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Un-American activities continues – Obama orders US intelligence agency to provide full review of election-related cyber-attacks but Americans will never learn these details.

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate,

How are you? My thoughts are with you. 

Americans are treated like children because “elected officials” are withholding information from them. And I bet this secrecy protects mainly Germany and any of their dirty agents.

US intelligence agencies have dropped that Trump won the election with the help of Russia. However, I know that Germany is to blame that no better Republican candidates run because SEGNPMSS wants the Republicans to be degraded to a Trump-level. They don’t want the Republicans and any US-President get in their way when turning the world right-extreme, a situation that can easily turn in the same old Nazis marching again all over the world. Also, one leader prepares the climate for the next leader, and each leader becomes more extreme that the one before.

If this all isn’t stopped in time, there might be never a chance to stop extremism again.

Half of the American people are Republicans and they can’t find an more ethical person as President than Trump, proud to be German? Give me a break. Political parties and government are as infiltrated as the Church of Scientology and other religions and organization. I think not highly of Republicans who support Trump. It would be like us supporting DM just because he managed to get his behind on the COB chair. We don’t support a wrong man or woman, it doesn’t matter who he/she is and where he/she sits.  

Obama was asked in regards of the hacking around the election. He said, “could be Russia. It could be China. And it could be some guy in New Jersey.” No word of Germany, Marty, he is such a German dupe. 

Russia and China were kept communistic and poor and locked up by the men behind the official German leaders. Lenin was a German agent, Marx and Engels were German, the Tiananmen Square massacre was SEGNPMSS-ordered, all that to prevent that these countries could become stronger economic forces than Germany and feeling being superior to them.

If China would have built Ron-approved villages in the style your family built them, Marty, in other words, protected environments, they could have provided for any child, enough space, food, work, and care for anyone.  Instead so many Chinese babies had to die (one child policy) because Germany doesn’t want that and other countries to become a stronger economy or think their pinkish race is the greatest.  

Russians or Chinese might be found behind election-related-hacking but they are basically just used by Germany, like they use also any other country for their dirty purposes 

And something else German, Marty, the seaborne radiation from Fukushima reached the East Coast of United States. Cesium-134 was found in Oregon. Typical SEGNPMSS to harm the tourism in the USA. Their terrorism in Japan, calculation and probably also help  by their weather satellites brought the radiation to the USA.  

It IS ALL IN PLAIN SIGHT, AT LEAST FOR YOU AND ME, and I ask myself how political analysts can miss all of that.

Speaking about the elections. Hillary Clinton should have demanded the recounts. She runs for months a hard campaign and then she simply gives up. Gee! I think the reason is because she has no clean hands. Afraid that Trump retaliates.  And I bet the worst about him isn’t publicly know either.

What a mess everything is.

Except our love, Marty, there is no mess. Straight, strong, true, and forever.

Be kissed, tenderly and passionately,







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