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The joy and pitfalls of writing fiction

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate,

I can feel that you (and I don’t mean your impostor but you) are writing fiction.

Me too. It is fun and allows me to get a bit away from everyday life. If I have time, and that is often not the case for weeks or even months. Like now. Have to interrupt my fiction writing. That’s my life. Because of the bills and who knows what else is thrown in my way.

Personally, I like discovery writing best. Writing and allowing the story to go in a direction that I discover during the process.

However, my mind always wanders into numerous layers of a story. I had to cut some out already. As they are playing on various levels, I figured that I need to outline. Actually, I need two kinds of outlines. One that is just the skeleton and another one that is more fleshed out. Because otherwise, I end up in all kinds of additional stories. 

I like stories that are character-driven and don’t have multiple story-line. When the characters are interesting, a simple story-line is just fine. One day, maybe I will try something like this. I also heard over and over that skills count and not new or catchy ideas.

But at the moment, I have not just one universe but multiple in my mind and without outlines I noticed that I am not getting anywhere except producing thousands of ideas.

Wonder how you are handling your fiction. Would love to read something written by you. If I would know where to find it.

Miss you, Marty, and I love you more than words can say. Why the hell did I allow that doc to talk me into that I need a stronger chin? I don’t like it. My original chin is more feminine. I will get it back one day, I hope.  Sometimes I make dumb things, Marty. I can’t afford making dumb decisions but once in a blue moon I sure do them. Sigh!  

Yours always, Sarah/Barbara 



Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 28, 2017 at 4:15 pm

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