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Singer gone professor or professor gone singer? (Lost continent Mauritius)

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince, husband, and soulmate,

My Internet is often gone for many hours these days and same time my phone services. It is a real mess.

I hope this posting finds you free of pain and harassment.

To my headline: scientist says that a lost continent was discovered. 

I found this video on YouTube with a singer gone professor or professor gone singer about that lost continent Mauritius:

Looking at today’s map of Africa and South and North America, but also Europe with Greenland and Canada one can clearly see on their today’s forms that they were once one continent. They look like puzzle pieces. So, something did split them apart. Many people say that it geologically happens, just like the universe created from a hot dense point that came from nowhere. (As if that makes sense.)

 In my religious views, God wanted the continents separated to slow SPs down going after good people through oceans.  I also got another idea looking at this. Oceans create borders. Naturally, different political systems and governments take place. On a planet like Earth, in which the monsters behind Germany constantly enforce their insane views and rules upon others, borders of other countries  and other governments could give breathing room to refugees and victims for some time. Unless of course times are getting more modern and all countries connect again despite oceans. Which is only good if it is not a dictator planet or a planet with psychiatrists who control the thoughts of mankind by attaching them all to ear-implants. The men behind Germany turn any other country incl. the USA racist too. We just have to look at what happened recently. It all is plain to see.

You mean the world to me, Marty. There is nobody I love more.

Yours always and forever,







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