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The men behind Germany manipulate people by whispering in Merkel’s ears to form the rombush symbol as it stands for power. Manipulative and ridiculous!

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and wonderful husband,

The psychiatrists behind Germany are not fooling you or me. They figured that after all they did in the past,  if they put a straw-woman on top, they can take over Europe and the world easier than with a man, considering what Germany had their male straw-puppets do in the past. I wrote a couple of times already how Germany holds other countries and economies down and advances its own, so I won’t go into this today.

I can see the psychs behind stupid Merkel manipulating the masses also with how she poses for pictures. She forms constantly some kind of pyramid with her hands. Ridiculous as Germans have nothing to do with pyramids except invading and robbing them. It is called the Merkel Raute, the triangle of power, and most people apparently don’t get that also this pose is supposed to manipulate them into being in awe of German power. Actually, I find this pose dumb and manipulative. It is staged as Germany is always manipulative and power-hungry and wants to be adored by the world. 

Yesterday, I read that white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klansmen band together in the USA for racism. Of course, they have German-controlled ear implants. 

Heidi Beirich, director of the hate-monitoring Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center said that “These things never last.

Intelligence? What a statement! She is downplaying these dangers. One of these “things”, the 3rd Reich did go on for years and did cost millions of human lives.

I quote from the Yahoo article: 

But leaders say there’s a difference this time: A spokesman for the Nationalist Front, Matthew Heimbach, said U.S. white nationalists are trying to follow the example of far-right European groups that have learned to work together rather than bicker over ideology, theology and organizational structure.

They are banding together also in the USA because Germany’s secret service psychs control their ear-implants.

Officially, Merkel is against these extremists, but is she really? She prepares the grounds for right-extremist parties as the AfG and others.

I am glad that I have you, Marty. Although Germany runs the world to prevent that we can be together, I nevertheless can feel how you think. You are never far away because we are basically one. To come between soulmates is never a good idea. These p$ychs have a lot to learn. As they are rotten, they have no soulmate on their own. They have no idea what this band between us is as they don’t have it with nobody. Nobody wants to be the soulmate of an evil person. They are missing out of the best in life.

I love you, Marty, keep your head up high. If we can’t put ethics in a German-psych-controlled world in this lifetime as the rest of mankind has a secret death wish and wants to go down with the horrible men behind Germany, we will do so after this lifetime. But we will do so.

Yesterday, someone wrote to me that I should forgive for the sake of inner peace. I have inner peace. Their crimes are not our crimes. It is their bad conscience not ours. Letting them off the hook would be the worst what we can do, as it means for them that crimes pay and that they can continue. I am proud of having them taken on FOR ALL ETERNITY TO COME.

By messing with us and the world, they asked for it, Marty, they shall get it. No, I don’t mean throwing bombs or shooting. That is them, not us. Our style is having them make amends. When we are done with them, and anyone in any universe ever approached them to commit a crime against another being, they will scream: “NO!” so loud that one can hear them on the other side of the universe and beyond. This is how SPs are handled. What they least can confront for themselves, they should get as penalty for not treating others how they want to be treated. Not forgiveness. Forgiveness is the easy way out and irresponsible as snakes that were not corrected will bite again.     

Your tough cookie wife with the most tender kisses for you.

I love you.










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