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“Lucy” looks like a medical experiment to me

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate, how are you?

Who says that perverted doctors were just around in recent centuries and not much much earlier? I believe the latter.   

                                                 Maybe they used their own sperm to experiment with female apes.  

If some people think that they are the descendants of apes and ape-like creatures or were apes in past lives, I won’t contradict them. They must know.

But we sure didn’t develop from any ape or ape-like creature and neither Neanderthal.

I read that some humans have some Neanderthal DNA. How downtone was a person to mate with a Neanderthal? Gross! Yikes! It is also possible that women were raped, maybe even on both sides, which could explain the DNA. Or again doctors mixing their own DNA with those primitive creatures because they primitive too.  

It is sure not in us.

Lucy isn’t a Neanderthal. She is regarded as Hominini, as human.

Doesn’t look human to me. 


We, Marty, we came as humans and never anything less. 

I love you.

Yours always,



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