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Your impostor, Marty, not on the Caymen Island (yet)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How are your days and night? I miss you beyond words.

Your impostor put two new videos on his blog. Looks to me as if he works now again together with Miscavige and his attorneys. The videos could have been shot in a law firm that represent His Cobness or in the new C of S TV studio.  

14 years later, back where he started? Except that tons of bad things aired against SCN and Ron in these years.

From hired non-Scientologist and your impostor to alleged Scientologist to taking your job as top Scientology executive to “Independent” to non-Scientologist to most prolific attacker of Scientology and the founder to Dave has his hands on Scientology cash… What a weird journey. Your impostor must be quite nauseous after having flipped so many times.

There is a guy named Steven Mango who opposes your impostor (by not saying that your impostor is an impostor and former infiltrator in SCN) but who claims other stuff about him, relating to the ridiculous and also boring Louis Theroux movie.

Mango says that people don’t attack Scientology to make money. Not true. Many people attack Scientology to get lots of money from TV stations, magazines, book publishers, and often David Miscavige himself. He is known to throw cash at people who are bad for Scientology. And so many attackers are trying to make big cash by trampling on Scientology.

Mango also tries to tell his viewers that the movement against and the attacks against Scientology (and the founder of course) are not organized or coordinated. Yeah right. This kid wants the world to believe that there are no ear-implants and psychs don’t run people through it by first infiltrating and then attacking Scientology, etc.  We are having some Mango Kool Aid here.

Of course, not just three people coordinate the attacks against Scientology as your impostor claims but a bunch of psych (German at hardcore).  

However, as far as your impostor having settled with DM (Mango says this a bit different) I agree with SM. He thinks it is a 6 month settlement…

9 month ago, SM made another video about your impostor and putting YOUR photo up, Marty. SM is blind and can’t see or does not want to see that Monique’s husband and you are two very different persons.  

SM is gay. He also hasn’t figured out that psychiatrists using ear-implant codes to trick thetans in the body of the opposite gender after the old one died. He was briefly in Scientology. He should have figured it out. 

Anyway, back to your impostor who published two new videos as of today. Wonder what happened to his wedding ring. Some kind of preventative measure that Monique’s former attorneys can’t come after his-instead-of-Monique’s settlement cash from DM?

He speaks about Larry Wright’s book on Al Qaeda which with the latter won the Pulitzer price.  Gee, Wright failed to publish that psychs (in the hardcore German secret service psychiatrists) run Al Qaeda through ear implants and also having them conditioned, e.g. through psychiatrists in the countries of the terrorists. That book is also a load of garbage, just as Wright’s book and Gibney’s “documentation” on Scientology. Anything but the truth about impostors and infiltrators who took over Scientology by not applying Scientology but following the psychiatric cult of ear-implants.  

Anyway, the world flips and flops, but we are always steady and our love is always steady, like a rock.

Be kissed, my darling.

Yours forever,











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