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Germany and their international p$ychs want to outlaw Scientology by trying to pair it with something that has “Islam” in the name, a religion that Germany and their secret service psychs radicalized…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate,

Although Nation of Islam is not exactly Islam, its racist leader Farrakhan is known to quote  from the Quran.  How to possibly getting Scientology outlawed? Having it infiltrated by agents and non-Scientologists like Ron’s impostor, other impostor (you know who) and agents as David Miscavige and many other former and current agents and connecting it to Nation of Islam (actually squirreling NOI and SCN together) whose racist leader Farrakhan is allegedly pro “Dianetics” or “Scientology” (the Vistaril/Miscavige version) and who quotes from the Quran  immediately after referring to Scientology or Dianetics.

Germany and psychs are implanting and conditioning numerous Muslims to become violent terrorists. Islam is on the brink to be outlawed in various countries. And they want Scientology going down with Islam. We know Germany and we know the minds of their German and international psychiatrists.  For us real Scientologists, it is a piece of cake to figure them and their plans all out. Those who never honestly studied and applied original Scientology, don’t have this advantage. And that is the reason why Germany and psychs want original Scientology altered and if possible outlawed: We are able to figure them out and they don’t want anyone to point with the fingers on them who are the puppet masters. They are the cult masters not the real Ron and founder.    

And there are Remini and Bill Maher (fools) who claim that Tom Cruise can end Scientology “single-handedly”. What Remini and her supporters are doing is national dulling. What they are saying is insulting to all real Scientologists by suggesting that our ways to see the world and the universe(s) can be ended by one person. It doesn’t matter who it is. You know me, Marty, and I know you. Our belief isn’t even remotely shuttered by Remini’s crap or the actions of celebrities. 

Another creepy thing they are doing is positioning John Travolta as a murderer. If I would be him, I would do something legally against that kind of smear. These actions show that anti-Scientologists are preparing the ground for something real evil within Scientology, which is/will not be the making of real Scientology or real Scientologists.

I love you, Marty. You are deep in my heart. And you always will be. 

Yours always,







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