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UK makes the same mistake like all other countries: not investigating that psychiatrists are making terrorists to outlaw religions

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

I miss you very much and no day goes by on which I don’t think of you.

P$ychs considers Islam to be the easiest religion to be destroyed and outlawed. We know that other religions (incl. Christianity) will follow, because authorities and also all others fail to investigate that behind each “religious extremist” are psychiatrists who hypnotize and conditioned people into committing the unspeakable. Psychs are thinking that if all religions are gone, it will be to their advantage, e.g. people being even easier controlled and run as they no longer think that they will be held accountable to a higher power.

Ron, the real founder, accepted all other religions, but he definitely has not named Flag “The Mecca of Technical perfection”. That came from psychs as their plans to make the world hate Islam and wanting to outlaw it were already in progress when this slogan was introduced to Scientology. Besides, Scientology is so infiltrated and altered upon orders by Germany and secret service psychs that it is no longer technical perfect. Apparently a psych plan exists to link Scientology with Islam, which also explains Scientology under Miscavige pairing with Nation of Islam.

Although NOI does not adhere to the core tenets of the Islamic theology, the words “Islam” and “Mecca” mixed into Scientology tells me clearly that psychs want Scientology in very big troubles. Psychs already set up the orgs so often in the past, and EVERY TIME, the orgs and also CCHR failed to publish that they are infiltrated by psychiatric agents and that psychiatrists implant, hypnotize, and condition also Scientologists or people who are online in the Scientology orgs. That means that the orgs and CCHR left the doors wide open for psychs to plan the next atrocity and blame Scientology on it.

Ron said that constant and continual alertness is the price of freedom. Constant willingness to fight back is the price of freedom. There is no other price. But the orgs and CCHR are not fighting back the infiltration of Scientology and the set ups against Scientology, at least not effectively.

In any of the attacks, murders, also murders under the cover of suicide, accident, or disease, in which a Scientologist or an alleged Scientologist or a person online was involved in or the target or a victim thereof, the orgs didn’t fight back. The orgs rather waited for grass to grow over what happened, instead of investigating and accusing psychs of having conditioned the persons who were involved. And that means, that psychs feel unrestricted to plan the next horror and involve Scientology. After all, Scientology and CCHR pretends that in the orgs is all milk and honey and that none of their members were/are ambushed and conditioned by psychs.  WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE TO MAKE. Because psychs are doing the above.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours always,


                                                                           Some Slow Blues for you, Marty, one of my favorite music styles!

                                                                                       I find it relaxing but also revitalizing. 






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