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Tony Ortega is misinforming his readers as usually: Alexis is the daughter of the IMPOSTOR and not of Scientology founder Ron

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and wonderful husband, how are you?

Ortega who thinks he is his plenty of cats’ meow and his German- and psychiatric-oriented bunker published photos of Alexis together with a photo of the real Ron, saying she is his daughter.

Actually, he has two photos of “Ron” on his blog article today, but with comparison photos of Alexis. One photo shows the real “Ron”, the other one shows the impostor! I can see the difference in a blink, what is his excuse?

I am convinced he does this deliberately unless he wants to claim one day that he lived under a rock all the time and was too stupid to see on the many photos that he, the man obsessed with putting the founder down, that the founder of Scientology, Ron, was impostored by secret service agents.

Alexis isn’t the founder of Scientology. It is not Alexis fault that the real Ron didn’t father her and that her father it is “Jack Vistaril”. “Jack Vistaril” was a doppelganger. As you know, it is a  German Nazi psych specialty to work with doppelgangers and impostors and the CIA sure assisted and still assists them. 

“Vistaril”, the guy who died in 1986 with Vistaril in his behind, wasn’t the only impostor. Some in the freezone are also saying that there were “L. Ron Hubbard’s” with completely different characters, heights, and shoe sizes, but agent Ortega never reports about these fact.

Just as he never reports that Monique’s husband isn’t you, the original Marty but your impostor and that you are the original Marty and Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology.

You know that I am a very peaceful person. But when I visit Ortega’s website, I feel an urge to kick butts.

What a slime bucket he is.

Keep on surviving, Marty. I still have hope for us.

You are the best!

I love you until the end of the time. Be kissed my darling! Truth always wins at the end, said the real Ron. 







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