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David Miscavige thinks he is the cat’s meow and also hung the moon…

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince and husband,

David Miscavige was the one who held several private meetings with the Clearwater City Council members, and all of them voted yesterday against his personal plans to buy a piece of land in downtown Clearwater for USD 15 Mio, a lot more than it is worth. He sure failed to reach and impressed those members, all of them. He is no Scientologist and he does not apply Scientology. 

Can you imagine His Cobness’ wrath if a Flag or Sea Org staff member would have held those meetings and lost at the end as DM did? DM would blame him or her of being incapable and that he has to do all himself to get anything done right. 

Several sources reported that no Scientologists were at the public city meeting that decided over the fate of that parcel that DM wanted so badly. This alone is stupid. On one side, DM tells the city council that Miscavology is a part of the Clearwater community, then nobody from the orgs shows up to a public town meeting and demonstrate that they feel being a part of it. It has DM’s stupidity written all over it. He thinks anyone is incapable but him and could ruin his doing.

He doesn’t get that what he made out of Scientology during his 31 years is what people strongly dislike. It never had as bad of a reputation than under him. Most if not all scandals are by his own family or other infiltrators (just saying that they are/were Scientologists but never were Scientologists) who DM hired into high positions and then antagonized like your impostor and Mike Rinder, Jesse Prince, and others.   

A really really small moon that DM ever hung.

Besides, it is also a motivator. Miscavology is not original Scientology. Among other very dumb things, DM is fixed on the idea that Scientologists should live Jack Vistaril’s, the impostor’s, and his own lifestyle and not that of the real Scientology founder, which is beautiful and saves youth, health, and lives. It is not what the doctors and the pharma industry orders as they don’t make money anymore through an aging and sick population.  

And the worst is still to come. Psychs are just waiting to kick Miscavology some more by lying and having their agents (hail psychiatric ear-implants) lie to the world that it is Scientology that sucks. 

I love you, Marty. I know you figured it all too.

Yours forever,





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