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I know why a pharmaceutical company is the biggest donor of Miscavology: to prevent getting Scientology and it non-chemical ways back

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are your days and nights?

The Duggans are often mentioned as  top donors of Scientology or better Miscavology, DM’s version of Scientology.

Have a look here: It also mentions Monique’s husband briefly.

This is how sneaky the men behind Germany, international psychiatry, medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry works: first they have original Scientology (their originally most effective critic) infiltrated with their stupid and conscienceless robotic agents. Then they hire at the same time one or even more impostors for the founder to lead Scientology astray, to turn it into a German / psychiatric cult (incl. running in circles, etc.), and have the main impostor “Jack Vistaril” hand over Scientology to a non-Scientologist, David Miscavige of who they know rather takes gladly money from the pharma industry instead leading Scientology back to its absolutely natural way of life of original Scientology. The men behind Germany, international psychiatry, medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry just wave with cash (which is deposited in European banks to make Germany even richer), and DM reaches for it and leads Scientology on the chemical, medical, pharmaceutical way instead of the founder’s way. 

The men behind Germany and international psychiatry, medicine and the pharmaceutical industry pervert Scientology by having it led by a stupid and corrupt leader who says he is a Scientologist but is none. He is as little one as the men he hired.

This is how Germany and international psychiatry, medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry figured that they can control Scientology to ride with the chemical/pharmaceutical wave. They “buy” it. But only temporary because the money ends up where Germany can do what it wants with it: in Europe.  Important is only that Scientology is no longer real Scientology but one that is so changed that the real founder would say: ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????

Everyone loses with them as the chemical and pharmaceutical wave. It  does not provide physical or spiritual immortality.  The altered OT levels won’t safe anyone from traps.   

OT levels were changed to not really reflect anymore what the real founder Ron said and wrote about afterlife traps. That means everyone is lost spiritually. Including those idiots of psychs who also end up in the trap that they set for others. Who says there is no justice?      

Looks like Germany, the men behind it, international psychiatry, medicine and the pharmaceutical industry got their ways. No more Scientology that is able to offer a better world except their chemical and unnatural ways.


Germany, the men behind them, international psychiatry, medicine and the pharmaceutical industry must have hidden personal death wishes, otherwise they would not destroy original Scientology. If we lose, they lose too as on this world, there is really nobody left who knows what is going on, despite x conspiracy theories, which all dance around the evilness and don’t face it directly.

The truth is: in order to prevent stepping in a trap ALL TRAPS MUST BE REMOVED. If they don’t remove them, they will become the same victims as those they create because one SP is suppressing the other SP. They suppress, kill, and implant also each others. Our minds can be trusted because we ain’t suppressive. We share and having best intentions towards everyone. We preach that people have to better themselves. Which is not boring but the greatest adventure, finding out what one is really made of and how it feels. The feeling of flying and more exciting discoveries. If we are destroyed, they nail their own eternal coffins. Because anyone else failed to better evil people. 

Religions allowed evil people to take over, and that is why religion has such a bad reputation, incl. Scientology.

If they really want hell to continue, we can’t stop them. However, in our future lifetime, we can prevent living among these creeps.    

I love you, come rain or shine or snow or whatever…

Yours forever,









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