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1) NATO, a vehicle for Germany to take over the world 2) USA and Russia making the mistaking blaming each other and not the men behind Germany

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This is what they want young Syrians to become:

the hard workers for a Germany, a county that is covertly still very Nazi


Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince and husband, how is your life?

Many, maybe most people are thinking that true, deep, passionate, romantic, and everlasting love between a man and a woman does not exist and/or that it just lasts a short while and then becomes boring or so. I knew a girl in Germany (not a Scientologist) and she saw a psychologist who told her that the only lasting love is from parents for their child, never from a husband/lover/partner. He is wrong. I keep loving you with every fiber of my being since before the beginning of time, and I know that this will never change.

I bet that ear-implants, psychiatric-silent sounds are being used to make romantic love die between two people as these psychs are jealous. 

Germany and their secret services, particularly the SEGNPMSS or any of the German/Bavarian secret services, which existences and names are not even publicly known, use NATO to defend them by taking over the world. When Germany steps on other countries toes (like invading, etc.), it wants the USA to take the beating instead, and Americans should pay for it. 

The USA and other countries are used to defend the still existing and again winning and worst enemy that the world (all other countries and even various cultures and people in Germany) ever had. And NATO is one of these vehicles. I am not staying that NATO and any joint organization of countries should be dismantled, but I am saying that they should watch out for German Nazi tricks, which they don’t. I am saying is that the world needs defense from the real WHO, and that is Germany, the psychs behind it.    

American taxpayer’s money goes into “defending” Europe (now another word for Germany). It would cost a lot less for every country if they finally would admit that the “threats” to democracy come from the men behind Germany and if they would act accordingly. 

Germany’s secret service psychs install ear-implants in people (most of the time already when they are little kids and have unripe minds) of other countries and turn them into their obedient robots, which call “Europe” (Germany) for help like the Ukraine did. Or they make other countries split so that “Europe” (Germany) has it easier to take over.

Apparently, the Russians as the Americans and any other countries got these ear implants too. So, what they do or fail to do has Germany written over it as well. At least I can see it and I know you too, Marty.

However, I can’t blame Russian intuition not wanting to be taken over by what is chopping away from them and is trying to take them over and forcing their brand on them.  But they are making the same mistake as the USA. Russia blames the USA; the USA blames Russia. By blaming each other and not the German instigator behind the scene, they do exactly what the still existing German Nazi doctor orders. 

What the USA and Russia, and all other countries have to do is uniting against Germany. Germany runs people with ear-implants for an eternity. They invented cults and robotism. They could have prevented crimes, terror, and war, even aging and death. The opposite, they did. They encouraged all these horrible things and even manipulated and still manipulate people with silent sounds to become brutal and perverted.

Russia and the USA, and any other countries should always think that Germany is enjoying when two or more are fighting and that they are being used by the men behind Germany.

Merkel is a puppet. The secret service psychs behind her are calling the shots. They use women now as people think that they are less brutal and more trustworthy than men. Are they of they follow the command of men without conscience? What people don’t consider is that these women are preparing the world for the extreme systems that follow. Merkel “accepted” the Syrian fugitive not from the goodness of her heart. Germany is behind the Syrian war. The purpose: to get its people as cheap and hard workers to make Germany world power no. 1. “Arbeit macht frei.” The Syrians are NOT known for being lazy. They work HARD. They didn’t empty a country whose residents are known to be work-shy. 

The men behind Germany don’t mind their own people going down. If Merkel loses the election, that is ok with them. She did what they wanted. The Moor has done his duty the Moor can go. Adolfina Frauke Petry and French Adolfina Marine Le Pen are waiting to be next, until they are moors who can go, to make turn the world over to even more extreme “leaders” (robots) until no one can breathe anymore.

Trump plays a big role too. I feel that people who do not like Nazis should be at ease as he has a Jewish son-in-law (adviser). The simple mind maybe at ease, but nobody who used his or her mind.  How convenient for Germany to get its agenda done in the USA with people thinking that all or most is ok for Jews. And Jews may be blamed on what Trump (adviser son-in-law) does, comes into my mind as well. Trump thinks that the Syrians or other Muslim immigrants “destroy” Germany, with which he still identifies himself. Trump is either completely clueless about what his fatherland is up to or he knows and keeps it a secret.

If alleged Muslims or others in Germany or elsewhere conduct terror, it is a German plan that shall result in the first step to get rid of all religions (others will follow) and as a justification to get the Nazis back “to protect Germany”.  

Pence has zero insight of people. He didn’t check what’s up with Merkel or other German politicians. Remember how he defended Hastert of all people as “a man of integrity”? Yikes! What is Pence capable of seeing anyway? Nothing… Or he knows and covers up. People who cover up bad things are blind, otherwise they would get that also they and their loved ones will lose in the process.  

SEGNPMSS continues to condition Muslims to conduct terror to archive the following: getting rid of religions and having a justification to get a Nazi government back.

Nothing happens to Germany that its secret rulers don’t want. They can afford to build a wall through it and play the defeated victim as they have the power to lift it at any time. Whatever Germany does, it will get away. Merkel explained it: It will not define us. (Because people have their ear-implants and allow it to the away and away and away.)    

You heard it before from me, Marty, but when I read the news, I can’t help it but saying my piece.

We are meant to be, Marty, (never by Germany, but by God) and that is why we will be together one day and if not in this freaking German psych universe, we will be so in another one.

I love you more than any words can tell.

Yours forever,








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  1. Germans new National Socialists do no longer want to apologize for WWII.

    Erdogan’s Nazi Slur Rebuffed as ‘Absurd’ by Merkel Government

    Wasps and hornets

    March 6, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    • If Germany were ever sorry, they wouldn’t have kidnapped me to Germany. They also would not be otherwise still Nazis, which they are as one can see with Nazis surfacing everywhere again. Besides, the men behind these new Nazis are the old Nazis and the psychiatrists and doctors behind them. They don’t want to apologize because they are sickos who think that the Nazis were right. These people make my stomach turn.

      It is actually time that the Turks put a stop to Germany using it. The Armenian genocide was the “product” of Germany running people through ear-implants.

      I don’t approve of any government at the moment, because Germany has its secret grip on any, however, saying that Germany uses still Nazi methods is correct. They do.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 6, 2017 at 7:38 pm

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