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Is it the 8th of May?

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and one and only,

how are you?

Is your birthday on May 8 and not May 18?

It is not easy to recover from a psychiatric stolen memory.

However, considering that others never find anything out if it happens to them, we recovered our memory exceptionally well.  

I wish you the very best and that you finally can live the life in freedom and peace that you deserve.

You are never alone, Marty. I carry you in my heart with the best thoughts. You are wonderful, and completely unique. You are so special that I don’t want anyone else. And what makes you so different is that you value your  character above convenience. It is more important for you to do the right thing instead of having it easy. And this shows, Marty. I notice it the moment I saw you. Your awesome character emanates to the outside and what I saw is beautiful: true, courageous, and fair.

Others want to be like you, Marty, but they don’t do enough to get there.

Good and bad characters can be seen from the outside. It is the aura that surrounds every person. And yours is wonderful beyond word. Many years have passed since I saw you but I know that you still got it, because you value your own character high. You don’t want your character to sink  and become bad and downtone.

I love you because you are different, Marty. I am so glad that you are my kind.

You are in my heart forever more. Keep on surviving, Baby.





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