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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and hero,

How are you?

I found an interesting cyberspace archaeology site online:

Created by Sarah Parcak, an American “space archaeologist” who discovered in 2011 the street plan Tanis in Egypt.

Globalxplorer allows space archaeologists (anyone with a computer) to screen landscapes as to looting sites. Quite interesting but not always easy to see. One really has to know what one is looking for. 

Also, in a world in which people have ear-implants, a consensus of “nothing there” could be wrong too. 

Would be great to be able to use Lidar from one’s computer as one can see what’s underneath of the surface. I read somewhere that only about 5% of archaeological subjects of the world are yet discovered. Some seems in plain sight and nobody talks about it as huge structures in Giza, Cambodia, Peru, and Petra, etc.

Many people think that history and archaeology is just about dead people or maybe “cultural inheritance”. We Scientologists know that we were there physically in past lives. Not at all places at the same time of course, but at many. For us history and archaeology is particularly interesting. It is not about a bunch of dead people. It is about us.

I also still wonder why numerous portions of the world and seas on Google Earth have pixels on top. As if someone wants to hide something or a lot. As I wrote before, I tried to take an in-depth look into the Great Salt Lake and the Google pixels won’t let me.

I  miss you so much. Wish I could do some cyberspace archaeology with you, Marty.

Be kissed and embraced.








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  1. The 1951 “Thought, Emotion and Effort” Lectures are Amazing!!


    February 10, 2017 at 3:28 am

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