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May 2018 be finally the Year of Justice

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband, soulmate, and Prince,

I wish you and your family justice and rights, all that what you are not getting but others are taking for granted.   

You deserve magic and a happy ending or better a happy start that has a happy ending that never ends.

I want this to be your year, Marty. After all you had to go through, it should be yours. With all drums, whistles, bells and trumpets. The world is looking for a hero, and there you are, without that the world recognizes you. But I did, Marty. I knew it the moment I laid eyes on you.

May it the year that you deserve as the good man who you are.

It shall be the year you hoped for and postulated. Rights, justice, peace, family, and laughter.

And shall this year be the one in which we see each other again.

I love you, Marty!

Yours forever,



SEGNPMSS behind the cruelties of the Romans

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Dearest Marty, my impressing Prince and husband,

Here I am again. 

One of the most despicable things that the SEGNPMSS does is transmitting silent sounds into the subconscious minds of people who actually love each other. They make people who care for each other fight with each other. I have sworn to convict the SEGNPMSS, may I be dead or alive when it happens. These psychiatrists have no human characters. They have no human compassion whatsoever. 

When universities award diplomas, they never check if the person cheated through having ear-implants and if the person has a character that is good in order to get this kind of authority over people who medical doctors, psychs or judges and others are having. That is why any ape and any snake can hide behind a university diploma.    

The evils of the Roman Empire are also the evils of the secret service that I named SEGNPMSS to give that vomitous movement a name. I am convinced they are here already some thousands of years, and hypnotize, implant, and run people to do their dirty work with ear-implants and they have not changed.

Dorian Gray is fiction but most certainly inspired by facts. SEGNPMSS people protect their lousy bodies through living conditions in which they don’t age while they kill billions of people in an average of 70 years and have them suffer in mainstream living conditions where they get sick and age. The only thing that is killing these monsters are other monsters. They most certainly deserve each other. What goes around, comes around. 

I can see the SEGNPMSS not just in present time behind terror, crime, death, illness, and perversion. I can see them also in history, and I am sure, Marty, you can too.

Pompeii has SEGNPMSS perversions written all over it. The Roman Empire was known for slavery (and they still have not given up on slavery), bloody “games” (and they still have not given up on it wasting people in various ways),  remote-controlled lunatic emperors (and they still put their psychiatric-conditioned people to become heads of state), they psychiatric-conditioned people to commit suicide when they wanted to get rid of them (just as they do today with most of their terrorists, and murders, and others), persecuting other religions (and they still do it, and not just persecuting, they also infiltrate religions and hypnotize, and implant others to alter religions and make these psychiatric-altered people commit crimes in the name of the religion, which they want to bring down. 

I find it easy to spot the SEGNPMSS. They make the huge mistake by not understanding that a person stalked knows a hell of a lot about her stalkers. They give each other away all the time. One look at the news, and I know what they are up to. Particularly, their ways to make the world accept what is wrong, and the world not seeing it, is typically for their psychiatric mind-control. Silent sounds through ear- and body implants.   

Allegedly, Bavaria was excluded from the “electoral dignity of the Roman Empire”, but this is typically an alibi. Bavarian barbers and butchers, the later psychiatrists secretly conditioned the Romans into the gruesome pigs that they became. The same horrible stuff that the SEGNPMSS does today. In order to not be held accountable by others for the cruelties that they made the Romans do, they “excluded” Bavaria from voting officially in the Roman Empire. But they don’t need their own official elector if people do anyway what the SEGNPMSS whispers in their ears.  

In the 17th century AD, SEGNPMSS put the Duke of Bavaria officially up to become a prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire. “Holy” (cough, cough!) . Briefly afterwards, he declared himself to be king of Bavaria on 1 January 1806. Nothing but a stepping stone to create their own official state: Gruesome Bavaria. Mighty Roman Empire allowed them to get away with this because the Duke was an official elector of the Roman king, basically some kind of Roman. People fooled as always. Their “specialty”.    

Nothing is really history because modern people allow themselves to be run by these monsters just as those people in historic ages. 

I often think: when did they exactly land and invaded the minds of people and brought the worst out of them? The point to look for is when this planet suddenly became violent and perverted. I also think that there must be tiny ear implants in the bones/graves of historic people. And archaeologists don’t look for them despite they should. Back then, they probably were of metal and today, they likely harder to find as of silicon that might disintegrate. 

However, the details are: there is no doubt that the SEGNPMSS exist, that they consist in the hard-core of German/Bavarian psychs, neuroscientists (“scientists”, cough, cough) and Nazis and that they have no human qualifications whatsoever and run this universe with ear-implants. If this planet and universe has not a secret death wish, they have to stop working with them or for them and convict them.

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I love you.

Yours always,


Nothing changed at all. World stays bad and we know why. 










1) Those who deny (or can’t imagine) past lives 2) Syria and Germany

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Dearest Marty, my astonishing Prince and soulmate,

It is snowing here, everything covered with snow, and I am thinking of you. 

And I have no regrets falling in love with you and staying in love with you.  Despite that we are separated by satan (you and I know who they are) and the world, I would fall in love with you all over again. I have seen hell, but I have seen heaven too, in your eyes and personality. It happened on the timetrack and it happened again in this lifetime, and it will be so in all eternity to come. 

There are people who rigorously past lives, may they claim that they have a religion or not. Despite that real science proves it too. Voltaire said: “It is not more surprising to be born twice than once.” Just because they can’t remember (and they have of course not figured out why not) their past lives, they insist without scientific proof that they live only one lifetime, which is completely stupidity. They can’t recall their first days, weeks, months, and years of this lifetime, yet, they lived, didn’t they? Shouldn’t they make the correct conclusion that they lived lifetimes before and also just can’t remember?

I thought about why some people deny or even campaign against the scientific fact of  “reincarnation”. Then it hit me. It is possible that they were animals in recent past lives. I noticed that even though people forget also their human past lives, a human being can still draw somehow on past lives wisdom and skills won in a former lifetime. It is not all lost. Some skills come back or it is a snap for the person to learn them again. But if they were animals in many former lifetimes, thinking skills in particular will be limited in these people. So they think they are “new” and just born once. If there is no human timetrack – of course they think that they are “new” and not thetans who lived thinkingly as humans through eons. While others thought and created as humans, they rolled around in stables and grunted.   

Another reason for wanting others to believe that past lives don’t exist: they have committed horrible crimes as “humans” in their past lives and are afraid to look there. They don’t know anymore what they did and they don’t want to confront the horrible things that they did and to what they contributed. They are cowards. They are afraid of what Ron said: The way out is the way through. For them, it is easier to talk themselves and others into that there is either nothing anymore after death and that they will exist no longer or that God, who is in their stupid eyes a dolt who forgives anything anyhow, takes them in his arms and leads them to the paradise despite their OWs, bad characters, and justifications, and all they have to do is to feign “repentance”. They are the dolts.      

To my other header, Marty. Syria. I am certain that evil landed on this planet thousands of years ago and got rid of entire people. Not just in Europe, all over the world, defense structures were built. In Syria, they found now huge 4,000 year old military surveillance network. If evil wouldn’t have gone around, why construct defense buildings? Syria had near-by enemies but I am convinced that back then and still today, those who landed in the spot who is today’s Bavaria put the world up to no good.

Today’s war in Syria has SEGNPMSS written all over it. Germany, particularly Bavaria still wants to rule the world, and they need hard workers for an aging population to not just rule Europe but become world power no. 1, while they secretly ruin all other countries and hold them down. Their plan for the Syrians is keep them in Germany until they lost their roots and identify with Germany. And Germany will ship those to other places who seem not of the young and hard-working people who Germany can use for their own very selfish purposes.  

As you most certainly know, Scientology scriptures were not the only scriptures that were altered. The medieval barbers and butchers, the later medical doctors and psychiatrists fear spiritually so much, that there is no true religious script left in any religion. All was altered by the psychiatric masters of the ear-implants. The suppression of women in the Middle East and Islam has written SEGNPMSS all over it. Here is what I am saying: First, they radio so-called Muslim into their ear-implants to suppress women and their rights and force women to cover up completely, and then, after the women are used to this and feel no longer comfortable to go out without, they rip it off them. Both acts are despicable!

Germany is the overall master over the ear-implants. And who doesn’t have them? They could have prevented any war. But they never prevent wars. The men behind the chancellors always instigate wars for their low reasons and to feel having power.  They think they can control mankind via the ear-implants to always again and again forgive them without truly forcing them giving up being evil. Whatever crimes they commit, they think it will not define them.

Not if I can help it, Marty.

I love you.

Yours always,


Vivaldi is awesome.


1) Congress 2) The story of the 24 year old frozen embryo

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

The thought of your existence makes me happier. I wish there would be something effective that I could do to help you.  There was still no message or letter etc. on from you or on your behalf for me. What can I do if all people conspiratively lie (heil ear-implant and SEGNPMSS!) or if I am referred to your impostor of who I know 100% that he isn’t you? I have only my OT abilities to go on, and those are telling me that Germany framed you. 

Sexual harassment is real, horrible, and has to stop. Kids in first class should learn already how to act decent.  

However, you never harassed me sexually or otherwise, Marty, but I imagine that Germany and the psychs behind it lied that you did. I never claimed so, I never gave my permission to anyone to sue you. I always thought and spoke in highest regard of you. I don’t even know of any lawsuit or prosecution of you, it is just my intuition (which works wonderfully) that something like this is going on since decades. And RB was Germany’s and their psychs tool.

If you and me wouldn’t be so spiritually, psychiatry and Germany would have an easy game. No wonder they infiltrated and altered Scientology to prevent that more people learn our kind of intuition.

You held the door for me, answered my questions, and showed me your love on a spiritual level only. You actually know to express yourself without words and certainly without any sexual harassment. And I understand your spiritual language. Too bad that so many other men (and women) are clueless. 

I often thought that only an act of Congress can bring a change to our separation, the fact that SEGNPMSS painfully stalks and abuses us, and your wrongful incarceration, and grant us our rights. But when I look at it and the complete lack of ethics of its members (report shows that approx. $1.5 million in taxpayers’ money was spent over the past two decades to cover claims against lawmakers and Senate offices), this kind of hope seems foolish.

To my other headline: I read about this embryo which was frozen for 24 years. I don’t believe that it is the oldest frozen embryo. Stealing and harvesting reproductive substances goes on for centuries. After all it is a secret dirty medical world.

Anyway, it depends when the thetan entered the embryo body. SEGNPMSS radios to thetans in between lifetimes to hurry to get a new body as otherwise someone else will take it. Thetans hear their codes and rush into the embryo and fetus not even seeing the gender. Big mistake. To say it short: if a thetan was already in the embryo when it was frozen, this person will likely have engrams concerning cold and issued with being locked up. If this thetan took the embryo body after it was no longer frozen, she could be not afflicted by being frozen for 24 years.

Whatever will be, Marty, I love you. Be kissed, tender and passionately, my wonderful husband and soulmate. What’s meant to be will find its way.  One way or the other. If not in this universe, than in another. 

Yours always,


Sebastian Kurz, another one who doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to get it by announcing deeper ties with Bavaria and Germany

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

As you know, Germany and Austria were joined by the hip through WWI and WWII. Interesting are the vultures that accompany these two women. They claimed that the world is jealous of them (Germany and Austria) and that they would break the ranks of the world and their jealousy.

If they think that anyone who really knows them is jealous of them, not just their shields have loose screws.  

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWI.

Austria bitten by nationalism as so often ready for WWI. 


This one says that it is easy to take over East France and Belgium. And that they will share West Russia and add it to Germany and Austria and then they will go for England’s colonies. It also seems that they have taken over a Jewish school and teach the “animals” this new geography. And the creepy German teacher is abusive as you can see on the rod (German trademark for a teacher).  

Here Germany and Austria are fighting against their enemies that they created themselves by being  jealous of Jews, Americans, and other nationals.  Germany and Austria beating up a Russian together and having perverted fun doing so. There are even worse pictures than this on the net with blood splattering all over when Germany and Austria kill others. 

Like in North Korea! German and Austrian kids getting war picture books to hate others and embrace war. How “cute”!


This text is typically German-insane. It says that Germany has to live even if they all have to die.  


Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII


Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII

Creepy! Apparently a Bavarian (his outfit) and the strongest of all builds a bridge for cheering Austrians to “connect” Austria with Germany.

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through WWII…

Germany has either a bad case of the sniffles or a weapon hidden in his nose.  

Germany and Austria joined by the hip through… 

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has announced his intention to deepen ties with Germany and the EU. “Many personal, economic, political and cultural ties bind us to Germany,” the 31-year-old told Germany’s Bild newspaper.

Deepen? When was Austria ever not Germany’s and Bavarian’s poodle? Yes, they share particularly Hitler, the Nazi, the psychs behind them and all their crimes.

Some call him “Messiah”. As if the Messiah would see a big Tatzelwurm in other religions.

Germany and Austria were allies with the Turks in former WWs. It didn’t bother them back then that they were Muslims. 

Must be his looks. Can’t be his smarts as he is sailing in the wrong direction.

If something goes wrong with the new Here Germany and Austria are fighting against their enemies that they created themselves by being  jealous of Jews, Americans, and other nationals.  I bet the farm that Germany will again blame Austria of having sparked it and that it wasn’t Germany. Just as many Germans today stress that Hitler was an Austrian, no German, and they conceal that Bavaria gave Hitler the most support.

I love you, Marty. Hope to see you soon.

Yours forever,



It is still a German Nazi world thanks to the German psychiatric invention to control people through ear-implants

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband,

How is your life?

I wish I just could listen to you for days and nights, you telling your story to me, where you were and what you did all these years in which I could not see you. And I wish I could snuggle with you and forget how gruesome the world is, at least for a time.

I  miss everything about you, Marty, your eyes, your face, your hands, your voice, and most of all your  unique personality, which nobody can copy.

On another subject, I read this article about Texas Prisons banning more than 11,000 books but not Hitler’s Mein Kampf. It is still a German Nazi world thanks to the German psychiatric invention to control people through ear-implants.

The SEGNPMSS puts up candidates and influences elections. Heil ear-implants. They are working hard at getting the Nazis back in Europe and all over the world. When Bavaria gave power to Hitler, the SEGNPMSS had the idea of hiding behind Austria in case he should not be able to take over the world, so that they can blame the atrocities on another country. And it seems that Austria accepted this role.

And it happens again.  A party founded by former Nazis forms the current government in Austria. SEGNPMSS hopes that nothing goes wrong with taking over the world through Nazis this time. They also think that it is easier if Austria starts with a new Nazi government this time instead of Germany because some people might still remember the 1930s. And Germany and its secret rules, the psychs are cowards. Hiding behind other countries and people is very important to them.

SEGNPMSS radios extremism and suppression of women in the ears of some so-called Muslims to make people who can’t think deep enough accept Nazis as their saviors from a “culture”, they don’t fear. But we understand this “culture” of psychiatric ear-implants and set ups very well and who is behind it.

The new Nazis have almost 100 seats in Germany’s parliament. Muslims should stand up and peacefully but very loudly and effectively protest against that German psychiatrists and German-controlled international psychiatrists are conditioning numerous of their people into becoming violent extremists.

And they are working on this too in Great Britain by trying to splitting Scotland and Ireland off GB and sabotaging the economy of Britain to make it poor and overtake it later. They want GB begging for acceptance into new Nazi Europe in a couple of years.  Too bad that GB, Ireland, Scotland, and other European countries don’t see what is planned.

And sure enough, same is planned for the USA. Splitting off the west and east coast from the mainland by having helped yet another unwise candidate to become President who doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to get it. 

And as I said, Germany instigates wars as the one in Syria to get cheap and hard workers to Germany to become the mightiest country of the world. On the other side, Trump wants to build a wall to keep people away who want to work in the USA. This is not just a waste of money it is so short-sided and stupid.

BTW, there is no danger ever that any other nationality or a religion takes over Germany, Austria or any other European or any other country of the world, because the world does exactly what their case officers transmit into their ears. Extreme attitude and terror attacks would stop immediately, if  the SEGNPMSS would stop conditioning people into committing extremism. Even NR and others would give up their nuclear bombs. It is a secret German, particularly Bavarian world, and if the world does not take peaceful but very effective steps, they will have very unhappy future lives and lifetimes under the psychiatric Nazi boots. Even Nazis and psychs fall victims to each other.

The German psychiatric plan for the world is not difficult to see, yet, nobody sees it because ear-implants inputs rule their ways of thinking.


I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours always and forever,


P.S. I never heard of this Canadian Andre Mathieu composer until now. He had a troubled life and died young. Psychs influence, if you ask me. 

My tip for the Muckrock website

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Dearest Marty, most missed soulmate in any universe,

How are you? My thoughts are with you

I read an article by Emma Best from the Muckrock website. She doesn’t believe Ronald DeWolf (“Nibbs”) much but she and Dan Novack too failed to figure that his father agent “Jack Vistaril” is not the founder of Scientology but a secret service agent hired to infiltrate  Scientology, originally, the anti-cult alter its scientific data and change it into a cult.

In short: The impostor’s son, Ronald DeWolf (“Nibbs”) wrote in 1985 a letter to the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS, claiming that “L. Ron Hubbard” had connections to the KGB. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the KGB was involved as well, but “Jack Vistaril”, the guy who died in 1986 with Vistaril in his behind, was first and foremost a SEGNPMSS, a German agent. And the CIA was and is used (and allowed itself to be used) by Germany to take the fall if  the truth ever should become known. If the KGB claim is true, then the founder’s impostor was a German/KGB/CIA triple agent.

Nibbs alleged that his father  “Jack Vistaril” sold the KGB access to Scientology. This is typically Germany. This statement should protect Bavarian’s and Germany’s secret services by hiding not just behind the CIA but also the KGB. If it ever turns out, that psychiatric-oriented and -run German and international secret services agents infiltrated and altered our applied philosophy through the use of doppelganger  “Jack Vistaril” and other infiltrators, and if it should not be enough to blame just the CIA, they want the KGB take the fall.

Also, if the CIA or KGB agents are ordered something from their German masters through the ear implants, the SEGNPMSS wants the founder and Scientology to be blamed, even if it had nothing to do with Scientology but was planted into Scientology records by the psychs behind Bavaria and Germany. I know all their dirty tricks.  Stalkers are forgetting that those who they stalk learn a lot about them.     

Anybody should take the fall, except those who really came up with the plan and run the infiltration and the alteration of Scientology: disgusting still existing German Nazi psychiatrists and mind-controllers. Yuck!

Germany also used their international infiltrators (people who pose as Scientologists but are none) to infiltrate the US government, and the CIA, the FBI, and other US agencies are quiet, as they it has itself dirty hands in this regards. 

DeWolf makes also a statement about the “Bavarian and German Federal Police”. He refers them as source of truth about what the KGB is up to all over the world. Germany, the psychiatric Big Brother and master over each ear implant, puts all the secret service agents up to no good since ever. And this includes of course the KGB, STASI, BKA, the CIA, Interpol, and so on.

People also should ask how DeWolf got those confidential Bavarian and German secret service information if not from the masters of his ear implants: the SEGNPMSS.     

And here is my tip for the Muckrock website: get proof that the “Bavarian and German Federal Police” and  the CIA and other secret services hire impostors and replace the originals. Because they do.

Sexual harassment is now in the news all the time, Marty. In Germany, while working in German companies and otherwise, I experienced that being sexually harassed as a woman was the norm. Only in Scientology, it was A LOT BETTER. Even despite infiltrated, one could immediately report a harassing person to the Ethics Officer, thanks to Ron’s policies. German companies had no Ethics Officers and no such report system. But Germany wants the world to think that we are the bad guys, not they. This is so typical for them. Instead of cleaning up their own pig stable country, they infiltrate our clean world to pervert it too.  

I love you, Marty. Wish I could be with you. Will be back soon. I always will believe in love because it exists and once again shame on the men behind Bavaria and Germany and their agents to come in between. 

Yours always,







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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Jerusalem could be such an interesting city FOR ALL, yet people don’t get along because German secret service p$ych radio in their ear implants and make them go against each other.  I always welcomed diversity. It is so much more interesting than if all is the same.

Hanukkah started and I just can imagine what you and your family is going through not having you ever safe at home.

Be kissed. I love you.

Yours always,



Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 12, 2017 at 12:57 pm

I am convinced that the “humming of planet Earth” is NOT natural

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent husband and Prince,

How is your life?

I miss you so much. You are such a wonderful thetan. If all people would be like you, peace on Earth and human rights for anyone would be an absolute reality and not just talk. I know it because our connection is stronger than anything. Those psychs, doctors, and their international agents who keep us apart deserve being confronted with a “problem” (our love) that they can’t wipe out. They bribe the entire world, but  us, they can’t turn against each other. So they use torture and cowardly hide. But this won’t bring them any blessings either. Motivators of their own making will hit them hard.

Marty, I came across an article in the Nat. Geographics. It’s about the “hum” that planet Earth is making. It is impossible to hear with human ears  and the origin is “unclear”. It is not caused by ocean waves or storms but going on everywhere sometimes louder than other times.  To me it is clear where it is coming from. SEGNPMSS generates it. Thetans can hear silent sounds and underneath the humming are tapes to sabotage everyone’s subconscious mind.  And the hum also is to cover up if any real noises are made in space. This hum is all over the world. Because the SEGNPMSS is fanatical. 

Have a look here:


What needs to be done is this: The hum needs to be recorded and stripped away. The messages that will be found underneath will tell us more about the lunatics who run and sabotage secretly the world. I know so much of them, Marty, that I want to puke. They are so disgusting. How can beings even sink that deep.

Stay alive. I love you.

Yours forever,





The ban of the Russians from the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, 

Russians were banned yesterday from 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. The doping as such (making sure that athletes are doping so that they will be busted and banned) plus the banning as such appears to me another German secret service program step in setting up  World War III. And Germany of course will lie: We had nothing to do with it. And its monster doctors will hide cowardly as they always do.    

This is what the SEGNPMSS has in mind: Russia and possibly China behind NK and the USA behind South Korea while Germany and Switzerland set the war up by having Kim Jong-Un psychiatric- conditioned.

I can see the dirty pawns of the SEGNPMSS monsters clearly.

I love you.


And as a “bonus”, Germany wins more medals as Russia is out of the Olympic picture. Heil ear-implants.