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Monique’s husband, your impostor not featured on the new STAND website vs. hatemongers…

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Dearest Marty, my precious Prince and husband,

I am thinking of you… How are you?

There is a new website called STAND “SCIENTOLOGISTS TAKING ACTION AGAINST DISCRIMINATION” concentrating on Tony Ortega (deserves it) and other hatemongers and perpetrators (deserve it).

Your impostor, Monique’s husband is no longer on this list of hatemongers despite he did so much harm to Scientology. But so did and does DM with his actions, and the shady people who he hired into high positions without applying Scientology.  

I bet your impostor asked, and His Cobness threw Scientology money at him, although nobody has evidence (yet).

How about the possibility of money wired in another country for your impostor? 

If Mosey’s (and according to Tony Ortega her husband’s) attorneys file actions against her and her husband and wanting to be paid, it is possible that not only these two but also DM and anyone else involved might have to defend themselves in this matter if he/they knew of any trick used not paying the attorneys, e.g. formulating the agreement/contract in a way that the attorneys won’t get paid.

I am not on the side of attorneys who take cases of former or current infiltrators of Scientology or impostors and their assistants, but under the law, one must pay who one hires.  A case like this should be also a warning to attorneys taking cases from former infiltrators. They might work for free as people who infiltrate Scientology and impersonate others or support them also don’t shy away from screwing them or allies, or anyone else. 

 An agreement/contract that is designed to avoid payment of legal or other services received can get the involved parties into serious troubles.

To me it looks as if DM and your impostor are getting deeper in troubles. And one day, DM and your impostor may even go together into hiding. After all, they NEVER stopped conspiring against you and me.

You are deep in my heart, Marty. I love you, and nobody can kill this love or my ability to see who is who.

Be kissed and embraced.

Yours always,







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