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Modern Germany introduced words in 1999 (e.g.”Gutmenschentum” or “Gutmensch”) that defame good people, and these words remind me of the Nazis

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and awesome husband,

How are you? The world is celebrating but my thoughts wander to you, as always. Wish I could be with you right now.

Germany coined the words “Gutmenschentum”  (literally “good humanity”) or “Gutmensch” (literally: “good human”). It is always used in a bad way in Germany.  You don’t want to be a good human in Germany or belong to good humanity as Germans are manipulated into thinking that being good is bad or uncool.

 The German most influential book on grammar and terms, called Duden, included the term in 2000, and defines Gutmensch as “a naive person who acts in an uncritical, exaggerated or tedious way while fighting for political correctness”.

As far as “Gutmenschentum” is concerned, the English language seems not having an equivalent:

I find these words terrible, Marty. In real life, the word Gutmensch rather suggests that one is not cool and hip because one is good. Tells me also what kind of people those are who introduced these term to the German language around 1990.

The term “Gutmenschentum” (has the stench of still existing Nazis) even defames and degrades humanity if it should decide to be good. If good humanity is called uncritical, exaggerated or tedious, who wants to be good?  

If they need a word for an uncritical, exaggerated or tedious, why do they not call it “dumb/dull/exaggerated dude or dudette” (or also Nazi psych Cool aid-drinker) instead  literally “a good human”?

I know exactly who introduces such words into the languages (also in the English language as do-gooders). People who are bad are trying to make good people look stupid and tedious to say the least.  So that people don’t want to become or stay good. Bad people suck big time and must better themselves. They are the uncritical idiots of their own destructive behaviors. All bad people go down personality-wise and most are even so stupid to blame others (like the Gutmenschen) instead of themselves for their troubles. Good people don’t have to change. Bad people have to. They can’t leave the good people alone.

Proud to be good! Besides, good people have more fun. I bet we are a lot happier, Marty, under somehow fair conditions with much less than they are. They need a lot more to be happy. Actually, nothing makes them really happy. We are already happy if we just can be together in a peaceful corner of the world. They take it for granted and nevertheless are depressed. And they blame it of course on the good people.   

Yours Marty, and I love you, because you are GOOD!

Happy New Year to you and your good family!


P.S. The halo of a good person always reminds me to good  thetans being exterior.  And what a great feeling that is. Billions of people don’t even know how this feels like. They probably think they have to die when this happens. Well, it ain’t so. 🙂




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