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Psychiatrists hate the plan of Scientology TV channel – wouldn’t suprise me if they come up with “drastic measures” to stop it

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are your days and nights?

There was still no message or anything else by you or on your behalf, yet, I feel very clearly that you are trying to reach me but Germany and their psychs behind anyone’s ear implants prevent it.

Yes, Scientology is infiltrated up to the top by non-Scientologists but certain objections against psychiatry are still standing.

Ever since Tom Cruise dared to criticize psychiatry on national TV, they increased their campaign against Scientology (and also TC) in the USA and all over the world.

In summer 2017, this channel is planned to be on the air for 24 hours daily. They will take on psychiatry as well. Here are some of the episodes.

They will for sure feature the work of CCHR and the details of the Museum of Death, and tons of materials that they gathered about the abuses of psychiatry. Hard to believe that after all it has done, psychiatry is not outlawed. It is not outlawed because ear-implants rule. People do what p$ychs radio in their minds.

Psychiatry also wants to reinvent itself as neuroscience (science, what a joke) to itself from their own dirty past but I don’t see them becoming better. James Holmes was an aspiring student of neuroscience, and I bet the farm he was conditioned in the killer that he became by other neuroscientists.

One neuro-scientist said about others that they are “intense characters”. Isn’t that “great”? If a non-psych is “intense” he or she is diagnosed with a mental illness. If a p$ych is an intense character, he/she gets a diploma.   

Anti-psych info will air for sure on the TV channel, and it must drive the German invention psychiatry gone international even more nuts as it already is. 

There was already a bomb threat against the Scientology studio in Los Angeles. Scientologists had to leave the compound and people had to leave their homes. An empty rifle case was found. Which means that the rifle was still out there.

If the studio planned anti-psychiatry documentaries, they might be afraid to attack it directly, after all, the suspicion would fall directly onto psychiatry trying to stop the channel, so they are intimidating the studio and its neighbors with their scare tactics.

However, if they for example condition one of their infiltrators in a leading org, e.g. Flag, to attack Scientologists and make Scientology look dangerous in the eyes of the world, which original Scientology is absolutely not, psychs might calculate that Spectrum withdraws its channel for Scientology.

This is how psychs think that they can get away with violence being blamed on Scientology instead of them, because the orgs and CCHR failed to document the psychiatric conditioning of people in their own lines, e.g.  Fowler, Jeremy Perkins who killed a member of CCHR of all people (and CCHR failed to convict psychiatry even in a clear case as this!) and victims as Lisa McPherson, and others.

The biggest mistake that the orgs and CCHR made is not busting psychs for setting up people on lines in the org. And that is why psychs rub their bloody claws and continue.

Because they are not applying what Ron (the real one) said:

“Constant and continual alertness is the price of freedom. Constant willingness to fight back is the price of freedom. There is no other price.”

As the SCN orgs and CCHR didn’t fight back with documenting the truth of psychiatry conditioning also people on SCN orgs lines, they have not won freedom from psychiatry, and the attacks continued and likely will continue until they finally fight back the psychiatric infiltration of Scientology effective and lawfully.    

I know that you have very similar thoughts. They can’t fool you either.

I love you, my Prince.

Be kissed and embraced.

Yours forever,







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