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I fixed my dead computer!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Windows 10 was down in my old computer. It had installed last year without my permission while I was away and left the computer on.  Two weeks ago, it got stuck at the layout keyboard page. However, in order to fix my dead computer, I had to buy a new one to download Windows 10 for my “old” computer! Mighty big file. I couldn’t do this on my old and slow XP laptop or my phone.

I never recovered a computer that had no operation system anymore, so I checked around and learned some stuff about BIOS and also stuff that didn’t help in this case. E.g. that I have to download a USB drive from Rufus to restore a faulty USB drive that took me 6 hours to download, just to find out that it wasn’t the USB drive that caused the problem. Some Microsoft representatives advised me wrongfully. One instead of helping me get back what I paid for earlier, tried to sell me new stuff. Their virtual assistant is quite useless. It said to me: if you want to talk to a person click on the link below. Haha! Except that there was no link. Sigh.

I am not giving up and keep digging until I know why something is bugged.  

Anyway, the older computer that I bought in 2010 works now again. 

They don’t pay you for your wasted time either. And I lost some files too (most are backed up). Briefly before the computer crashed, I was thinking of backing the rest up.  Too late. 

There is a way to recover also those data from the hard drive. But I sure as hell don’t want to go in this right now:

I made it run again. It was not uncomplicated. 

BTW, here is an interesting website for freeware. Has everything from drivers to antivirus plus utilities. A computer guy (not from Microsoft) referred me to this website:

I rather would create something new instead of fixing computers. Waste of time. A lady who I know gave her computer and internet back as it brings too much stress in her life. I can’t. Need it to work. Also, I need a line to you, my sweet Prince. Can you remember the time when we just had mechanical or electrical typewriters and beepers? 

Be kissed, my darling.  

Yours forever,






Written by Barbara Schwarz

July 7, 2017 at 12:58 pm

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