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1) Mike Rinder’s blog and pictures of violence are absolutely disturbing and suspicious to me 2) North Korea

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband, 

I rarely visit Mike Rinder’s blog because he boring and scum. However, today I ended up on Rinder’s blog and found disturbing pictures of violence there. Rinder knows very well that Scientologists are not trigger-happy (which even was confirmed by John Brousseau as well as others, wasn’t it?) yet, Rinder tries to position Scientologists with producing terrorists and with people who put guns to the heads of others. How dare agent Rinder to imply this! Infiltrators and secret service agents are the problem of Scientology.  Scientologists and Scientology is not the problem!

So, what is going on with Rinder by even pushing violent content and pictures against Scientology on his blog? Does he have secret information that Scientologists or others will be attacked? What made him post these violent images that have nothing to do with Scientology? Is Scientology to be set up by Germany, its secret services, international psychiatrists, their agents, and infiltrators, etc. for violence? If yes, did he inform the authorities (recently – if ever) with this information so that Scientologists and others can be protected? And I don’t mean producing TV shows that result in more hatred and in possible violence. Or, is it Rinder’s goal to “inspire” Scientology haters and infiltrators currently still in Scientology to become violent by posting such content and pictures?

Mike Rinder and his doings are CREEPY. There is no other word for it. 

Rinder and Leah Remini didn’t search Scientology on his own (neither DM). They were kids who likely never would have searched and studied spiritual knowledge to gain spiritual improvement and abilities if their parents wouldn’t have hung out in Scientology. That makes it so easy for them not only to discard Scientology but also attack it. Scientology so richly awarded me (and others) with knowledge and skills. I pity Remini, Rinder, and the likes for not having my abilities and knowledge. They have nobody to blame but their own ignorance. So, DM stepped on their toes or didn’t pay them attention. So what? DM isn’t Scientology. They should not blame Scientology on what a man did and does who got Scientology from the founder’s impostor. 

Anyway, as gun violence and terror is not even remotely a part of Scientology and Scientology being completely and entirely opposed to it, I wonder, does Mike Rinder have secret information that a terror act is in the making against Scientology and Scientologists or people who are online in Scientology? I try to explain why he pushes images of guns and terror on his blog and tries to position Scientology with it.  There is something really evil behind that Santa Claus look of his.

Rinder promotes psychiatry despite that he knows what this “profession” did in the past and what it still does in present time. Despicable. He does what all psychiatric agents do: as soon as one is critical of him, he claims that person has mental problems and should “seek professional help”. But him posting violent images on his blog is “sanity” of course.  

Your impostor says that the “Troika” is Mike Rinder, Leah Remini, and Tony Ortega, and that they do whatever they do for cash. That would be their motivations. That could be very well so but so does he. And no word about who the drivers (secret case officers) of the “Troika” are. Ortega calls them “we” on his blog but no other details emerge.

Another matter: After 17 months of detention in North Korea, American student Otto Warmbier was returned to the USA as a vegetable and died briefly afterwards. No sign of outside violence but with extensive loss of brain tissue. Has psychs written all over it, if you ask me, Marty. E-shocks kill brain issue. And one really has to wonder how stupid one has to be to visit North Korea. If someone wants the thrill of danger, he can stay right here in the west.

Each visitor of North Korea adds to the regime by leaving money there. And how stupid is North Korea by treating tourists that way and scaring other tourists away. Didn’t Kim Jong Un set a target of attracting millions of tourists? Isn’t tourism is a significant source of currency for this regime?

Another odd thing is the poster. Warmbier confessed that he tried to steal it but it is not clear if he said it under pressure. He said a lot that sounded odd. Reports say the poster contained this text: “Let’s arm ourselves strongly with Kim Jong Il’s patriotism!” Warmbier said he stole it for the mother of a friend who wanted it as a souvenir to be hung on the wall of a Methodist church in his hometown of Wyoming, Ohio. 

Huh? What kind of people are the Methodists if they want North Korea’s propaganda hanging in their church? Not sure if they acknowledge or deny it, but good grief!

Also, isn’t that poster a promotion for North Korea? If they would slap someone with a financial fine for trying to take the poster, ok, that would be acceptable, but jailing him for 15 years and making him into a vegetable for nothing else but actually doing North Korea’s job of carrying their propaganda into the world… That is very suspicious.  

As you know, Kim Jong Un was educated in Switzerland, another German poodle. They failed to raise humanity within North Korea’s current leader. How can they miss the characters of people? This is the first thing that teachers should try to better in students. 

Already in the Nazi time, Switzerland was not really neutral. Germany allowed them to be “neutral” for no other reasons but Jews banking their money and values in Switzerland and not in the USA so that Germany has again easy access to all that cash in Europe even of Jews who manage to escape. And how difficult did they make it for the surviving members of Jewish families to get to their values back!

A Munich appeals ruled that the Jewish paintings worth a Billion dollars stolen by German Nazis in the possession of Cornelius Gurlitt should be given to a museum in Switzerland. Again, close to Germany so that they really don’t have to give it back as Germany runs Switzerland tightly. Hail ear-implants. 

 Be kissed my darling. You are wonderful. Courageous, one of a kind. You are the legend, Marty. Your willpower is not from this world. You are the Blue Mauritius in a world of worthless stickers. I love you, Marty. Take it from me who can read personalities. 

  If people would be just a bit like you, we would have heaven on Earth not the hell that we are having instead.

Yours forever,







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  1. Videos on Mike Rinder, Tony Ortega and Leah Remini are piling on. None of the Bunkeroos took a serious stand against Scientology-hating woman driving into Scientology storefront with toddlers in next room.

    Cuauhtémoc Isi

    June 21, 2017 at 6:01 am

    • Mosey’s husband still hasn’t explained what happened to the original Marty and why he tries to be him. HE IS NOT THE ORIGINAL MARTY RATHBUN IN SCIENTOLOGY.

      I too noticed that haters of Scientology are members of a destructive cult, and Rinder and Ortega are two persons on the front leading them. If people would be good judges of characters, they also would see what kind of person Remini is. Haters of Scientology claim that they are no cult because as followers, they don’t have to pay to their cult leaders. Guess those donate buttons on Ortega’s and Rinder’s blogs are just my “imagination”.

      Their followers also pay with their time, posting hatred against Scientology around the clock. They promote psychiatric agendas. Germany and psychs are getting rich and richer and these Scientology haters are posting their lives away and getting nothing in return. Except becoming dumber by falling for the anti-Scientology propaganda.

      They also are cheering each other on. A typical psychiatric method to make sure that they justify their wrong ways and that they are sticking to the hate cult. They post stuff like: “You are such a good person, standup guy, so classy, so understanding, etc. etc. Mike Rinder!” The hell he is! He is scum of the Earth! The comments made are psychiatric-controlled so that nobody should suddenly develop a conscience about how wrong it is what they are doing. Like “I do right, because the others say so.” Same psychiatric control method was/is applied in other cults on this planet. Psychs controlling the ear-implants of idiots. So typical all of that.

      As long as someone hates Scientology, these hatemongers are welcoming her or him. If not, one is immediately attacked or shunned. No investigative reporter ever looked into this group-think and -hatred. Cults come in various forms. Anonymous is one too. Ex-Scientologist Message Board is one too. A guy named Michael from Sweden didn’t hate Scientology and the founder wrote to me a while ago that he was banned for exactly that reason.

      Secret service psychiatrists and Germany are behind these Scientology-hating cults.

      I find Mike Rinder despicable for several reasons. Here are some:

      He was a non-Scientologist and a cultist while infiltrating Scientology (his age 6 when “joined” doesn’t mean that he was/is no agent), and he is still one by posting violent images on his website, which either indicate that he lies about Scientology being violent, wants to “inspire” people connected to Scientology to become violent or knows of such violence being planned and that Scientology should be blamed. Something is going on with him posting these offensive pictures of gun violence and terrorism and implying that Scientology is doing it.

      Rinder is a despicable man.

      His former OSA programs have secret service and psychiatry (and not Scientology!) written all over it.

      Making Tory Christman lose her job or involve Chuck Beatty in more porn is not Scientology. It is stupid and disgusting and typical Mike Rinder. Besides, if Christman loses her job, she has even more time to misinform about Scientology, and Beatty will not become a better person through Rinder’s programs and won’t stop attacking the founder and Scientology. Or was that Rinder’s purpose from the start?

      Original Scientology’s goal is to better people not make them creepier and even worse as they already are.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 21, 2017 at 6:53 am

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