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Medical terrorists’ damage control…

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Dearest Marty, my incredible soulmate and husband,

I hope you feeling alright, Marty, I worry about your well-being because SEGNPMSS consists of monsters and they run the world and whisper in the ear-implants of people to be most gruesome to you as you are good and noble, all they are not, because too cowardly to admit how low they are and better themselves. You have to suffer because they are jealous of the man you are and that they are not worthy to clean the dust of your shoes. I despise their low characters, Marty. It must feel horrible to be on the bottom of the tonescale. And I pity them that they rather want to bring uptone people down instead of going up on the tonescale.    

The American Medical Association Oncology published that a 255 million year old mammalian fossil from Africa had a dental tumor. On the other side, there are scientists who claim that cancer is man-made because there is as good as no cancer in ancient bones and mummies. (I agree.)

Bacteria are causing cancer. They attack the bones, blood, or tissue etc. but I doubt very much that they do that damage on their own. They are guided by medical terrorists using remote-controlled devices, silent sounds, microwave, lasers to activate these bacteria to multiply and grow as cancer or other disease and kill human or animal bodies.

Cancer has the handwriting of brutal barbers and butchers (today they call themselves medical doctors, psychiatrists and scientists) written all over it.

These attempts of having “researchers” suddenly “finding” very old cancers after rarely finding anyone with cancer in ancient times (Neanderthals had no cancer either) seems medical terrorists’ damage control to me, like: No, we doctors protect lives and don’t cause cancer with remote-controlled bacteria, see, cancer is very old… A 255 million old mammalian fossil, blah, blah….”

I believe that these cancers were added later to the bone or mummy by medical terrorists because medical terrorists want people to fall for it that cancer is old and not man-made, so that they will not be prosecuted for killing people with cancer.

Like this: “Your Honor, this is complete nonsense. Cancer is completely natural and existed already 255 million years ago. My client, Dr. Nazi is completely innocent…” (Dr. Nazi gets off, rubs his bloody hands and keeps on killing billions of people with cancer and other diseases, using remote-controlled germs. Among the people who died on cancer and the other bacteria-caused diseases ordered and conducted by Dr. Nazi is the lawyer, the judge, who let him off, and their families…)   


BTW, I forgot to eat and took 2/3 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper yesterday. I can’t recommend that. One must have a full stomach, otherwise it burns like fire for quite a while.

I miss you very much, Marty. How people can think that they will be blessed keeping us apart is beyond me. They must think we are children of a lower God, however, as we don’t do this to them or anyone, it should be very clear who the children of the lower God are.

These precious feelings of loving you will be with me forever. I never will give up loving you, it doesn’t matter who this lifetime ends for us. I am still extremely happy that I found Scientology again after psychs robbed my memory and that I found you again. The only regret that I had is that we were again separated for so long. If we don’t get in this universe what other people take for granted, we gotta get to another one. I am tired of being a 2nd class citizen, and I know you too. 

But much better being us, able to truly love and see but being them. They are all we don’t want to be. 

Be hugged and kissed, my darling.









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