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Fake deep universe – 1 billion light-year void in space!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you? I think of you and wish you would be with me. 

There were a few astronomers and physicists already many years ago who discovered “non-universe matter” in the universe by looking through telescopes. They said it, but stopped before saying the deep universe is fake. But how can the universe contain “non-universe matters”? How did that get up there?  

Most of the other astronomers incl. NASA and other space agencies must have heard it and act as if they didn’t hear it and continue to misinform the public that the crap that they are seeing through the telescope is real. Hail ear-implants! Good bye independent thinking!

This big void space doesn’t has the same “age” as of what surrounds it. It must be thinner (containing a lot less “matter”) than other areas adjoining it. The blank spot is too big to be “natural”.  It is missing at least 10,000 galaxies compared to other areas in the universe. And it ain’t a black hole (another screen invention) either. That one is allegedly empty of matter or almost empty of matter.  

Dang! Can’t be that easy being the computer nerds of the Nazis. Their nerds apparently make huge mistakes. There are a bunch of smaller empty spaces up there and they make no sense either, of course not as it is all fake.  

Maybe it is also deliberate, e.g. if they are working on making the entire universe into a blank spot or a big black hole that stops people from having courage venturing into space. 

They control astronomers and physicians and let them explain any nonsense with an alleged “scientific” explanation. If the computer nerds of the Nazis project a teddy bear or a rubber ducky on the sky, they still wouldn’t blow the whistle on that it is fake and explain to mainstream that it is real.   

One astronomer said that gravity causes the empty spot. Whatever, except the truth that it isn’t real and that the real universe is behind the projection.

Another astronomer said when two galaxies collide with each other, the stars pass through each other.

If that isn’t odd. They should collide and explode into gas spectacles but they don’t. That’s how the computer game up there is designed. Guess it was too much work for them, Marty. A galaxy has what? 100 Billion stars at least? Lots of work having those many stars crashing and causing again new gas explosions or splitting off in something new… Empty space and big black holes are easier to design and as people don’t know what is behind it, they scare the hell out of them.    


Because the deep universe as our Earth or near space telescopes sees it is a Bavarian/German psychiatric-ordered projection to keeping us from exploring space. They want first all people in space to be their robots, attached to ear-implants, not thinking for themselves, staying in their line. I know how fanatical those SPs are. For us, Marty, it is easy to discover them, as we know how they tick.

Such a fake universe is TYPICAL for them incl. the “run-away-universe” (the projection). I am sure that behind the projection, the universe is static, well, minus what they blow up.) As further the fake one runs, as less we consider going there, so they think.

Consider how many mistakes still existing Nazi psychs and their agents made by denying our rights and treating us horribly. They think they are getting away with everything always as they trapped the world with ear-implants and control minds.

When the news broke that several German car makers cheated on emissions, Angela Merkel said: “This won’t define us.” (Germany) 

Because their psychiatrists have a big sponge that eradicates everything they do, it doesn’t matter how bad it is. They use silent and loud sounds through ear-implants to control people what to think and allowing Germany to always end up on top again, it doesn’t matter what atrocities they commit.   

They MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST control ANYONE! And ear-implants and secrecy are their most treasured tools.

I said it before, Marty, but I run again and again into articles and keep on shaking my head about this world.  

I love you, my rockstar! 

Yours forever,




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  1. Have you heard of Robert Burnham Jr. the astronomer?

    Sky High

    February 25, 2017 at 4:53 am

    • Wish I would have more time… What I do know is that he changed his name into a German one: Bernheim. Typical German-neediness. They want to the the world greatest, you name it, by being in fact the worlds smallest, you name it. In other words, what ever Burnham/Bernheim did, I am not impressed. He also failed to discover or publicize that deep space as we see it is fake and that the real deep universe is covered up before us, that to Germany running the entire world with ear-implants.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 25, 2017 at 7:57 am

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