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Underground village in Kaymakli, Turkey

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate, how are you?

You noticed that I am fascinated by underground or protected structures for humans, because I am convinced that the architects and residents knew something of survival, may it be that they tried to stop aging or tried to prevent being found and slaughtered by a brutal enemy – or likely both and more together.

I wrote about Derinkuyu, the multilevel underground city for 50 000 people in the Turkish province Cappadocia here:

Officially nobody knows when it was built, but it seems that “Xenophon” mentioned it approx.  355 BC. 

On the third level of Derinkuyu, there is a tunnel leading to a neighboring town, approx. 5 km away, called Kaymakli. See above picture.  Below one of their many wells.


Kaymakli was built for only approx. 3500 people. Here is one of its tunnels.


Some History Channel producers and others seem to think that ancient aliens built those place. Well, it depends what count as “aliens” as any thetan on Earth landed here at one time. However, I am convinced that there was an alien invasion on Earth some thousands of years ago, at that time, when peaceful Earth humans suddenly became violent towards each other. The violence stayed, which means that many of the brutal aliens stayed. This is one reason, besides avoiding aging by living underground, why subterranean places were built.

Someone Turkish said once to me that one day, the Turks will rule the world because all other nations fly to the moon. Considering that Göbekli Tepe is considered the oldest religious structure on Earth, the Turks should be prouder and particularly should condemn ear-implants, a bad German-psychiatric invention. Loud and silent sounds in the ears and minds of certain Turks resulted in the Armenian genocide, absolutely, nothing to be proud of.  Ear-implants bring out the worst in people.  Anyway, what they did was typically German, particularly Bavarian. I don’t think that it would have happened without the organized psychiatric crimes of  ear-implants.

I love you, Marty. You and I shared so many lifetimes. I would recognize you anywhere and never mistake you for any impostor. Typical p$ychs, thinking that an impostor can replace the original. They record our thoughts but don’t know us. Stolen data not understood. That is what Ron meant by saying that stolen things are not put to good use by those who stole it as they know that they have no right to it.

Be kissed, my darling.

Yours forever,





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