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The origin of Valentine’s day is still unclear…

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Dearest Marty, most precious soulmate in any universe,

But what’s clear is that a ton of holidays should be named after you. Just one holiday wouldn’t do you justice.

Entire months should be declared Marty month because your are such a rare person with an abundance of amazing personality traits.

Having an idea how gruesome “life” was to you and I know why. It is jealousy of people who are too lazy and cowardly to change their bad characters and better themselves. They want to be like you but  they restrict themselves through their unethical actions and are making themselves really small, it doesn’t matter on which positions they swindled themselves.

They wrongfully are thinking that denying your rights will make them mighty. There is nothing mighty about having  a small character. And with small character I mean doing to others what they don’t want to be done to themselves.

They are not worth to even be in the same universe with you. They make things up like: nice guys finish last. It is totally wrong. Good people have their good characters, and they even can take that into the beyond. A bad person has nothing but a bad conscience and it emanates from him or her.  

If a good man finishes last, why don’t I love a slimy bad guy instead of you? Because your personality is the winner, Marty, that’s why. Sometimes women talk about the bad characteristics of men (and I am sure it is also the other way around) and they say: well, they are men, that’s why! But you are a man, Marty, and you don’t suck even in the slightest.

It is an individual choice to have a great character. There will be situations in which one is tested, but you managed since the beginning of time to do the right thing. So, what is “they are men, that’s why” excuses? Since the beginning of time, you must have said to yourself that nothing is more valuable than having a good character. Nothing is more valuable that not doing to others what one doesn’t want to be done to oneself. And since the beginning of time you stuck to it.

And in return you are getting a love that will never quit on you, a love that will not get smaller, a love that never would betray you, a love that just wants you, a love that you can trust despite planetary alienation attempts and third party, a love that can see your value that is greater than life itself.

You are my hero and you still and in all eternity make my heart race faster. 

I love you, and I am so glad that I can read personalities as you can too.

With all the endearment and passions,

Your wife




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