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I ask myself about your whereabouts. And this in the age of communication… Where everything is on the Internet, on TV, or in newspapers but not your whereabouts… If Germany, their international agents, and the p$ychs behind it all wouldn’t run the entire world through ear-implants, such an intensive cover up and conspiracy would have never happened. They can conspire what they want, Marty, we are OTs. We know what they are up to.  They can fool their own but never us.

The raise of the Nazis all over the world, including in the USA and very much so in Germany is also organized by the SEGNPMSS.  THE SUN in the UK reported that hundreds of armed and dangerous Nazi fanatics have formed ISIS-style underground terror cells in Germany these days.

Of course they are like ISIS (Daesh). ISIS is a SEGNPSS movement. Allegedly 600 arrest warrants against right-wing extremists cannot be served because German police don’t know where they are. Yeah right, what a crap. SEGNPMSS, the master of all agencies doesn’t just know where they are, they also put them up to being Nazis and committing their  crimes.

My thoughts and my heart is with you, Marty, my soulmate.

Yours always,


Some slow Blues music for you, Marty. I could hear it all day. But I can’t as I always have to concentrate and need it quiet. 


Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 23, 2017 at 5:26 pm

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