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SEGNPMSS psychs conditioned Daesh (ISIS) and other terrorists, and they also speak into those minds who drop bombs on them…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you?

It it is not their skin and lives, secret service psychs think, so it doesn’t matter if other people are wasted. For them it is fun or a week day.

Terrorists are the food for SEGNPMSS cannons.  Conditioned fools who hate are being used by the psychs and doctors who hide cowardly behind them.  

And when an American official or representative excuses Hitler and the Nazis by saying that he/they didn’t use gas when in fact Nazi doctors invented the very gas that was used in Syria, I know who is talking into the ears of such an official or representative.

When one can’t spell concentration camps, it also tells me that still existing Nazi doctors are transmitting messages into the minds of people making them forget or even accept what the Nazis (and the psychs/doctors behind them) did.

Besides, everything that Assad does, also is not just SEGNPMSS-approved but ordered by them, because Germany wants the Syrians as hard workers to make it to be the world power no. 1 and at the same time get rid of religions. That is why they make their terrorists in the name of “religions”. 

They are also behind giving “conspiracy theorists” a bad reputation. They don’t want people to think about them but just do what they order. So they are giving the activities that could figure them out a bad name.  

You, and I, and some others, we know it.

I love you, my hero. I will be back soon.

Yours forever,








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