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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

You are on my mind.

Psychiatrists (Germany’s, particularly Bavaria’s favorite profession) and all their versions are conspiring against innocent people but also against their agents and each other.  

That is the reason why conspiracy theorists have a bad reputation. Psychs don’t want people to catch up with what they are secretly doing, so they are telling their agents to publish crap, e.g. that there was never a moon landing, etc. In fact, there were PLENTY of moon landings, and that is  another thing that the SEGNPMSS and their international (incl. US) agents are CONCEALING.  

In order to make people shy away from seeing outpoints and speaking about it, psychs (Uni of Kent) published a 2016 “study” in  Social Psychological and Personality Science (science, haha!) that people who believe in conspiracy theories have negative personalities. Easy to get that these psychs don’t want people to figure what they are up to. So, they decide to make thinking a bad trait. Who wants to be labeled “narcissist” and “paranoid”? Nobody, so they try to discourage people to become conspiracy theorists.

These psychs claim that they studied 202 people and came to the conclusion that conspiracy theories equals low self-esteem. It is just the opposite, as you, Marty, and some others know. One needs to be alert, must be able to see, have a high self-esteem, trust in one’s own perceptions to discover oddities, and be no yes-person.

Also, people having ear-implants. They give those answers, which their psych-case officers wants them to answer. If psychs want conspiracy theorists having a bad reputation, they radio into the ears of test persons to give the answers that result in the outcome that they want. Some “science”…

They prefer people who follow and don’t think for themselves! That is also the main reason why they infiltrated and altered original Scientology to Vistarology and later to Miscavology.

We don’t do them the favor of being fools. It’s enough that they are fools. World doesn’t need more fools.

Yours, Marty. In all the universes that ever will be, I will love you. Because I know you. You have one in me who knows your value and your rarity.













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