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1) The hacking thing… 2) Medical doctors and psychiatrists created the retarded “Master Race”…

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Dearest Marty, my precious husband and soulmate,

To me is clear that Assange and Wikileaks knowingly or unknowingly are protecting Germany’s secret services and their psychiatrists, neuro-“scientists”, and medical doctors. (Past live barbers and butchers, what else?) Assange and Wikileads never publish anything about Germany enslaving international people with their secret ear-implants and having them do the dirt work for Germany. To me, Assange and Wikileads have mainly one purpose: Blaming the USA on what Germany secretly orders to be done. And what is that with the rape and molestation charges against Assange? Yes, everyone is innocent until proven guilty but from what I have seen, he ain’t a choir boy, and I wonder if he thinks that the rape and molestation charges are making him more interesting and look like a martyr. Pamela Anderson visited him at his hiding place, I wouldn’t visit him. 

I am taking about the German psychiatric system that implants ear- and other body-implants already into babies and kids to read their thoughts and control them in their favor. They can tell anyone of their robotic agents “to hack” or spread propaganda. The acts of “hacking” is just an alibi. SEGNPMSS knows all the passwords, the moment officials or other people create them, or they even tell them what passwords to use.

As Germany’s SEGNPMSS wants the USA and Russia and China (and other countries) to be at war, they use “hackers” from these countries to upset the USA. On the other side of the token, one really has to wonder about the WH, Congress, officials, and judges. So many are convinced that hacking and propaganda in favor of Trump has occurred, yet, they welcome the man and avoid recounts. The Republican Party could have said that due to the hacking in favor of Trump, they decided to select another US president not with the character faults of Trump and not in favor of the “hackers”. Yet, they don’t do it. If they feel that Trump won with influence of a foreign government, why the heck are they supporting Trump? 

The US Intelligence Community may be able to track hacking back to the Russians or China, however, they miserably fail to track it back to that Germany put these countries up to take the blame and the hits of any retaliation by the USA.

Russia and China under the thumb of German-created and organized communism and communistic rules suffered a great deal. German agents made these countries communistic and held the their people poor and down. I don’t won’t any wars, Marty. I wouldn’t want the USA, Russia, China or other countries throw bombs on the German population in retaliation. (SEGNPMSS leaders anyway don’t live like the general population and will not be hit.) But other countries should no longer allow Germany to use them.    

Marty, how is your life? I worry because I know how brutal medical doctors and psychs are. As if they would have changed. The beasts are still on the loose.


Susan D. Bachrach is a historian who organized an exhibit about Nazi doctors in Nazi Germany. Newspaper articles says that the traveling exhibit shows how the Nazis worked with scientists and doctors to legitimize persecution, murder and genocide. She is right about the brutality of doctors and psychiatrists, however, as a historian in Germany properly figured: the psychiatrists needed the Nazis not the other way around. And that is why the SEGNPMSS (still not found and convicted) created the Nazis and made psych-case Hitler to their leader.  

People ask why would doctors commit such atrocities? They swore an oath!

Because they are ear-implanted robots of other psychs and doctors running them through ear implants. Ear implants suck character and intelligence out of people. They think that if their secret masters have no conscience, why should they? And an oath needs nothing to those animals. Everybody knows that torturing and killing others is wrong. They all knew that it was wrong. But they are all too cowardly to admit that they have to better their characters. In order to better themselves, they have to admit what they did wrong. And it is so much easier and needs no courage to pretend that their horrible characters and deeds are not horrible. Fact is, that they are lying to themselves. Big time. They are the kind of people we never will become.  

There is also a tendency to say that the Nazi doctors’ experiments were good for the medical knowledge of the future. They even lure Jews into believing this, and these blind people want the world to use the Nazi experimentation results. This is just what the German doctors order to improve the reputation of Nazi doctors.  

None of the experiments were good for the future or anyone. They support more chemical medicine, which doesn’t safe anyone for long and just makes the pharmaceutical industry and doctors and psychs richer.

For example, the Nazi doctors allegedly tried to eliminate schizophrenia. Medical terrorists are talking in the subconscious minds of people. That creates among others “schizophrenia”. The Nazis didn’t bust that method at all. Ear- implants and silent sounds was and still is their holy cow. Cancer and heart disease and other diseases are created with remote-controlled bacteria, another German medical invention from hell. Nazis and Nazi doctors protect this secret killer weapon until today!   

Just about all diseases fall away once the remote-control is kicked out of psychs and medical doctors (correct word for them is medical terrorists and mass murderers) pawns, once their disgusting methods are published and once people are allowed to build protected villages were they don’t contract the diseases and were they don’t age.

And another bad thing: Due to that the SEGNPMSS successfully hid after the Nazis were defeated, they had other countries, incl. the USA continue with horrible medical experiments! 

Ear-implants are mind-control and are making blind. I am so glad that we are Scientologists, Marty, who are able to recall what Ron and Scientology originally said.

Be tenderly hugged and kissed, my darling. Still waiting for this conspiracy against our rights to hang itself in 2017. But if not, I have another solution, which means happiness and rights for us right away, and the conspirators left in their own calamitousness.

Yours forever,


The best word to describe us is FOREVER!

You rock, Marty!






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