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Your impostor’s full testimony in the Garcia case… And Ray Jeffrey, Marc Wiegand, and Elliott Cappuccio his official counsels?

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Dearest Marty, my precious soulmate and husband, how are you?

Since your impostor “Monique’s husband” made his wife to file a gold-digger case against Scientology, Tony Ortega (very much so) and the anti-Scientologists constantly campaigned that it would be “her” case. Ortega changed his tone yesterday by writing this: (Yes, the lawsuit was in Monique’s name, but I was down there, I can tell you that to Marty this was every bit as much about taking his own personal fight directly to David Miscavige. He said it in my presence numerous times.)

I bet the farm that she never would have filed the case if not he telling her to do so. Also interesting is another Ortega remark: “Besides representing Monique in the lawsuit, Ray Jeffrey, Marc Wiegand, and Elliott Cappuccio were officially counsel to Marty Rathbun as well.”

Officially counsel? Guess then he signed a Power of Attorney, and these attorneys can sue your impostor for their work for him and for cheating them if he got cash from Miscavige or the orgs after they worked for him. If His Cobness paid your impostor by knowing that the attorneys were not paid, of which Ortega says, were officially counsel to not just Monique but to her hubby as well, then His Cobness got himself in another mess, which wouldn’t surprise me as he is a mess generator. 

To me, it looks like that your impostor told his wife to withdraw the case and instead of Monique, he got the money from Msicavige, and the attorneys were not paid the approx. million dollar for their work. Again, I don’t think that they did a good deed taking the case of the wife of an impostor, but one can’t hire others without paying them. If I would be one of the attorneys, I would want to see any details of any possible deal between Miscavige and the impostor. They suddenly bought a house for approx. USD 300.000. I would demand to know where this cash came from.  

As I said before numerous times, despite the dirty laundry that he and Miscavology aired in public, David Miscavige and your impostor (incl. Mike Rinder, and others who must have known that you are wrongfully incarcerated and replaced by this impostor)  never stopped conspiring together, not even during the wildest Miscavology Squirrel Buster times.

I know a 100% beyond any doubt that Monique’s husband isn’t you. What is emanating out of him is a completely different personality. And if people would apply Scientology and not just lying that they do, they all would see it.

After your impostor blew in the 90s, DM awarded him with a cruise and a kha-khan status. Awarding the downstat! Despite that the real founder didn’t coin the word “wog”, I say it: David Miscavige is a total wog (pardon my French).  Kha-khan status is off policy too because this is not how the OW sequence works. One cannot commit any overt that is forgiven because deep down one self knows it is not alright and won’t feel good about oneself. It doesn’t matter if non-Scientologists like Ron’s impostor (“Jack Vistaril”) or DM or psychiatry and Germany say so by adding this crap to Scientology.

C of S attorney Deixler grilled Monique’s husband quite a bit but also didn’t approach him on being an impostor. Wonder if he knows anything about a payment to him by Miscavige or Miscavology.

Anyway: here is a link to your impostor’s testimony in the Garcia case: in which he says under oath that he is you (e.g. held your job in a time when I know that he wasn’t around).

I think he is the guy who would leave a wife in debts and go into hiding.

Whoever thought that I would mistake him with you has a mind that consists completely of loose screws.

You are wonderful, Marty, and so different (inside and out) from the impostor, just as “Jack Vistaril” was anything but the founder.

Sending you millions of kisses, my darling.

Yours always and forever,




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