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Wikileaks and the shaming of the USA but not going after Germany

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Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful soulmate,

How are you?

Daniel Domscheit-Berg aka Daniel Schmidt is German and was the spokesperson of Wikileaks. (Sad result: Germany and psychiatrists were not revealed behind putting Americans and other nationals with ear-implants up to no good.) 

He left Wikileaks allegedly because of structural or leadership problems. He then founded OpenLeaks and closed it briefly later. No surprise to me. (Germany doesn’t want to be caught and shamed like they do particularly with the USA but also some other countries.)

I found this summary online in regards why OpenLeaks has failed: 

Rumors that the group had been infiltrated by the German government, a lack of code open for public auditing and even a failure to get the site online in time for the penetration test it had invited the CCC hackers to perform. The book passage gives a peek into the infighting, bad luck, disorganization and personality problems that has left the world without a real sequel to WikiLeaks despite the dozens of leak-focused sites that have launched in the last two years.

Whatever it was, some or all of that, fact is that Germany got away with being the evil behind international evil. A mislead world buys its lies of innocence and decency. German psychiatric invention of  ear-implants rule. Just as they run “Anonymous”.

Marty, my darling, my thoughts are with you. My postulate to see you again is as strong as ever. Germany tries to prevent it by all means. It set up everything to make it impossible for so long. But corrupt systems crash sooner or later. If they would be smart, they would have known that from the start. They never learn of history. I want to sue them for every cent they got. Maybe they learn something finally  then.

After WW II, they were forgiven so quickly and money was thrown at them right away with the Marshall Plan. Instead of letting Germany pay for the ENTIRE MESS THEY STARTED, American taxpayers paid for a Germany that continued to be secretly Nazi.

And now, Germany is using the USA to make Germany world power no. 1 by bringing the USA down, by talking through the ear implants of people and manipulating them accordingly.

It is all in plain sight, and I know that you can see it too.

I love you, Marty.

Yours always,












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    • Who believes Ivanka if Donald treats a Jewish reporter as if he is dirt and dismissed his valid questions and concerns?

      How convenient for Trump not having to do anything effective against raising antisemitism in the world and the USA. Like: “I have a Jewish family, I don’t have to do anything effective against antisemitism. My behind is covered.”

      A German set up is what I see.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 21, 2017 at 4:51 am

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