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Young Ho Park (Senior Research Fellow of Korea Institute for National Unification) and other researchers provide info about unification prospects between the two Koreas

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And he did, to the battle front. 

Dearest Marty, my hero, it is a shame that the two Korea are not unified as one peaceful nation.  

However, North Korea has to put away with the German radioed anti-American propaganda and respect human rights. Besides, North Korea has no chance to win a war. It it launches a missile, it will be hit into pieces by those with more war and other resources.   

Young Ho Park wrote: “With regards to unification, North Korea has harbored two unchanging perceptions after the division of the Peninsula. The first is that the division was the outcome of external forces, or the ‘imperialist forces.’ The second is that the issue of unification is a problem of ‘realizing the independence of the nation on the whole country.” Therefore, in order to achieve unification, the U.S. must be denounced…”

The hated against the USA clearly come from SEGNPMSS ear implants; the same that makes numerous people in the USA and also American officials/representatives to act non-American.

Kim Jong-un studied in Switzerland. How come his teachers didn’t convey to him that the USA isn’t his or other people’s enemy and that human rights and freedoms must be granted to people? As a teacher, I can tell the mindset of my students.

I strongly assume that Kim Jong-un was in Germany too.

Young Ho Park continues: “The North Korean leaders’ perception of the political situation is based on the paranoia of having been besieged by imperialists since the Korean War, which ended in 1953, and the greatest imperialist threat comes from the U.S.”

Again, typical the kind of stuff that the SEGNPMSS radios through the ear-implants of people.

Dwight D. Eisenhower who had very effectively defeated the official Nazis and the German Wehrmacht toured the battlefront in Korea before his inauguration. He made peace in Korea! But the USA is the enemy in the minds of North Korea’s leaders? What kind of Nazi crap is that? 

If Kim Jong-un indeed throws a weapon (nuclear or otherwise) at anyone, I know that the SEGNPSS (but also Switzerland) is to blame for complete failure to transmit human values to its students.

Korean researchers are considering the German unification could be the model for a Korean unification. But the facts are very different. Germany always had the power to remove the Berlin wall as their SEGNPMSS run secretly also the Soviet Union and communism. They put the wall up to fake “we are defeated” and to squeeze money out of the USA to build up half of Germany again.

SEGNPMSS hard-core was split in half: Do we make the word communistic or capitalistic? How can we control people better? In any case, Germany’s MUST be the leader of either world. Finally, around 1989, they figured that people living under communism continuously plotted to get rid of that system while capitalism keeps people so busy that they hardly have time to think and that the SEGNPMSS does not need communism to hold people effectively in the dark. 

Germany united its parts because it wants to rule the world. It may say that they want to see the Koreas unified but they  don’t mean it.  Same as it does not want lasting peace in the Middle East or a world without terrorism.

Speaking about unification and Korea, Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church (some say it made antisemitic statements in the past) is called now Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Strange that they use the word unification but don’t do anything effective to get the Korea unified while being politically active. I believe that Sun Myung Moon preached originally in North Korea. 

It is a German world, covertly and overtly.  No news to you, I know.

                                                               I love you, Marty. You rock!  

Yours forever,










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