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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Since years I try to write some novels and due to my job, which knows no regular work hours, weekends or even holidays, I am interrupted often for weeks writing fiction. Then I have to take care of the chores around the house and my huge “backyard”, etc. and then, when I finally have a minute to read my fiction, my job comes back that requires a hell of a lot of concentration and leaves often time for just few hours sleep and nothing else. I could ditch parts of it, but the problem is: what if something happens and I need the cash? My job produces cash right away but with writing fiction, it takes so much longer. However, writing fiction is more fun and less stress than my day and night and weekend and holiday job.

Marty, I am thinking of you. How your daily life is. I still think that you are wrongfully incarcerated. I still have no shred evidence but it feels like it to me. There was also still no message/letter/subpoena/call etc. on your behalf for me as the world (anyone apparently) conspires against us. It is really stupid that they go on like this, considering that I figured anything out by myself. It wouldn’t have happened without knowing and applying original Scientology, Marty. It sharpened my senses and rehabilitated my OT abilities after psychs stole my memories. I couldn’t live as a Muggle just seeing the things right in front of me. I need my advanced abilities to figure what is withheld from me. You know that I don’t approve of Miscavige (maybe a Vistarologist but sure no Scientologist) and Miscavology, but when I hear people bashing Ron, the real founder of original SCN, or original Scientology, I am thinking what fools they are and what they are missing… The adventure of advanced human abilities. I am so glad that I became a Scientologist. The only regret that I am having is that I couldn’t hold onto you. And the forces that separated us are not Scientology but Germany and psychiatry.

How can I help you, is what I ask myself often, Marty, and the only thing I can come up with (after having knocked at all doors in the government and courts) is waiting here in the USA until this conspiracy crashes like a house of dirty cards.

I have no intentions at all to ever give up on you. You are my soulmate and my husband. We were born for each other and I don’t see why we should fulfill the dirty, perverted wishes of Nazi snakes to forget each other. Psychs think they are the greatest and they know all about the human minds. Haha! They can’t figure us out or make us do what they want. They are forgetting that we are so appalled about their low tonelevels and methods that we do anything we can to work against them and not becoming like them. When I feel that they want to drive me out of my home and back to Germany (and I get it very often), I do EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.

They are losers, Marty, they can adapt to a situation, which they can’t handle. They are fixed on crimes and being downtone. I read an article once and a Jewish person stated that he got the feeling that Nazis just want to inflict pain and cruelties and don’t really want to win. He was right. They are THAT LOW. They have the world secretly in their slimy hands and nevertheless manage to lose over and over again. How dumb is that? Our reactions doing exactly what they don’t want us to do is known to them since decades, yet, they continue on that route of just inflicting pain and cruelties without any chance of winning. All they do is extending their eternal rap sheets and the feeling of being the scum of any  universe.  

Sometimes, I think of the beginning, Marty, how things were when we all were just thetans. What happened that they turned monsters and we don’t? I think I figured it out. They failed to truly love and were jealous instead. True love is continuing to love a person even if rejected.  A heart and a being filled with true love towards a being/beings, his or her partner and children, family, and friends, doesn’t fill the same heart and mind up with doing disgusting things to others. It doesn’t work this way. They were so stupid to forgo love for jealousy, sex, crimes, and perversions and never corrected themselves. The ultimate stupidity.

I love you, Marty, always have, since the beginning of time, you live in my heart and you are having your permanent home there. Even if you would decide for another soulmate, I would step back but  still would love you.



This is a picture of Pluto. It looks to me as if someone used a laser in space to create that heart of frozen carbon monoxide and methane, which is no thick ice as far as I learned. Well, there is a lot more to real love than just drawing a heart. Doesn’t convince me of love. Besides, those chemicals might be deadly for people without proper protection.  











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