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As I said, Germany still wants to take over the world incl. Russia and the USA

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Dearest Marty, you are an incredible hero and the most wonderful Prince and husband I could wish for,

How is your life? I miss you every day.

Joe Walsh, a former Republican Congressman is right being outraged that not enough Republicans show their opposition regarding that foreign forces hacked to influence the US election. However, he, and all others are wrong thinking that the Russians are the driving force behind it.

Russians (or other nationals) might be found hacking, but I am sure they wouldn’t had done it if Germany’s secret services wouldn’t had put them up to it, might they know or not that German psychs and their agents talk into their ear implants either with loud or silent sounds or likely with both to make them do what the medical Dorian Grays behind Merkel want.


Germany has such dirty hands on Russia, China, and each other country that they made communistic to keep them down.  They also are kept and still are keeping women or freedoms of people down in extreme Islamic states. And when Germany thinks it “is time to take them officially over”, it run into problems with those governmental or other systems that it forced upon other countries and want the USA to fight these governments or systems for Germany.  

Despite everything Germany did and does, Wikileaks always blames the USA and never Germany. Did you notice that? How suspicious is that?

You and I, we just have to look at current events, and we are getting the picture.

Germany still wants to take over the world and it will never change. The problem with it is that the typical German, and particularly, the typical Bavarian (particularly psychs and medical doctors) has no human qualifications. Hell will never freeze over with them having any power.

Right now, Germany uses other countries to do this and cowardly hides behind their backs until it has not much opposition anymore and then it will show its monster face again directly. Poor world.

See that it was also against Japan? Yet, a few years later, Germany used Japan to attack Pearl Harbor.  


We really are just one step away from hell. Javier Solana, NATO’s ex-Secretary General whose IQ I don’t want to have says that Merkel should run Germany. Germany uses loud and silent sounds to have non-Germans glorify Germans.

Germany wants the UK to leave the European Union because it is easier for Germany to pocket all of Europe without the UK. It wants to split up the components of the UK to make it smaller and attach those components (hello, Ms. Nicola Surgeon, I mean Sturgeon!) to Germany who leads the EU already. And Germany will use ear implants, loud and silent sounds to make the UK poorer and ruin their economy until England crawls on their knees to the Nazis and ask to be accepted again in the EU.

Germany above everything:


Germany (the men behind Merkel) wants Trump (I bet he is a past life German) to convince the Russians to allow Germany (under the cover of Europe or directly) to take Russia over. Alternatively, if that doesn’t work, they want the USA to go into war with Russia so that Germany can pick up the pieces of Russia and can attach it to Germany.

And yes, they want to weaken the USA not just with keeping its economy down but also with trying to trigger secretly another war, this time between the USA and China, or any other countries.

This is not a conspiracy theory but rather what one can see when not in trance by just adding together past and current events. Besides, we KNOW Germany and so many apparently not.

Today, Germany above everything:


I love you, Marty. I wish I could make just two steps and would be with you because it would be two step to heaven. Be kissed, my hero.

Yours forever,



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