germany. How come Merkel and the men behind her have no problem with those full-face “veils”? Hypocrites, they are.

Germany should have left us alone. But they have to destroy where they see harmony and love as they can’t create any on their own. They have no idea how it feels to be a decent person. They started to go bad early on the timetrack and ever since behave like that. They think that when they ruin other people’s lives that this makes them mighty instead of lousy. They have no idea that being a good person feels a billion time more mightier. Deep down, Marty, the men who rule the world are the biggest cowards ever. They don’t find it in themselves to stop their destructive behavior. Because it needs courage to recognize that one has to change and then doing it. They are the most pitiful characters ever. Small, very,very small and insignificant. Pulling in their tails and hiding in anonymity is all they are good at. They are the most unattractive people ever as the inside slime can be seen (by us for sure) on the outside. Even if they would get a new young body in a future lifetime, the dirt will always shows also on the outside. They have something so revolting about them that people who can sense will want to puke once they lie eyes on them or feel their presence.

They try to prevent by all means that we are getting back together. And as longer as they prevent it, as bigger their own rap sheets becomes. They could have such good lives. Good conscience, love, family, friends, fun, friendly competitions, a billion good things to do, and they throw it all away for a bad conscience, hiding and getting a smaller character by the minute. Can they spell low IQ?  

International politics and the world is taken over by a surge of nationalism. And it is German-orchestrated. That’s their plan to get nationalism back and Germany on top above everything, financially and otherwise.

You heard it from me before, Marty, I just can’t help it. I see it. I bet you have very similar thoughts and cognition.

I love you. Wish I could be with you. My heart and mind is with you. I bless the day I was able to see how wonderful you are. You are like nobody else in the entire universe plus any multiverse. If we would be shipwrecked on an deserted island together, we could start a fire just with that passionate love that we are feeling for each other. In would chose you all over again, Marty, in any lifetime, in any situation, under any government or rules.

Yours always,


For our love, time stands still.








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