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Another legal round for Monique and her husband

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, and my Prince, how are your days and nights?

Probably hot (temperature-wise) like mine. And the temperatures are likely the easiest to bear considering everything else.

I assume you heard the news already elsewhere:  The former attorneys of Monique and her husband — Ray Jeffrey, Elliott Cappuccio, and Marc Wiegand (I believe they claim that did work for a million dollars for Monique and her husband) — filed an action in Bexar County District Court. They want their former clients to submit their financial records and come to depositions. The hearing is set for August 29. 

There are lots of opinions and rumors why your impostor is suddenly so DM-friendly, and why his videos are now on a C of S website… That HE “settled” with DM instead of Mosey, is what I think. 

DM, your impostor, and Mike Rinder (the non-Scientologists but rather former and current infiltrators) never stopped conspiring. Not one of them spilled the beans that Monique’s husband isn’t you. So, I would not be surprised if DM would pay your impostor. Mike Rinder had thousands of opportunities to blow the whistle on the impostors sent into SCN but just like DM and your impostor, mum is the word. One conspiracy it is.   

The Scientology haters campaigned for years that it would be Monique’s case and that she never was in Scientology to give her case more weight but they all knew that he was the driving force behind it and that she does what he says. Now the haters made an u-turn and are posting too that it was his case.

 Monique and her husband hired now an expensive lawyer,  San Antonio attorney Rich Reynolds. Where does the money for this attorney come from? 

Ray Jeffrey thinks that those both can’t hide their money as the US or Texas “court system makes it unlikely that any subterfuge would prevail. We have too many tools to get at the truth.”

Really? If DM wired your impostor a large sum from Scientology Sea Org reserves in Liechtenstein or elsewhere in Europe to an offshore account, Ray Jeffrey thinks he’ll find it?

Bills must be paid. However, attorneys representing former infiltrators of Scientology against Scientology are getting their motivators for doing so, don’t they?  

Speaking about bills. I got a letter from the IRS in Cincinnati, Ohio. I don’t live in Cincinnati, Ohio, as you know.  Telling me that I owe the IRS USD 239.96 for 2016. I paid them a larger check for 2016 taxes already. I pay the IRS each year since 2005 when I started working. So, I called them today and asked them friendly where I made a calculation error. The woman said, she had to apply a special symbol behind my number/name to get my account and then she asked me odd questions as if she would be from the INS rather than the IRS. That was really strange. Then she put me on hold TWICE for a long time as she needs to talk to somebody, and she let me wait and wait on my cell phone until it got too expensive and I had to hang up. Stealing my time too. I have better things to do. I’ll sent them the check this week and rather write them a letter with my question as where I miscalculated my taxes, but as I know them, they think I have no right to know.   

I strongly assume that the IRS (like all other agencies) misinformed you, Marty, or your representatives, not knowing me as taxpayer and that is why I just hear from them when they want more cash from me. They just cash my checks and give me no receipt or letter, like we got it, thanks. Odd. I feel officials (and anyone else) conspiring against us. Another agency that works to cover for Germany. Separating us is working for Germany. As that means that Germany gets away with its atrocities and the infiltration of the US government and any other government. 

There is also something else. A few years ago, the IRS had the Making Work Pay Tax Credit that they cancelled after 2 years, which means that now are sending the message to the people who work does not pay anymore as the credit is cancelled. I also remember that they for years played Vienna waltz music for people who called them while they were waiting. Very European and not American.

The only reason why Scientology got the non-profit status in the USA is because Germany approved it. And why did Germany secretly approve it? Because the Billion and more is in Luxembourg and Germany controls it. If the Sea Org reserves would be transferred back to the USA, where they actually belong, Germany would set up all kinds of situations and transmit in the ear implants of officials and their agents to revoke the non-profit status. So, non-profit in the USA means profits for Germany as they have their puppet Liechtenstein sit on the SO reserves.            

I love you, Marty. I know I don’t tell you anything new. Be kissed.  I think of you. Want to be with you.

Yours always,







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