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Scientology haters don’t believe in the OW sequence – yet they pulled in the motivators – this time in form of your impostor

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are your days and nights?

The attacker of Scientology are infecting each other with lies that Scientology doesn’t work. The OW sequence is one of the things that they deny. They did and do so much wrong, that they can’t afford to take an honest look at their deeply flawed (to put it nicely) personalities. Yet, look what happened after your impostor left the Sea Org. They grouped around him and they cheered him and his wife on.

Now he rips into them, Lawrence Wright, Louis Theroux, Paul Haggis, Karen de la Carriere, Tony Ortega, etc., and I am sure lots more is to come. I can’t say that I am feeling sorry for the bunch. None of them told the true story of Scientology. 

There is no such thing as the overt motivator sequence? Yeah right! That story tells something very different. 

The attorneys (Ray Jeffrey, Leslie Hyman, and the law firm Pulman, Cappuccio, Pullen, Benson & Jones) who represented his wife Monique also pulled in a huge motivator. I read somewhere that they invested work for approx. one million Dollar to represent “her” against Scientology. I don’t have to bug a place to know what happened. I believe that Hyman never realized that Mosey does exactly what her hubby says and wants and that this case was rather his than Monique’s. By ignoring him or brushing him off, Hyman got on his wrong side. And the moral of the story: don’t take cases from “apostates” and obedient wives because there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. 

It is all about the money. The idea having to wait for a million or two or even more was for sure not appealing to your impostor and his wife. The case could drag on for years and who knows if they ever would see a penny and who knows how old they will be if they are getting something.

So, your impostor remembered that he is still David Miscavige’s co-conspirator as far as you and I are concerned. Both of them agreed that my blog needs either to be downed or held as low in the search engine as possible. Creeps.

So, they make contact again.  Your impostor gets Scientology cash because DM sits on it, and His Cobness wants his bad reputation cleaned up. Not quite sure how he wants to get there using your impostor, who flip-flopped so many times, but whatever…  

Your impostor walked a very odd way and it tells me three words: agent, impostor, non-Scientologist.

 1) After you were arrested wrongfully in Spain, David Miscavige  (and the non-Scientologists and agents who run him) hired your impostor (non-Scientologist) to take over your Inspector General for Ethics job. I have no doubt that Mike Rinder was in on this conspiracy as the OSA in charge. Why? To leave you wrongfully behind bars until you die, so that nobody misses you, and most of all, that I should think that you are free and don’t need and want my help or love.

But the Almighty is NOT on their side, so I figure it out.    

2) Monique’s husband behaved like a non-Scientologist inside the Sea Org and ripped into others instead leading with fine skills, intelligence, and application of the tech and ethics, as you did, Marty. He didn’t tell anyone that he isn’t you, but anyone in the Sea Org (a long list of people) who did know you before you were wrongfully arrested, knew for sure that there are light years of differences between your and his personality.    

3) After having committed tons of overts, he blows, and His Cobness awards him with a Freewinds cruise and free training. Awards instead of ethics. David Miscavige knows to award the downstat. Non-Scientologists! 

4) He makes suddenly an appearance as “Independent Scientologist” and delivers Scientology tech to people who left the orgs or to make them leave the orgs. David Miscavige had/has a lot to do with people leaving the orgs by not applying Scientology but playing into the hands of the impostor. Lots of people flock to his home and he trains his wife non-Scientologist Monique to become an auditor. On a video she said she bettered herself, but later indicated that she ditched it. Gee, what kind of “training” was that? He delivers Scientology of course against cash from his home.

5) He writes books against Scientology, gives media interviews, but clashes with the other “Indies”. Numerous of them desert him. His circle of friends is getting smaller.

6) He gets his own movie, appears in TV publications, and he has his wife file a gold digger lawsuit against Scientology. DM and other infiltrators played greatly into his and Monique’s hands with the non-Scientology crap of the squirrel busters who caused nothing but more bad PR for Scientology. The German/psych goal of Scientology reputation smeared is fulfilled. 

7) He attacks not only DM but also the founder of Scientology and cries on TV that he can’t make friends. Gee, wonder why? Scientology not applied.

8) He states that he is no Scientologist but not and never that he isn’t you, Marty. He even “develops” a ridiculous course in order to make people leave Scientology. Goodness! I guess his brand of “deprogramming”? Makes of course no cash with that either. He also indicated that not many people are interested in the books that he penned. But he wants money and Mosey too. 

9) “Monique” fires “her” attorneys. He doesn’t post for a while.

10) Then he starts to post some critical posts about his former friends, the Scientology attackers. Then a while nothing and now every day a new video. As I said, I don’t feel sorry about the bunch who misrepresented Scientology and the founder, but he was one of them. And by not revealing that Ron was impostored and you are impostored, he still doesn’t tell the truth.     

11) The attorneys of the C of S apparently are flanking the old/new “brotherhood” of His Cobness and your impostor. 

He flipped-flopped constantly, EXCEPT that he, David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and the likes, never published the truth, not even under oath THAT MONIQUE’S HUSBAND TOOK OVER YOUR LIFE IN THE SEA ORG AND UPHOLDS THE LIE THAT HE IS YOU UPRIGHT AS OF TODAY.

As more I saw him, as more I was sure that he isn’t you. Only non-Scientologists think that they can fool a real Scientologist with impostors. They can’t read personalities but we can.

I never changed. I don’t flip-flop around with my world or other views. They got richer but stayed the same. And I know that this is the same with you. I don’t think highly of people who turn from one valence into the other. What are the opinions of a person worth if he changes his attitude constantly? In a world like this, one has to be a reliable rock. I know you are, Marty.

I love you, my heart-throb. You and your personality are awesome, I love you more than I can say.

You are an island, you are a rock!

Forever yours,


I am so glad that I stayed with your through the years, Marty… 🙂 




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  1. Aaron Smith-Levin made a video…

    Den's party

    July 12, 2017 at 4:25 am

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