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2,500-year-old big city Vlochós discovered in Greece (190 miles from Athens)

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Dearest Marty, my exciting soulmate,

You are on my mind as always.

From the reports that I have read, it seems that city Vlochós was built on the ground and buried by for example the Romans. Whatever “official history” says, Marty, behind the bad deeds of the Romans were Bavarian butchers and barbers, the later doctors, psychs and Nazis. Bavaria and the Roman-Catholic Church were always joined by the hip with Bavaria being its secret leader as I know Bavaria.  

Some people are surprised that this big city wasn’t discovered before, considering that some of the walls were visible to the bare eyes. Greece played an important role all through history. People are trying to figure out the past of this planet, science, religions, systems, and art, etc., yet ancient cities like Vlochós are not excavated.  Some say that this is the biggest mystery of all. 

No mystery to us, Marty, I am convinced that same applied to the USA, Marty. The German/Bavarian invention of controlling people with ear implants rules. Nothing is done unless ruling p$ychs can’t stop it any longer.

Some Native Americans are convinced that they have another history than the one stated in our history books. Yet, there is are justifications (mostly money that is wasted for something else) in the USA not to scan and excavate properly. On the other side, if the government (federal or state) would order it, the odds are high that if important sites are discovered, governments and researchers wouldn’t tell. Like in Greece, Egypt or elsewhere. Because the corrupt German/Bavarian ear implants rule. 

What I find very suspicious is that ancient history of North America allegedly contains nothing but shooting cowboys and nomadic Indian tribes and maybe a few mounts (not even broadly known).  It makes so sense to me that there was not more, considering that on other continents, there happened a lot more (even if all isn’t published either).

It fits very much so to a worldwide system that hates the US that no advanced human history is found here. Advanced cultures existed all over the planet but oddly not in huge North America? Give me a break.

Despite so much is written about American and Canadian Indians, their history is still a mystery. Some of them say that they are the Lost Tribe of Israel.

What I find very interesting is that the teepees are conical like pyramids. They could have built huts and hovels instead. But they built teepees that reminds of small pyramids. So, I ask myself: were they used to living in pyramids but couldn’t settle in them because constantly persecuted and therefore built portable teepees?         

I am also convinced that real history of this planet will be first known when people stop obeying to the controller of their ear implants.   

I love you, Marty. And I am proud of you. Very.

Yours always,






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