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Ear-implants equals no truth

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Dearest Marty, my hero, husband, and Prince,

I think of you! 

A love like ours that last despite all odds is divine.  And I am not in the habit of throwing divine feelings away.

Instead of separating us for low reasons and conspiring against us, people should aim at getting for themselves what we both are having. Once they get it, it will lift them up. They will be a lot happier, and truly happy people will not be evil as it takes their happiness away in a snap. No evil person is truly happy. Period. Being evil is a trap. Bye-bye serenity and clean conscience. What really counts, a bad person does not see.      

 Marty, above picture got my attention. The left pyramid is in Cambodia and the one on the right side is in Guatemala. Far apart but strikingly similar architecture. Imo, the pyramid architects are the same or knew each other very well.  And I am most interested in what lies underneath, like wells, hydro culture, and living quarters. Because I know that there were some individuals who walked this Earth who built to protect the human body from what is still allowed to destroy youth, health, safety of people.

Some people think that only South America has pyramids but there are plenty of pyramids in North America, except that they were built from clay with vegetation on top. Which is not stupid, considering that they blend into nature like mountains and that enemies have a harder time to spot them.

This one is Watson Brake in Louisiana, estimated 5400 years old and built by hand for human occupation.

Artsists conception of Watson Brake, an archaeological site in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana that dates from the Archaic period. The oldest earthwork in North America, it was built and occupied 3500 BCE, approximately 5400 years ago.

And below is the Grave Creek Mound in West Virginia. Much harder to detect than a regular pyramid. Looks like a hill but was man-made.

 I read that earth was used in lieu of stones. Well, sad is that people today built tiny houses (see right and left) and forgot or never figured the reasons for not living on the unprotected surface of the world and also how much time and money the would safe “sitting at one fire”.

Modern people think that those historic structures were just built to serve rituals or bury people. I beg to differ. I believe that people in protected structures were either murdered on the inside (after these places were nevertheless discovered, mainly through traitors telling the enemies of their locations) or skeletons were carried inside to make it look as burial places to conceal the true purposes of such buildings.    


Many of the mounts were destroyed in the 19th century and also by archaeologists, which makes one “feel good” about what the public learns at the end. Psychiatric ear-implants rule.  Speaking about ear implants. I think remains can be examined on having had ear implants. But if those who examine them have ear implants, we won’t learn about it. I assume they were tiny metal pieces and not silicon in earlier time. I bet they were used thousands of years back already. Radio technology is easy but nobody is allowed to talk about it.        

The Grand Canyon has estimated 1000 caves and only 335 were recorded, so they say. They include historic inventory.  We first will learn the truth about history when archaeologists, historian, officials, reporters, and others become free beings, which means, when they are no longer the tool of p$ychs, their ear-implants and loud and silent sounds.

I love you, Marty.

You are my forever and always.




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    • I don’t think this is new. I am 100% sure that perverted doctors and psychs mess with embyros and fetuses since their times of barbers and butchers.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 28, 2017 at 6:14 am

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