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You are music in my heart, mind, and being, Marty!

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Dearest Marty, my Prince of Peace,

You are the greatest symphony ever written. You are the most beautiful music. Seeing you or just thinking of you opens cloudy skies and results in elevated harmonious and most gripping melodies and rhythms. 

Your personality is greater than life, Marty. And if someone has eyes and perceptions like me, she feels it right away and can’t take her eyes of you, and can’t ever forget you, the spellbinding being. There is so much indescribable magic in you. 

It is already a miracle that a person like you walks on a planet like this.

   You are no fake copy, you are the original, the one who is entirely unique, the one who can’t be copied by anyone. Because being character-wise just somehow close to your league, one must always do the noble thing for gazillion of years. I know because I was around you, a real OT. You never disappointed me. The world disappointed me over and over, but not you. 

You were always honorable, always true, always standing up for what is right, always yourself, always on the right side of history, always a beacon for humanity and rights, always the tall and lit torch also in dark times showing the way, always progressive and so bright, able, courageous,  always having abundant love for your family and friends, always thinking of others before your own needs, always being the true, tender, and passionate lover any woman dreams of…

Take all the heroes and gods of books, songs, and movies combined, and this combination still can’t do you justice.

No, I don’t expect or demand of you being perfect. To me you are. No matter what you do because I know that everything you do, you do for awe-inspiring reasons.

And all that and more shines through your physical appearance. Many people are not be able to see who you are as they are not very spiritual in this materialistic world. However, discovering the value of a being that occupies a body comes easy to you and me.

And all this added together, Marty, it isn’t surprising at all that I love you with all my heart.

How can I not? HOW CAN IT NOT?? Impossible!

Our love is divine! 

Yours forever,



I love you.


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