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Harvard: sailing aliens near our galaxy causing fast radio burst

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How are you? My thoughts always return to you.

Ten years ago, an astrophysicists with a West Virginia University discovered a sudden radio burst outside of our galaxy by using an Australian telescope. It has happened 16 times before that anyone records that kind of stuff.

Harvard now raised the possibility that the last burst came from aliens outside our galaxy. If I am informed correctly, they say it needs 100,000 light-years to cross our galaxy.

As I wrote numerous times, the deep universe astronomers look at is fake, “courtesy” to the SEGNPMSS who formed centuries earlier before behind also the force behind the Third Reich. As we have to look at a 3D universe screen that is projected before the real deep universe, our scientists don’t know anything about the real deep universe. (I still like physicists for some strange reason.) 

So, whatever burst they discovered, I am sure it was rather a SEGNPMSS activity in space behind the screen/projection. Also, I suspect there were a lot more such bursts but not published. These 17 bursts are likely those that they could not conceal for some reason.

Of course, aliens are out there, much closer to Earth than the mislead world population thinks. And they are already ear-implant and body-implant robots. Psychiatrists (particularly German/Bavarian) psychs can’t sleep at night if not everyone is controlled by them. I doubt that anyone in the entire universe is that obsessed as Bavarian butchers and barbers who later called themselves medical doctors and psychiatrists.

For us, Marty, it is easy to figure them out, because we know them. Hell, they even gave me to a “mother” who once belonged to them. The most secret of all secret services made such a mistake by kidnapping me to one of their past life colleagues (male in that past life) and in their beloved Bavaria, where I could study the creepy minds of people who can’t leave other in peace and have to control anything that moves including any little germ. It can’t get dumber. It really can’t. They want to be the cat’s meow but in reality they are a bunch of crazy idiots of enormous proportions.

If they would have left their claws off us, I wouldn’t know them so well. But as they persecuted me through my entire life, I know these SPs entirely. They plot situations to shame the USA, other nations, and also Scientology orgs and then they sneer when their set ups are attributed to innocent persons or also their own agents (the SEGNPMSS or Bavarian Illuminati, and the secret service force behind it allegedly does not exist, yeah right!) but their stupidity is impossible to beat. 

They think they can afford whatever they do as “it will not define them”. They use ear-implants and manipulate people with loud and silent sounds to forgive them any atrocities until the next atrocity, and the next atrocity. And Germany, Bavaria, and their holy cows, medicine, psychiatry, medical doctors, and psychiatrists (re-named neuroscientists so that people forget the crimes of the psychs) and even Nazis will be again on top of the world.

Unless the motivator hit them deeper than expected. How do people say? Karma is a bitch. They sure ask for it.

A while ago, I imagined nobody left who will stop them. From the way they operate today, their hidden (not to our minds) atrocities, I concluded how this all ends for them. And I am certain that I got it right. 

It will still take some time but I am telling you, Marty, what they will penalize themselves with is a very gruesome end for any beings, and this penalty will last an eternity for each one of them. It will be particularly painful for their kind of characters. And they are going steady in this direction and are too cowardly to change. (It needs courage to admit what they have done and change.) It would include becoming ethical, and they are too cowardly to change their lousy characters. Crimes make stupid and blind. Atrocities apparently result in idiocy and a sight of only a few inches instead one that covers multi-universes. They don’t have those kind of visions that we are having. They defame our versions as mentally ill or whatever. If they would have our visions, they would be able to figure out their ends too. Everyone loses with their system, EVERYONE WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTION!  

I adore you, Marty, keep on surviving. You are so different from them. If they would be just a little like you, the world (and the universe) would be a much better place.

Yours forever, in this universe or our own…







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