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Instead of wasting 15 million USD on a piece of dirt in Clearwater…

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… the orgs should build as the real founder of Scientology advised. 

Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

How are you? I miss you. So much.

It is about a highly overpriced 1.4 acre of land in Clearwater that DM wants to buy for 15 Mio instead of the 5 Mio. offer to the city.  Typically for “His Cobness”, the non-Scientologist to throw out huge amounts of money for stone age type living (doesn’t matter how much it shines on the outside). He keeps Scientologists and the rest of world from how the real founder Ron (not one of the stupid German/CIA run impostors) planned constructions and non-aging of Scientologists: villages under roofs, which keeps out anything that ages and makes sick.

Original Scientology is about both: spiritual and physical immortality. 

The rest of the world tries to fight deceases and aging, yet, nobody starts building these villages, because everyone is control by freaking psychiatric ear-implants. 

It is such a shame that so-called intelligent people don’t find the answers to the most pressing issues. And Ron had found them, and the SEGNPMSS ordered its corrupt and retarded agents to re-write, change and take over Scientology and turn it into what it became under Ron’s impostor and Miscavige. 

Guess, the world has a death wish to let this happen. Maybe they believe that they don’t deserve better than a lifespan of just 75 years with the last years in pain and doctors all around them. And for Scientologists who are aware of coming back: the next circle is again this lifespan of 75 years if not cut shorter through terror, war, crime, etc. However, as p$ychs also altered the OT levels it means that there is no way out spiritually either. 

One reason why we were kicked out is because we would have built these villages for the Scientologists and handed the plans to anyone else who is interested. But what is one of their motivators? Being stuck with His Cobness who builds blink-blink into the dirty world in the same way as Neanderthals did: on the unprotected surface of the world. Gee! He is corrupt and an idiot. That goes apparently hand in hand.

Actually, every Scientologist, who aged in those 31 years in which DM grabbed Scientology from Ron’s impostor, has a serious legal claim against David Miscavige (and the doctors behind him) for withholding most vital Scientology technology from them, because DM was around in the UK when the real Ron lectured on how orgs should build and how Scientologists should live and grow their own foods and for the many other good reasons! 

I love you. Be kissed. Inside of our villages, Marty, however, I also would need your hugs to be completely at home!

Yours always,







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