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A very few medical doctors finally catching on about what Ron already said an eternity again: Mind over Matter

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Dearest Marty, my eternal soulmate,

How are your days and nights? Wish I could spend them with you.

There are a few doctors who these days finally came the conclusion that the mind can influence conditions. For example, they have persons concentrate on reducing their pains by thinking that they are reducing their pains and that the pains are reduced, and patients are saying that it works better than meds.

Mind over matter, touch assists, and other Scientology processes enable the mind and the person to become cause over conditions. Ron was ahead of this time. 

And there is another interesting development. A few doctors finally acknowledge that there is “consciousness” after a person dies. In other words, despite a person is heart- and brain dead, the “consciousness” is not dead. 

However, doctors still have a long way to go until they finally acknowledge that the person is a spiritual being and that the person (minus her physical body and brain) survives.

People even have an orb body when they die, but medicine and physics completely failed to acknowledge this. This is a shame. (Germany keeps this info from people but left a door open to get credit. If this fact becomes known, they want the world to think that German “scientists” discovered it. They are so needy for acknowledgement, it is horrible. Instead of doing honest work, they constantly steal credit from others.  Ron wrote about the theta body, which is the orb body and German-run agents and infiltrators removed those data from Scientology.)

According to this doctor, millions of people were dead and were brought back and numerous people told that they were able to see and hear what was happening around them, despite they were medically declared dead. Heart was dead, brain was dead, body was dead.  

We know that the thetan can leave the body and can think without a brain. The brain is the switchboard for the body. But a thetan does not need this switchboard if he has no human body. And he can think without the switchboard. 

Thousand of people were studied all over the USA and the doctors (typically!) didn’t expect consciousness after death. The doc in the video below mentioned that 40% of all people had awareness as to what was going on around them despite being medically dead.

I think they all had this awareness. The doc thinks that it is the meds that the people get influences their memory after they came back. That may very well the fact.

But there is more. Medical terrorists rob people of their memories. Before the other 60% could tell, besides the influence of drugs on memory of people, medical terrorists who influence the study to fit their retarded agendas, steal the memories from the other 60%. Ear-implants and silent sounds are some of the most important tools for medical terrorists. 

In any way, numerous of those who were clinically dead described exactly what happened around them. This was verified by the people who studied them. Nothing new to us but to medical minds, it seems it is. 

However, this doc knows more than most others: 

What they don’t know is how long the “consciousness” continues after death. We know that a thetan can go on and on, except when implanted and taken apart by medical terrorists and losing the original personality and consciousness.

And to all those who do it or condone it when done to others, shall it happen too as they deserve it.

From what people described, I can tell that there are lots of silent sounds beyond death to influence people. The bright light, the deceased relatives, etc., all pictures that are sent to them while their bodies and brains are dead, but the thetan, which they call “consciousness” is not. The bright light is the way to a medical implant station. I never would follow a bright light. Marty, I hope they put one up a bright light after they killed me, medically or otherwise, because that is the way I most certainly will NOT follow, lol.   

I recommend to film the dying person with digital cameras. When done properly, they will see the thetan with theta body  (spirit orb) emerging. That is the person. That is Jane or Joe plus their minds. Everything of them except the human body and the brain. The brain is not needed if no human body needs to be operated. The brain is used as switchboard to operate the human body. It brain is not necessary to think. The person and the mind does it. We original Scientologists know it, and the world doesn’t figure it out as it buys into the German-organized defamation of Scientology.   

The people who post that spirit orbs are “dust”, like people on Wikipiggy are idiots with ear-implants who do the dirty work for the SEGNPMSS. Yes, there is dust but not all is dust. 

What happens when people die is: they are outside of their bodies and see what happens at the place they died. Then they are feeling lonely,  people don’t see and recognize them, nobody talks to them, so they are in  rush to be born again.

And of course there is the SEGNPMSSS ear implant code. The thetan hears his ear-implant code, is trained to follow it of course and he is lured into an embryo and told to rush in and grab it before someone else takes it. Instead of waiting and at least checking the gender, they do what their case officers say. It is too early to see the gender. Later they find themselves in a body of a gender they had not chosen and the background to which parents they are given is a lie too. Forgetter and “can’t leave this body anymore” silent sounds are used, thetans are getting stuck in the embryo bodies and are born nine months later. Joe is now Josephine and Roberta is now Robert. The gender that they don’t want, they will get. Why? Because medical terrorists can and are evil. Nobody in the whole wide world is stopping them as the world has no awareness of them and their despicable doings and atrocities.     

Or even worse, they have no gender or several genders are disabled or whatever doctors without conscience do to them. This is the real world. Instead of busting these medical terrorists, the  world population is deeply asleep to what doctors (and the worst is Bavaria and Germany) do to thetans. 

I despise them, Marty. There are no words to express how low I think of them. I am completely disgusted by them. I am rather persecuted and tutored than one of them. If they would have invested their energy into becoming better beings, they would be someone today, instead of pretending they are someone by stealing and taking false credits. If they would not be such monsters, I would feel sorry for them. But as they are so gruesome and perverted, I wish them what they will get as this is the nature of the beast: they will become each others victims. Who says there is no justice?! Today on top, tomorrow so deep down as they never imagined that it would happen to them, only to others.

I love you, Marty. 

Yours for all times to come.


I am a soul woman! 🙂



The latest about the Neolithic Europeans who disappeared approx. 4500 years ago without a trace

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Dearest Marty, my unforgettable husband and soulmate,

To me, the builders of the Stonehenge were killed before they could finish their defense building. I read that mysterious ‘Bell Beaker people’ allegedly wiped out these architects. It is being said that these Beaker people came from Spain, Portugal, Holland or Germany. 

Some of the Beakers were drinking. Guess some came from Germany after all.   

I learned that most people living in the UK (together with other Europeans) were eradicated approx. 4500 years ago. Bell Beaker pottery that is 4700 years old was found in Europe.  If the Beaker people were indeed peaceful, making nice pottery, and being good neighbors, they likely didn’t eradicate an entire population.

It is possible that the murderers had time to leave and the Bell Beakers settled later in an empty England. 

They found no evidence of violence used against the Neolithic farmers by anyone. But they also don’t know what happened to them. That means that the remains of an entire nation was not found, which is odd. Unless an entire nation was burned, which should leave some evidence behind, I assume. 

Much is withheld. Ear- and implants are “not found” either, despite they should be in the bones of just about any skeleton. Newer implants likely are made of silicone and disintegrate but the old ones were likely very small metal pieces.    

Researchers think that the Beakers brought the plague to the Neolithic farmers and that this eradicated the latter. This is possible. SP could have deliberately infected or used some Beakers to bring the plague to the Neolithic farmers. 

But odd is this: if the Neolithic farmers died of the plague, why didn’t the Beakers? 

Unless the Neolithic farmers were killed/infected by some who came before the Beakers and when the Beakers came, the plague had died down and this is how the Beakers survived?   

However, I am convinced that the Neolithic farmers were murdered (may it with weapons and or deliberate planted plague organisms) because of the defense buildings all over the world, which were erected during this time period. The evilness, which is still on this planet, did land on Earth a long time ago.   

Neolithic farmers had olive skin, dark hair, and eyes, researchers say. Beakers looked different. Only sure is that they are not the same people and the Neolithic farmers disappeared. It has SPs written all over it, Marty. Neolithic farmers/architects had advanced knowledge. They would have figured out how to protect themselves from the plague. Unless they were forced to live under horrible conditions as taken prisoners?

Again, for me, the Stonehenge is an unfinished defense building. The architects were murdered before they could complete it. The stones were also relocated, likely after the Neolithic architects were eliminated. 

Some other news that I noticed: The female US figure skaters tripped often during these Olympic Games. US-hating psychs using silent sounds on the skaters to lose their balance. 

Donald Trump and the NRA wants teachers and school officials armed after the shooting in Florida. This is just “great”. Then p$ychs condition the teachers and the school officials to kill the kids. The many balls dropped by the federal and state government concerning Nikolas Cruz shows again that ear-implants rule everyone. No security measures prevent an atrocity when the SEGNPMSS wants it and whispers into people’s ears either with loud or silent sounds.   

I also read that the Swiss are armed to the teeth but they had no mass shootings in nearly two decades. Switzerland isn’t much of a German target. It is firmly in Germany’s claw and that’s why the SEGNPMSS sets less atrocities up over there. Which does not mean that surrendering to Germany would bring peace. Once the USA is officially fallen, Nazis will step over everyone.       

And there is Paul Manafort jr who is accused among others to having paid money to former officials of the Ukraine who are on the Russian side.  Unfortunately, the Russian, like any other country, allows Germany into their ears. Whatever the reason of this “pro Russia” situation is, it is set up to benefit Germany (economic and diplomatic problems between the USA and Russia and even war) if not a miracle happens. I know Germany, particularly Bavaria, and I can see them clearly behind those and other situations and I know you can too, Marty.    

You are in my heart, Marty. I think of you. I recently read that where love is, God is. As we always knew, right with us.

I love you.

Yours always,






Chris Owen’s stupid analysis of what L. Ron Hubbard allegedly wrote

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

I miss you more than I ever can express. Nobody wins at the end by keeping us apart. Those who are keeping us apart don’t have the courage to admit this. In character, they are very small beings. They committed so many crimes that they restricted their abilities to see and evaluate facts. And there are many of them and so few of us. Sigh. There is one thought that I have over and over again, Marty: there must be (and is!) another solution than we ever again mingle with them. This planet and universe is a snake pit. Who sets foot here is being bitten. 


To my header:  Chris Owen is attacking Scientology since decades. He likes to be called “historian”. What a joke. He, like a propaganda minister of a rogue state, denied also my access to Wikipedia after he learned that I object to false information about me on Wikipedia.  

A true historian would not keep the impostors sent by secret services into Scientology under wraps. They are easy to spot.

Besides, I am on the Internet since 2002. Since 16 years, the Scientology haters (pretty much all were hanging out at ARS) know from me that Scientology is infiltrated, altered, that Ron and you were impersonated by agents/impostors. Just like David Miscavige who hires even a company to keep my blog down in the search engines, they try to prevent that what I write reaches mainstream in typical psychiatric/German secret service manner.

As you know, the real founder of Scientology was no friend of psychiatry. But he wrote the truth and no nonsense about it. The real Ron has not written the Brainwashing Manual as Owen and Ortega are claiming. If he would have, Germany would be blamed most of all.

The SPs behind Germany came up with communism and forced Russia and other countries to implement communism and control opponents with psychiatric methods.  Ron also would not blame Dianetics and Scientology on what psychs are doing “death, insanity, aberration and slavish obedience.” Psychs came up with the term “Black Dianetics” to blame Dianetics on what psychs are doing.  They also were hoping to get Dianetics and Scientology outlawed by making people believe that Dianetics or SCN would be dangerous.  

The least group of people Ron would ever accept or support are anti-Semites/Nazis. Anything even remotely implying this is a blatant and stupid forgery.

Many people think that Nazi Germany and Communism were two different things because the Soviet Union fought the Nazis in World War II. The SPs behind these movements are the same. They don’t mind wasting their own agents and allies in wars or otherwise. They simply decided that they like German Nationalism even a step better to control the world than their communism. (Germans wrote even officially the Communist Manifesto.) I assume that many people in the Soviet Union suffered a lot under communism and that is why the men behind Germany couldn’t tell even their own agents in Russia that they are also behind communism. On the other side, German nationalism was apparently too appalling for the Russians to surrender to, so they fought back. 

The psychs behind Germany run indeed the entire world but as they lie to their own agents to control them, not everything falls into the German lap all the time.      


One can see this pattern still today. Communism declined but Nazis are on the rise.    

The writings of Tony Ortega, Chris Owens, Jon Attack, and the likes are psychiatric propaganda tools and their supporters are fools. 

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty.

Yours forever,



The Munich Security Conference is a Bavarian/German control event

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Dearest Marty, how are you?

I ask myself every day when the USA finally stops helping Germany/Bavaria keeping us separated and frees you from your wrongfully incarceration. They all should know that who works for the Nazis or allows him- or herself being used by Germany/Bavaria is a Nazi..  

So that Germany, particularly Bavaria, can (falsely) claim that they have the security of the world at heart, they established the “Munich Security Conference” in 1963 and hold it there ever since. They radio in the ears of high officials to fly there and look up to Munich, Bavaria, and Germany in awe, which makes these international “senior figures” of 70 countries look real idiotic in my eyes, It all serves as alibi for Bavaria and Germany.  This conference is one of the establishments that helps Bavaria/Germany misleading the world so that nobody accuses them to be the secret force behind terror and crime (psychiatric, medical, and otherwise) and rogue states (which they are).

Knowing Germany, Bavaria and the SPs behind it, they want to keep the world uninformed until they are world power no. 1 and have no opposition anymore on the planet, which would be able to object having the Nazis back in power. At the moment, they hide behind the gruesome acts of terrorists and rogue states.

This is what the conference allegedly was established for:  “Each year it brings together about 350 senior figures from more than 70 countries around the world to engage in an intensive debate on current and future security challenges.” 

And remember, it is held in Bavaria because Bavaria wants to say: “Why would we hold an International Security Conference in Munich if we would favor terror and war?”

The correct answer is: To control the world to do what Bavaria/Germany wants and to misdirect correct suspicion if it should come up. 

So that nobody accuses them on what they are doing with their favorite secret service tool. Installing chips into people (already when they are babies or first graders) all over the world  and running them like the obedient robots until the day of their deaths with loud and silent sounds and also withholding from them that they could live indefinitely if they would be allowed to live in certain conditions. 

Angela Merkel plays the uninformed: she is “curious” about UK’s Brexit plan. I know what the Bavarian German plan for the UK is. To make England really small by breaking  Scotland and Wales off and adding these to Europe, which is another word for Germany and Bavaria as the all other European countries have not much to say.

The Bavarian monsters behind Germany are calling all the shots through ear-implants and otherwise. Once the Britain shrunk, the SEGNPMSS will also ruin the economy of the UK with ear-implants, loud and silent sounds. People in the UK will make wrong decisions or shy away from good decisions. The SEGNPMSS knows very well to advance Bavaria and Germany and keep other nations down. They do it for a long time and not just with Greece. They feel that the UK as part of the EU could be in the way when Germany has officially its Nazis on top of the EU. 

The Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni says Europe needs “a strong German government”. Yikes! What kind of leader is this? Should he say: Europe needs a strong Italy? This is just one of the many example all over the world that is giving Bavaria and Germany and “Heil ear implants” away. 

You and me, we can also figure out any other plan they are having for any other country. We just look at them and we see what they are up to. It comes easy to us.  

“We no longer recognize our America,” stated the German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel these days. Did you read it, Marty? America belongs to Germany. It is theirs. Yikes.

But now, as they recognize it no longer people should think that Bavaria and Germany does not have the USA under their control. Yeah right. 

Germany wanted Trump to win because his attitude towards religions and races won’t get in the way for Bavaria and Germany getting the Nazis back. What better to make a racist President whose daughter married into a Jewish family to make people believe that Jews are save. They are not Bavaria/Germany is involved and Jews are in troubles like any other religion or ethnicity that Bavaria/Germany does not approve of.

He also said that Germany eagerly learned from the US. Yeah right. Everything he, Merkel, and others says it to pour sand in the eyes of Americans and other nationals. Germany/Bavaria infiltrated the USA already before and at the day it was founded.     

Russia allowed itself to be used as well. So bad that it jailed all its citizen under the communism and gave psychiatrist free hands to commit their critics, just as Germany did and for sure still does. 

Germany/Bavaria doesn’t have to do what Russians did to influence the US election. Germany/Bavaria radio in the ear-implants of Americans and decides who runs for US President and in the ear-implants of the voters who they have to vote for the US President. No need to go through all those troubles the Russians went through.  

In other words: whatever these Russians did, it was just to blame Russia. One German/Bavarian plan is to get the USA and Russia at each others throat. Preferable a hot and not just a cold war.

What really made voters decide is what is radioed in their ear implants with loud or silent sounds. And that is the “specialty” of Bavarian and German psychs who are complete idiots by the way otherwise they never would have treated us the way they treated us, Marty.   

Actually, I don’t believe that the polls were wrong. I think that Hillary would have won if Germany wouldn’t have changed it in the last minute. Again, I don’t think that Hillary Clinton would have saved the USA. Like the presidents before her, she would have done nothing effective. But despite Trump momentarily tells Germany to pay more, he is also known to not follow through. SEGNPMSS likes Trumps anti-Muslim and foreigner agenda. It has Nazis already back into the German and Austrian and other European government. First they rail against Muslims. So does Trump. And this attitude against foreigners is helping Germany’s attitude against foreigners.

Germany wants Muslims as cheap and hard workers and instigated even the horrible Syrian war. But the SEGNPMSS  want them to lose their ethic identity and their religion and want them to become sub-Bavarians and sub-Germans.  And the SEGNPMSS psychiatric-conditions some alleged Muslims to conduct violence to give the entire religion and all Muslim countries a bad rap.   

I know that you can see it too, Marty. I love you. Be kissed my darling.

Yours forever,


P.S. I clicked on official Scientology websites today and received  “WOT,  Warning! This site is potentially malicious, get me out of there.”

This after the C of S had ads during the Superbowl asking people to check out the Scientology websites. It is definitely not Scientology but the Scientology haters who put up harmful content who don’t want people to visit Scientology websites.       





Ruins of gigantic ancient civilization found in Guatemala with LIDAR, and typically, the Grand Canyon and other interesting places in the USA are not scanned

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Dearest Marty, my handsome Prince and hero,

You came into my life and became it. And I am so glad that you did.

To my headline: This picture was allegedly made in the Grand Canyon.

I think it is typical for the SEGNPMSS to prevent big archaeological discoveries in the USA to make North America look less interesting and to prevent that tourists are spending money here. Hopi claim that their forefathers came from the underworld. I think this is a good reason alone to scan the underworld of the Grand Canyon and other sites in North America. Some Indian artifacts were found in the Grand Canyon but as far as I know no thermal scanning of the GC and its underground was ever made.  Thermal scanning was done to pyramids in Giza with surprising results. This kind of scan could be applied to the GC too, right?  

This is supposed to be another picture is from the GC:


There was this person named Kincaid who claimed according to a newspaper article published in Arizona in April of 1909 that he saw structures in the Grand Canyon, e.g. an “Underground Citadel”. Some say it was a hoax, many others believe there are structures and a history to know and that it is covered up. Having witnessed numerous cover-ups by officials myself, I bet that there are cover-ups. It is a secret German medical world, and they order what is for the disadvantage of the USA.

There was another horrible school shooting. Already the 19th of this year.  It happens in the USA more than in any other state because the SEGNPMSS hates the USA even more than any other country or state. And what do you think using a person by the name of Nikolas Cruz?? These psychs are selecting their people and conditioning them to kill. Easy for them because people are chipped, clueless, and ear- and body implants are a bigger secret than any huge archaeological discovery in the USA.  And as usually, the WH, Congress, the CIA, FBI, law enforcement, schools, and all others, fail. What else is “new”? Psychs think they win with the school shootings as numerous people demand more psychiatric influence “to control or treat violent or mental ill people”.

They are organizing the shootings AND they get more business and influence through them as people are in fear for their children and themselves.   

The right thing to so is however to spill the beans that psychs deliberately implanting and conditioning people into become monsters.  

And Rod Rosenstein announced indictments of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities accused of violating U.S. criminal laws in order to meddle in U.S. elections and political processes. The world is chipped. The men behind Germany are trying to alienate Russia and the USA and if possible, wants them to engage in a war. The SPs behind Germany knew that these Russians would be busted before they set up the meddling. Similar as the SEGNPMSS sets up such situations in Scientology or with other entities or systems.  

Although Hillary Clinton is an ally of Germany and didn’t do anything to bust the SEGNPMSS so far, the men behind Germany preferred Donald Trump (maybe of his German blood or whatever) to win the Presidency.   

Russia must make sure that Germany can’t use it no longer. Germany held Russia down for decades with planting German agent Lenin and Marxism is Russia, another German system to control people and their freedoms.

Yes, Scientology is infiltrated by SEGNPMSS-chipped people, but Russia does also Germany’s dirty work by barging in and trying to outlaw it. Instead of outlawing original Scientology, they should outlaw the still existing Nazis behind Germany.  As these are the world’s biggest problems.     

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,


The very slow learners who we call SPs…

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Dearest Marty, my valentine, husband, soulmate, and most special Prince in the universe,

There are numerous people who keep us deliberately apart but are celebrating Valentin’s Day. I don’t envy them. I wouldn’t want such a hypocrite as they are in my life.

Lucky for us, they are not successful and our love continues to beat strong. Love is a word often used but the two of us really prove what real and true love can do despite the doctors ordered to destroy it.

We were anything but dumb young people when we fell for each other. Imagine how horrible it would not have recognized that we are soulmates. 

Everything that has to do with you in the world is more beautiful. A street for example is just a street. But if you ever walked there, it is a divine street!

If SPs would love the way we do, they wouldn’t commit suppressible acts as they would know that loving is so much more rewarding and feels so much better. Besides, they would use their time to better conditions for the person(s) they love and not wasting their lives and good conscience away by keeping true love apart. 

Happiness is the way to go exterior, and people who commit crimes against humanity can’t be happy and missing out. No wonder that they think that they are their bodies or their brains as they don’t ever learn to fly on the wings of love and happiness.     

You are the perfect man for me, Marty. You, your personality stands for decency and there is nothing hypocritical within your person. One trait that makes you irresistible. You don’t swim with the corrupt stream for personal gain. You have a conscience. You put yourself in other’s shoes. You stand up to what you believe and you follow your heart. If people would be like you, what a wonderful world it would be.

Actually, if we both were stranded on a remote island, I would have all I need if we could be together. If a ship would come and just offer me a trip back into civilization, I would decline in a heartbeat and stay with you. And this would be actually selfish of my behalf because nothing is more beautiful that your character and personality. You are a really bright star, Marty.    

Modest as you are, you might not think that you are perfect. But to me you are. Whatever you did and do, it was and is based on integrity and courage.

So, those people who think that I ever give up loving you must be lobotomized, otherwise they would get that this never ever will happen. If they would have IQs bigger than cockroaches, the past decades should tell them something! By separating us, SPs just add to their own rap sheets and are feeling lousy about themselves because deep down they know how disgusting it is what they are doing. Some “win”! They are so stupid! Ultra-slow thinkers, they are!

Sending you passionate and tender kisses, Marty. Hope to see you soon despite all odds.


Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 14, 2018 at 3:58 am

Myanmar (Burma) genocide and the Rohingyas

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, I am thinking of you.

In this world, when one conflict appears to be over, another one takes place. The real ravishing main fire is never put out and that is why there is never lasting peace on this planet as the SPs behind Germany are ignored or even actively and knowingly assisted by the rest of the world.      

On their website, the CIA calls Myanmar still Burma.

The CIA (according to my experiences, a German poodle) website looks partly unprofessional as the text is not properly aligned and the use of the double colon looks weird too. CIA ignores that Germany constantly let them look like fools, dilettantes, or criminals to smear the reputation of the USA. CIA fails to understand or admit that Germany runs also their employees and agents with ear-implants. No wonder that they didn’t save me from Germany, Marty. No wonder, I am the child left behind. If not for original Scientology and you, I would be lost.     

Anyway, it is absurd that a nation with mostly Buddhists is involved in genocide and in ethnic cleansing, a very German despicable activity. Buddhism has non-violence at the heart. The first of the five precepts that all Buddhists are supposed to follow is “Avoid killing, or harming any living thing.” 

But the Myanmar (Burma) government and the Buddhist villagers do exactly that to the Rohingya Muslims and Hindu. These ethnic groups lived together in peace for ages, but it suddenly changed because the monsters behind Germany want more slaughter. It is very German to strip people of their citizenship as they did with of Rohingya under their Nazi-smelling 1982 Citizenship Law and the human trafficking.

Germany uses ear-implants for all sides. Including German’s very own terror group al-Qaida (the monsters behind Germany are hiding behind it) that the men behind Germany have organized to be formed in Myanmar (Burma).  

They always have people on both sides and radio in their ear-implants and through other body chips of people to act in ways that provokes the other side to retaliate. They bring the worst out in everyone, and the CIA and all other analysts fail completely to figure who is behind it.

When two are fighting, Germany enjoys it as the SPs behind Germany have no human qualifications.   

I wrote about this already:  The monsters behind Germany, in the hard-core former barbers and butchers, psychiatrists and medical doctors, Nazis, have a problem with religion, any religion because originally, religions tell people to live ethical lives, and if people do so, the monsters behind Germany can’t pervert them as much as they want. So they sent their agents into religions to turn them into the opposite of what they were originally. Scientology is another example too. Also, by turning religions into the evils of the world, the monsters behind Germany think that God won’t exist then anymore and their bad consciences would be quiet. Yes, they are that stupid and their motivations are that low.

They infiltrated any religion and re-wrote any of their scriptures. They smeared in any religious scripture to make them look ridiculous, unscientific, perverted or brutal. And they chipped and run their clerics and let them say and do rotten things. All to make the world population give up on religion and worship doctors, psychs, and Germany instead.

It not all people would be chipped by Germany, they would have discovered who is behind it and would not just deal with the symptoms and try to put out the individual fires. They would go to the arsonists and would say: We know who you are and you will never ever get away with it.

And if they would put their money where their mouth is, we will have a much more peaceful Earth.

I know that these are your thoughts too, Marty. I love you.

Yours forever,


Sound of Buddha

Sound of Nazi boots:

Nevermind the video, everyone knows how gruesome that was and the government and people of Myanmar (Burma) should not allow themselves to be used to do Nazi dirty work by acting just like them.