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ABC’s 20/20 didn’t compare the actions, writings, and photos of Ron, the real founder with those of the German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril” and showed a mixture of them to the public

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince, how are you?

I watched ABC’s 20/20 show. Just like other networks and TV stations ABC’s didn’t compare the actions, writings, and photos of Ron, the real founder with those of the German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril” and showed pictures of those two very different individuals packed into one person to the public. Nobody making original research anymore?  That is why  people don’t get Scientology or other subjects and situations. Original investigative research is totally missing.


ABC named their show “A war without guns”. Doctors of the SEGNPMSS work since years on selling to the public that Scientology or Scientologists is/are violent by having their agents (incl. Miscavige) behave like the non-Scientologists that they are. They set up numerous such cases already, executed some, and I feel that the worst is yet to come as the world continues to allow that psychiatrists condition people (also not related to Scientology) and use non-Scientologists under cover as “Scientologists” to “run” Scientology.

Ms. Monique Yingling could benefit greatly from TRs to get control over her annoying blinking… She is no Scientologist and it shows. Hard to believe that she is working almost 3 decades for the orgs and doesn’t apply Scientology to her life. It is no surprise, however, as Miscavige is no Scientologist either. A man who accepts Scientology from German/CIA double agent and impostor “Jack Vistaril” and gives a damn about the real founder Ron or your suffering IS NO SCIENTOLOGIST! And Miscavige’s family, IQ, behavior, and actions also tell me that he is NO SCIENTOLOGIST. David Miscavige was raised by an anti-Semite and violent father. (Explains a lot but is no excuse for DM to be like he is.)  

And then there is Leah Remini. I don’t approve of anything she does, Marty. Including working with Mike Rinder who (together with David Miscavige) allowed your impostor Mosey’s husband (another non-Scientologist) to take over your position in Scientology so that nobody misses you and nobody helps you out of your wrongful incarceration.  He, DM, and the likes never applied the Code of Honor of a Scientologist “Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble” because they are 100% non-Scientologists with small IQs and ethic levels like zoo inhabitants.  

 I see that Remini’s activities creates more hatred against Scientology and Scientologists but don’t solve any problems. From what she says, I can tell that she is clueless about what Scientology originally was. Germany and psychiatrists decided to change Scientology by sending agents under cover as Scientologists into the orgs. She also has no class. She is cheap and rude. And I don’t want her tonelevel for anything in the world. (Also shame on the infiltrated orgs and the CC that nobody made sure that she advanced while she was on org lines.)

When Dan Harris didn’t react as she wanted, she called him the worst cussword of the English language on public TV.  Her zoo behavior is considered “cool” by Tony Ortega and his stupid followers. She is exactly the kind of non-Scientologist who changed orgs from places of class, warmth, and helpfulness, into cold, unfriendly, and rude places. Her language and behavior fits a lot to that of David Miscavige. 

Non-Scientologists just dump their children in Scientology orgs and  leave them to psychiatric-altered books, -policies, -bulletins, and agents under cover as “Scientologists” don’t explain original Scientology to them. The results are Leah Reminis and other blind and fanatical Scientology attackers or such people who say nevertheless in the orgs and make them to worse places. Also the behavior between Leah Remini and Katie Holmes on org-lines was that of two non-Scientologists.

What did they do to my dad’s song, is what I am thinking, Marty. 

However, no upbringing is an excuse not finding out about original Scientology themselves. When we (you and I) returned to Scientology after Germany’s psychs stole our memories to original Scientology, Scientology was already “Vistarology” (the version of  German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril”). However, we think for ourselves and were able to figure out the difference between original Scientology and the psychiatric secret service versions. That is nothing that for example Leah Remini or the likes can claim.  


Leah Remini gets profits from her book and is paid to beat up Scientology in her A&E TV show. And so is Mike Rinder as “paid consultant” of that crap. I say crap because they conceal that the problems within Scientology is not Scientology but the non-Scientology invasion of Scientology. Apparently people who can’t make a living without attacking Scientology.

However, Remini’s actions were triggered by DM’s behavior. He knew what a diva she was. He should have known that she would retaliate and attack Scientology if she can’t see his wife Michelle. But he doesn’t care as he isn’t a Scientologist. 

And Remini should have known that he doesn’t want her to talk to Michelle because of his withholds. This is what I think, Marty: DM didn’t want her to talk to Shelley because she could mention something  to Leah about him violating his marriage vows.  DM, his actions, decisions, lack of ethics, and those of his family members really created more bad PR and drama for Scientology than what anyone else ever created.  

I still wonder if Germany used RB to file a law suit against you accusing you of having harmed me (which you did not) and if His Cobness used this as justification not to help you as it would be “bad PR”. Isn’t that an irony? It would have never been bad PR because at no time in my life, I ever would have accused you or anyone else wrongfully. This case would have been out of the world right away with me testifying. And now look at the tons of bad PR that DM and his family created! What a hypocrite DM is. (Who also pays professional services to keep my blog as low in the search engines as possible and Monique’s husband tried to down it completely. What non-free speech advocates these two are!) 

And the ABC episode also mentioned Mosey’s husband, your impostor.  ABC 20/20 wondered why he was the main attacker of DM in earlier years and why his wife suddenly withdrew her case against DM and the orgs and his blog stopped going after DM, changing course, and going after others instead.

My thoughts: Your impostor put Mosey (Monique Rathbun Bank) up to file the case against DM and Scientology. He saw a cash cow and DM’s “Squirrel Busters” played right into his hands.

I think that attorney Leslie Hyman and other attorneys wrongfully assumed that Mosey is the driving force behind the lawsuit against the orgs and DM. However, I have seen footage that shows that she does anything he says. I never saw a woman more obedient than Mosey. Anti-Scientology forums or blogs as that of Ortega and the media failed to state that he is the one behind the case. That it is basically his and not her case. I assume that is why the attorneys who took her case got foxed. Not knowing or ignoring that your impostor is the driving force behind the legal actions against Scientology, Hyman didn’t take him seriously. I strongly assume that she told him that she doesn’t want to discuss the case with him but only with his wife. And this made him mad, incl. that it could take years to see cash and if they would see it, it wouldn’t be that much and that they have to pay the attorneys a huge chunk of it… And that’s why “Mosey” withdrew the case. Instead of her, DM, and your impostor “settled” instead. The anti-Scientology attorneys put in work for a million dollars and will not see a cent.  It should be a lesson to attorneys who take cases of those people who once infiltrated the orgs or their spouses.

Also in all these years of attacking each other in public, David Miscavige, your impostor Mosey’s husband, and Mike Rinder kept conspiratorial mum about your whereabouts, Marty. That is something all media outlets failed to report. And that is why anyone had to see it coming why DM and Mosey’s husband are “suddenly” again on the same page. Even during times were they appear/ed as bitter enemies, they (Rinder included) still conspire/d together. 

It all can be summed up with this short sentence: secret service agents and non-Scientologists. This is what the media missed for decades.

Sending you most tender and passionate kisses, Marty, my darling. I miss you, and I am looking forward seeing you this year. Keep on surviving.

Love forever,






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