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I am convinced that we are in a static universe

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and hero,

I read that scientists believe only half as likely as the general population in God. What can we expect from people who stare at the Bavarian/German projection of a fake run-away universe and believe that it is real deep universe and doubt their own existence. Lol! Some “scientists”. Just because God doesn’t talk to them (he has a good reason for it) doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist.  

Only a static universe hidden behind the Bavarian/German fake projection of an expanding universe makes sense to me. I am 100% sure that the “run-away” universe is fake because I know the typical Bavarian/German barber/butcher/psych/medical doctor character. I can’t read thoughts but I can read characters, and I know what to expect from them. I know you can too. Sometimes I can get thoughts by looking at people, but I am not interested in those details. I rather want to read the entire personality and know what I can expect from them.  

Me being able to read characters is also why I fell deeply in love with you, Marty. I know how rare you are. If I wouldn’t be able to read characters, I definitely would have made a wrong choice instead of reserving my love for you. And I am so glad that I did. Guys continue wanting dating me, and I have to find friendly words to tell them that they got no chance in hell.   

It is also typically Bavarian to make a Catholic priest (Lemaître) to the “Father of the Big Bang”. That is how p$ychs want to eradicate God. Having their Christians saying so. Well, Lemaître said that he still believed in God. Really? What kind of little God is that? Not the creator of the universe, apparently. Psychs used Lemaître as they use anyone, and the idiocy of Big Bang was born. Einstein allegedly applauded. Means he is stupid too. 

Some of “Einstein’s” findings are apparently correct. But was he really the discoverer? I am saying this because I know Bavarians. If for example nobody ever discovers that Einstein’s correct discoveries were actually are not really made by him, Bavaria and the psychs (who are so needy that I want to puke) behind it will continue claiming that Einstein (born in Bavaria) was a German and a Bavarian and that’s why he was the smartest man who ever lived. Lol. If it should turn out that someone else was the discoverer, the p$ychs behind Bavaria will say and have their agents saying: He was a Jew! He wasn’t German or Bavarian, he was a Jew! Hitler and the Nazis were right to eliminate them…    

In any case, the Big Bang is a load of crap. Have you ever seen the racing pictures of the Big Bang Theory comedy’s stupid introduction song? The racing pictures are a psychiatric implant and a mind-control technique. The series is written by at least one Jew, I believe, also typically for Bavarians/Germans using them. If the Big Bang turns out like the crap that it is, they can blame Jews again. They are implanting people into believing that nonsense of a hot spot creating itself out of nothing and then some gas and a miraculous universe full of wonders that created “consciousness” and  human bodies, who then build the pyramids, and Great Wall of China… Any fairy tale that I read makes more sense than the Big Bang. 

I believe that this universe was blown up a couple of times but not by the creator but by those who can’t keep peace and can’t leave others alone. You know who I mean.

I love you, Marty, and wish I would be with you. You are so special. Take it from one who can read characters!

Yours always and forever,











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