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What took David Miscavige 31 years to get a TV channel for Scientology – considering that the SCN cash for it was available all the time?

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Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful soulmate, how are you?

What took David Miscavige 31 years to get a TV channel for Scientology – considering that SCN cash for it was available all the time?

DM can either fool you nor me, Marty.

It is about David Miscavige wanting to better his reputation. That’s why he finally approved a TV channel.

DM got Scientology from the man who was the German/CIA double agent of Ron, the real founder of Scientology. And “His Cobness” knows it.

A man who accepts infiltrated Scientology from an impostor (and hires and awards your impostor, Marty) and covers up the infiltration and alteration of Scientology and helps original Scientology change into Vistarology,  Miscavology/NOIolgy  is anything but a Scientologists.

He is a 

and I haven’t even mentioned what he is under the law. 

There is a rumor that this TV station might be shared with Nation of Islam! DM is a squirrel. Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is extremely disturbed by Farrakhan’s racism. Only a racist himself is not disturbed by racism. That tells quite a story about DM and the infiltrators of Scientology who welcome racists. 

Besides, secretly German-run international psychiatrists work hard on eliminating Islam by particularly conditioning so-called Muslims to conduct terror acts in order to outlaw religions. Islam was selected by them to be first outlawed religion, and once it is outlawed by numerous countries, members of other religions will be psychiatric-conditioned and will be outlawed too. The world in trace is not getting that it is odd that so-called religious people conduct terror acts… Religious people are supposed to be good for crying out loud!! And nobody thinks that it is odd that they are not?

Authorities never check if atheists, particularly psychs, are conditioning people who are active religions. Epic fail!   

Even if NOI is not directly Islam; it has Islam in its title. Trump’s administration wants to get rid of Islam. He and Trumpists are just looking for justifications.

By joining NOI and Scientology at the hip, thanks to squirrel David Miscavige and other infiltrators, psychs aim at outlawing Scientology too. They just wait for a possibility to condition people online in the orgs and move towards outlawing Scientology. What better assistance than something with the name of Islam intertwined with Scientology after they figured that Islam is the religion they can change/harm most as first. It seems to be an old p$ych plan, Marty, even the use of “Mecca” (surely not by the real founder) in regards to Flag points toward it. 

Nothing against Mecca, but I protest against the idea behind the psychiatric and German set up. 

Despite a Muslim claimed wrongfully that I am his daughter (but wanted to be called Uncle by me), and his family member assisted him, I don’t hate Muslims. They have a right to their religion as anyone else. If they want to settle in the USA, they should be welcome. 

However, that Muslim don’t publish that international psychiatrists (and Germany behind and above them)  are psychiatric-conditioning Muslims to be terrorists, that is what is unbearable! I think this all the time: how long is this be going on, and when do Muslims finally stand up (peacefully, lawfully, and effectively) against international psychiatrists and Germany behind it?        

 I know you can see it too. I love you, Marty. Original Scientologists see it.

But Vistarologists, Miscavologists can’t either. They are blinded by the blink-blink of His Cobness.

Yours always and forever,


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  1. What does that mean anyway?


    April 23, 2017 at 12:52 am

    • It means to sell these Big Bang fools as scientists and Scientologists as no scientists to the public. Yet, unofficially, I bet that Scientology was an inspiration to this show, except that a real Scientologist is smarter and not emotionally challenged.

      I am not saying that this comedy isn’t often fun but even the stupid little song and the racing images at the beginning of each show have psychiatric implanting “tech” written all over it. People are implanted to believe that the Big Bang is a scientific fact. The Big Bang is fiction.

      Intelligence and science means thinking out of the box and that is not what Big Bang Theory is doing.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 24, 2017 at 6:49 am

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