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Are attorneys of Miscavology pleading the 5th too?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, I am thinking of you.

I am aware that you know too that anything that looks business-like in regards of Scientology is also secretly ordered by the men behind Germany. They try to get rid of religion as they don’t want people to have a conscience or worship anyone but medical doctors, psychs, neuro-“scientists” and Germans, particularly Bavarians. And as Scientology has the potential to make people smarter, actually, so smart that they still existing Nazi doctors can’t hide anymore, they decide to have Scientology infiltrated and altered before people are getting smart enough to bust the SEGNPMSS.           

Thinking back to the time around 1995 when I sued Miscavology to obtain nothing but information about your whereabouts from the C of S, David Miscavige was already more than 10 years the top non-Scientologist of the Church of Scientology, Mike Rinder, was the top non-Scientologist of OSA, and your impostor infiltrated your position in the RTC for at least 5 years. What a corruption! I am still upset that nobody answered to my mail asking about your whereabouts and that I had to file a complaint against Scientology. After all, I am a real Scientologist and they are not and never were. And despite filing a lawsuit, I still didn’t get the answer!  

The IAS statutes says that the IAS unites Scientologists. I am a lifetime IAS member, and I bet you too, Marty. However, we were not just not united by these non-Scientologists who invade and destroy our applied religious philosophy, we are actively conspired against by these lawless infiltrators in favor of Germany. Germany controls every ear-implant.     

It is impossible that David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, your impostor, or the C of S lawyers didn’t know of my case (in which Lynn Farney submitted a deliberately unspecific affidavit that likely was drawn up by C of S attorneys) who likely also hired the expensive attorneys in SLC to get rid of my case instead of simply telling me where you are. 

It is unbelievable. We are IAS members and married Scientologists and not allowed to see each other because as I know Germany orders infiltrators of Scientology and C of S attorneys to conspire against us. And the latter are officers of the court for crying out loud.  

I think they withheld important data from you and important data from me and are contributing to your wrongful incarceration and that we can’t see each other. I wonder if the C of S attorneys are pleading the 5th.

It is time to put the guilty persons behind bar and let you, the innocent, go.  

I love you. Be kissed, tenderly and passionately. You rock, Marty!

Forever yours,


P.S. Listening to below song makes me wonder in what a degree DM orders the C of S attorneys and to what a degree they order him and the C of S.  Whatever it is, it is in our and Scientology’s and even the US’s  and the world’s disadvantage, and Germany is behind it.  

I had a strange dream about “you” and my blog…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate, 

How are you?

SEGNPMSS send me a dream recently. In that dream, a person (supposed to be you but with another personality than yours – they can’t manage to impersonate you as they have NO CLUE how you or another good person acts) told me that he does not agree with my blog as it would be “off policy” and I should delete it and stop blogging. Lol!

Of course I know that they hate me blogging. They hate me writing the truth about them. I bet you are the last person who wants me to stop blogging and deleting my blog. And I won’t. “Off policy”, what a joke. These monsters are anything but Scientologists.

Also, I was thinking about why Tommy Davis suddenly left staff. He flew off the handle in an interview with the TB Times and addressed your impostor personally a few years back. He indicated that he would know something significant about him. I wonder if your representatives wanted to talk to him about this and if this is the reason why he is no longer in the Sea Org. Making it as hard as possible for you to get evidence in regards to that you are set up and impersonated.

I love you,

Yours forever,





International people have to die because the SPs behind Germany are jealous and want to claim them as Germans

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Dearest Marty, my one and only how are your days? I am thinking of you.

They know that they don’t stand a chance against true love. So, their “handling” is to kill, rip people apart, steal their memory or trying to make them think that the other one does not care.  

I said it before and I say it again: If they would invest their energy in becoming good people, they would be no longer needy nobodies today. But now they are nothing: jealous small creatures who are living lies that they are scientists and valuable. And each of their crimes makes them blinder and dumber because these kind of creatures don’t want to look at their faults.   

They often kill artists young. It doesn’t matter in what country people die as they secretly run all countries.  The US could write huge volume about their too early “departed” artists. Yes often, they do live unhealthy lives but silent sounds by the masters of ear- and body implants are sending them these subconscious messages and control them in living such unhealthy lives. 

They are jealous of a supporting family and spouses, of success, of skills, of looks, of property and of anything. Instead of creating it for themselves the honest way, they steal, conspire, and kill. Deep down, they impossible can feel good about them, Marty. But they are sticking their hands in the sand and continue with their outrageous crime sprees against humanity.

They also keep the world completely clueless as to what thetans are and they trap them. The top SEGNPMSS level knows that thetans exists but the world should think that they don’t exist and are made by Ron so that the SEGNPMSS can do to people who died whatever they want.

They plant the thetans who were horrible people (such as themselves) in the USA or other countries – to be born there to bring the USA and other countries down. When successful people die, they steal them to Germany to “lift” Germany up and claim that they are the country of the “scientists, thinkers, thinkers, humanitarians, etc.” It is such a lie!

And in Germany, they hold the persons down for lifetimes until they are sure that nobody catches on that they stole thetans of other countries to Germany where these kidnapped thetans have to grow up and live despite that they didn’t choose Germany for their next or any lifetime.

If nobody catches on, they claim that the (stolen other national) is German and that  Germany is the country with the thinkers, scientists, artists, and sportspeople, etc. The men behind Germany are so needy. Because they are nobodies. That is why they are so needy. Nobody who has a great personality and a high IQ would lower him- or herself to do even remotely what they are doing. 

Germany is paralyzing for many non-Germans. They have to live there but they don’t fly to higher heights. This doesn’t bother the thetan stealers much AS LONG AS NO OTHER COUNTRY CAN CLAIM THEIR OWN NATIONAL AS THEIR TREASURE.   

All people who accomplished something or are charismatic are in danger being kidnapped as thetans after their death to Germany.  I bet my little farm on it, Marty. From talks with Scientologists in Germany I also know that quite some wondered why they were Americans in their past lives and suddenly born in Germany of all countries. 

They think that stealing successful thetans lifts Germany and themselves up instead of what it really does: the OW sequence comes to bite them. Or how do some say? Karma is a bitch.    

I hope they finally learned their lesson with me. Kidnapping me was psych-dumb. They should have known in advance that I am a rebel, considering that they collected all my (and our) thoughts from past lives. 

They living the biggest lies in  the universe. How can they be proud of their country and themselves if all is fake and based on unbelievable crimes? They think that when they fool the world and the world believes that are respectable, it is true. Despite that they know deep down that all what they are doing is fake and bad. A completely non-respectable and bad person who gets respect from the world is still a non-respectable and bad person.    

I love you, Marty. You are awesome. They would give anything to steal you to Germany and decorate themselves with everything you are. But we won’t let them. 

Yours forever,



On the part on which Nikki Haley is wrong…

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Dearest Marty, my precious Prince, husband, and soulmate,

I am thinking of you. How are you? After all these years, thinking of you still gives me butterfly and takes my breath away, even more than ever! You reign in my heart! 

United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley said recently that “Russia alone” was responsible for enabling the Syrian government’s suspected chemical weapons attack in Douma last weekend on his own people. 

She is right that Russia can not get away with supporting any country that uses chemical weapons, but as I said before, the people in Russia who support monster Dr. Bashar al-Assad, MD, are supporting most of all the monster doctors behind Germany, the SEGNPMSS. It consists of the worst people, the absolute scum of the universe. The lowest creatures ever. They are putting these Russians and others nationals up to support the wrong people and systems.          

In just a few years, Germany will profit greatly from the young and strong Syrian refugees in Europe and Germany for their own economy and by making itself to be the leader of Europe. Germany is secretly instigating and setting up wars to profit from it and to harm the rest of the world.

They are running Bashar al-Assad and other such agents. Heil ear- and body implants. It is one of  Germany’s most secret tools to control mankind and make people and governments do what they want by adding international kids of young age already to their outrageously criminal mind-control system.

Germany on top of the EU profits from the war by getting  millions of strong young people to promote Germany’s economy. Money and power, this is behind the alleged “humanity” to take Syrians “in”. Merkel did a study on how many people they need for their economy and she made it clear that they don’t want more. No humanity, just ice-cold calculation!   

What Russia needs to do is to get rid of secret German influence and stay true to their Russian humanity. Germany did enough to them. World War I, World War II, Marx and Engels and German agent Lenin who made Russia communistic. Germany held Russia down and locked Russians up.  They don’t owe Germany anything. Most of all, USA and Russia (and China too) could be closest allies and helping each other and the world – if the German snake wouldn’t set them up against each other all the time. 

SEGNPMSS people do NOT have human qualifications whatsoever. They should be in a zoo as they are clueless what it means to be a human being. Monsters, monsters, and did I say monsters?! The nations of this world have to pull strings and find these SPs and all of them. Saying “Russia alone” is not the way to find and stop them.  These SPs must get the lesson of their existence! Each one of them for all lifetimes to come. 

If billions of years from the day of their sentence, anyone tries to recruit them for inhumanity and conspiracies, mankind should hear them scream: “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!” in response. This is how hard their sentence must be! This is how to handle SPs. No forgiveness, no mercy but justice so hard that their retarded heads spin and so that they lose their snake poison. I won’t forgive them. I won’t have ever mercy on them. May I be dead or alive, I will go after them. 

By messing with us, they sure mess with the wrong people, Marty. Whoever (judge and jury) hands them no astronomical sentences must be sentenced with them. These SPs never change. Lifetime for lifetime they were monsters, too bad and cowardly to better themselves. They don’t change on their own. They just chance if we go after them and find EACH ONE of these low lifeforms. EACH ONE of them!       

We will put the fear of God in them. They talk each other into that God doesn’t exist. They know nothing. 

Can’t wait to slam my iron fist in their disgusting slimy Nazi doctor faces. I despise these barbers and butchers with each fiber of my being. How can people who are so bad even live with themselves? There is no word for how low I think of them. I don’t even want to be in the same universe with them. They are the ultimate scum. There is not even a word to describe their cruelty and inhumanity. I pity anyone who is related or married to them from the bottom of my heart.

We are no monsters. We don’t work with their methods. But boy, are they wrong when they think that what they did and do will pay and that they are getting an easy fare out of all of that. Not one crime will go unpunished. Not one. NOT ONE SINGLE ONE. If they kill one person, they have to make an entire lifetime up. If they killed a million, they have to be sentences one million of years. If they torture, they must get astronomical sentences! We add everything together. There is no other way to handle these monsters and actually, the way they behave, they ask for it. If the world doesn’t apply justice, I know one who will: God.     

                                                                                                                            Ti amo, Marty.

Yours forever,


P.S. M. is travelling since last September and still has not enough. Zion National Park, Bryce Canon, next is Escalante. I almost decided travelling with her but reconsidered. It is nice to see this all but one can buy a new house with the money it costs.  

1. Kim Jong Un / 2. Bush

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and husband,

The u-turn that Kim Jong Un made tells me that Switzerland and Germany are afraid to get their behinds kicked real hard for having Kim Jong Un psychiatric-conditioned in Europe and afraid of being blamed of anything he did or will do ever since. 

What else I see is that the CIA, Director Pompeo is expected to deliver an alibi for Germany and Switzerland in regards to that Kim Jong Un was not psychiatric-conditioned. Yeah right. I put my hand into fire that he is. CIA is blind. Instead of working against us and in favor of the SEGNPMSS, they should ask us to figure some of their problems out because we can. 

They do not just transmit silent sounds in Kim Jong Un’s subconscious mind to get a goofy haircut to be ridiculed, they also talk into his mind to eat, smoke, and drink so that they can get rid of him with “a disease” before his German/Swiss psychiatric-altered mind is discovered and they being held responsible what they did to him. They think that the world will believe that he died on a natural causes because he lived an unhealthy life. No word of course that the SEGNPMSS set people up this way. I am also sure that they would make him  use nukes on any population if Germany and Switzerland wouldn’t get blamed for it one day. 

Well, I am rather made wrong instead of people getting nuked. 

Barbara Bush died. She was married to George H. W. Bush for 73 years.  This is a long time, but how many times did he grope other women while being married? You wouldn’t do this to your wife, Marty, or to other women.  

You remember the invasion of Kuwait that led to a U.S.-led coalition air and ground war, which began on January 16, 1991 and ended with an Iraqi defeat… They retreated from Kuwait on February 28, 1991. 

Former President George H. W. Bush declared victory and celebrated with a parade. On the day he celebrated, he told his assistant to write me a letter. On the most important day of his presidency, he interrupted his celebrating, stopped watching the parade held in his honor and thought of us and told his assistant what to write to me. How nice. And did he help us to our rights? No he didn’t. Just like the other presidents who dance secretly to a German whistle. 

And remember that one of the two first U.S. Army soldiers and held prisoner of war during Operation Desert Storm had the name Rathbun of all names?

What would the CIA and other intelligence agencies tell us? Those are all just co-incidences. Yeah right. Unlike them, we are connecting the dots. 

I love you, Marty. You are the best. Nobody is fooling you. And me neither. 🙂

Always and forever yours,








The “Genetic Entity” is a postulate of the creator and not a “degraded thetan”

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and my Knight, 

How are your days and nights? 

Thanks for being you, Marty, without you, this world would be much darker. You have the wonderful personality nobody can impersonate. They want to be like you but they can’t as they don’t do right but you do!

I am sure you noticed that in regards to the “generic entity”, “theta body” and what’s up with animals and what exactly plants are, the psychiatric altered version of Scientology, namely Vistarology and Miscavology have little to say or are rather unspecific and also wrong.

The SEGNPMSS stole original Scientology data and dropped their anti-religious crap into Scientology through their international agents.  Original Scientology contained clear information about all of the above and much more. 

I am not going into body thetans much today as I wrote about them already. Germs and bacteria stick to human or animal bodies. There are also psychiatric case officers who transmit loud and silent sounds into the minds of people to manipulate them. Both is what I call body thetans.   

What animals are is easy. They are thetans. Abberated thetans because what non-abberated thetan wants to be an animal? Already on the timetrack, psychs messed around with the genetic line and degraded it to animal bodies and trapped thetans in them.  

And there is the theta body. It is the cloudy orb thing that the thetan still has after dying. He uses it to fill out a human or an animal body and connects thetan with the flesh, brain, and the nerves, etc.

The psychiatric infiltration of Scientology left in regards to the theta body just this message: A thetan very often carries with him a theta body which he mocked up on the past track and which is a number of facsimiles of old bodies he has misowned. He is carrying it along with him as control mechanisms, which he uses to control the body he is using. (ref. PAB 130).

It it true that a thetan very often carries with him a theta body that he mocked up on the past track. Misowned  means failed to own, right? It is correct that the thetan uses the orb body (theta body) to fill out the human or animal body to control it. But I think someone else but Ron threw in the term “misowned” or removed additional data.

When people or animal die, they take the theta body with them to fill out the new body that they are taking (the incarceration process to say it in other words). They connect the theta body to the switch board, the brain, and to the nerves and that is why they scream later “outch” when someone steps on their feet.

I wish I would have none, Marty, but I actually feel having one after I did some (harmless) experiments on myself. When I see you, I show you how I figured out that I have something like in the above picture. After death  SEGNPMSS are tracking thetans with theta bodies and are trapping them in bodies not of their own choosing. They lie to their agents that there is no such thing as a thetan or a theta body or even a spirit orb, because they don’t want their relatives to track where there loved one went after death so that they can do with the poor thetan what they want.

Then there are plants who are no thetans. Some thetans also go into plans to rest or play or whatever. But plants are no thetans. They are a postulate. The prototype is so amazing that I lack words. The creator did the work one time but postulated that it multiplies indefinitely. Many people say that there are no miracles. Guess they never looked at a plant. Plants grow and give and give and give and give and nourish the bodies and it taste good. 

Now, the genetic line works on a very similar principle. The creator designs the human body (much, much, much, much too perfect to be just some evolution), one male and one female, and postulates that man and woman can generate together another body that can inhabited by another thetan, and another body that can inhabited by another thetan, and then there is the baby, how cute, and another baby, just as cute and when the babies are grown up, they make their own babies without that the same design must be created from scratch. Genius to say the least!

The idea that crept into Scientology that the genetic line (Genetic Entity or GE) is a degraded thetan is typically psychiatric and false. The human body is an amazing instrument. No degraded thetan can do it or did it or is able to promote procreation. Psychs ordered the infiltration of Scientology as they hate religion. They altered Scientology. They don’t want Scientologists to believe in creation just in evolution. Basically, they are afraid of God, and if they manage to make all people think of religion as nonsense or dangerous, they think they lose their fear of God. SPs are such fools!

You are the best judge of how good my senses work, Marty. And with these senses, I clearly can sense the Supreme Being. He is in and around us. From the start, when all thetans had a lot more abilities as they have now, there was already someone who stuck out tremendously. He created the universe. It wasn’t done by some gas or a big bang. It also wasn’t done by many or a group of capable thetans as some might believe. In the beginning, it was the Supreme Being who designed it and nobody else.  In addition to his awesome abilities, he stayed ethical, and that is why he is still the Supreme Being/God. While numerous other thetans are now rotten and stupid SPs.

Is he passive, not doing anything as some people believe? No, he ain’t passive at all. I bet my own little farm on that you came to the same conclusion, Marty.

I hug you tight, my darling. My love is here to stay.

M. is in Southern Utah/St. George/Hurricane and plans to come to me after she saw enough of Southern Utah. 


The clothes that I had with me in LA were examined in a Munich crime lab and they found nothing on them…

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Dearest Marty, hero and my wonderful Prince,

I am thinking of you and very much every night before I go to sleep. I try to puzzle out what might have happened on your side during the many years were didn’t see each other.

As I wrote before, I never could ditch the suspicion that Germany used psychiatric-conditioned RB against you and filed charges against you behind my back, despite that you didn’t do anything wrong.

His Cobness, the Miscavologists and the C of S attorneys also helped Germany by allowing an impostor to take over your position and life. They kept any information about you away from me. I never got a shred evidence that anything was ever filed against you. Never a piece of paper or a verbal statement by anyone that my suspicion that you were framed was right. Fortunately, I can sense a lot and trust my own perceptions more than what people tell me or keep from me.

This posting is about the time in which I battled the “guardianship” that Germany put on me in order to keep me in Germany. They also took my passport away to prevent me travelling in the USA.

On the other side, at the same time, they allowed me to battle my own other legal cases pro se in court and also divorce Jürgen Schwarz. Yes, this is Germany! Outrageous criminal and contradictory. How can a person be in need of a guardian if she can represent herself in court without an attorney and on top win her cases? Makes no sense, right? One judge said to me: This guardianship just exist on paper. He should have cancelled it, but he didn’t as all obey their psychiatric ear-implants, so I had to live and work a long time with this hanging over my head. This guardianship also did fit right into that Germany has framed you, Marty. They didn’t want me to travel to see you and help you get rid of the false charges that Germany knowingly filed against you. How convenient for Germany, but also how stupid. If they would be smart, they would have known that I find out anything. Lifetime after lifetime, they spy on us and kill us, yet, these p$ychs and their agents don’t figure us out. 

Around 1985, RB told me that Dr. Jürgen Keltsch, the German district attorney in Munich would have my clothes that I had with me in Los Angeles in 1984. It upset me as I never gave my consent to this. I didn’t even know why she did this as I told her often enough that nothing happened that would need her or anyone else’s interference. But she was a remote-controlled psychiatric robot and ran after me like a trained German shepherd. She always wanted to be psychic but unlike us, she got just about everything wrong. When I really was in danger, she felt nothing. When things were better, she felt that I was in severe danger. Totally twisted in her thinking! 

I arrived in his office and was shocked about his low tonelevel, Marty. RB always trusted the wrong people. He was the district attorney who had also the duty to convict Neo Nazis in Munich. Yet, under his watch, they had a renaissance. Some people occupy posts in order to let others get away with what they should not.

My suitcase laid on the floor in his office. It was open and all clothes were outside on top of the suitcase. And on top of the pile of clothes was RB’s big beige bra. It sure was not mine. I felt harassed and embarrassed seeing this. Why was that suitcase open? Why where all my clothes on top of the suitcase and not inside? Why was RB’s bra on top of my clothes?

She was a confused person. I think she had mixed her own clothes or at least clothes that I never wore among the clothes that I indeed had with me in L.A. How can they even make a professional examination of the clothes and a professional assessment if they don’t even make sure that the clothes indeed belong to the “victim”? 

I packed all clothes into the suitcase, closed it and just wanted to get out of there. Marty, the entire situation in his office was creepy to say the least. 

Anyway, before I left, he told me that those clothes were examined by their crime lab, and they found nothing on them that would indicate anything of any criminal nature. He said that there were some impurities on them but nothing that could warrant any criminal charges.

I was at the beach in L.A. and had no chance to wash them before I  returned to Germany (was made to return by the infiltrators of Scientology). Therefore, I had some sand on my clothes. That is apparently what they “found”. They found no sperm, no blood, no drugs, no nothing. Guess nothing was on RB’s bra either, because otherwise, they would have framed you on it,  despite it was not my BH and I never wore it.

Keltsch (who later became a judge!) and the SEGNPMSS behind him told me this because he and his case officers wanted me to think that no charges were filed against you so that I don’t try to help you.  

But they likely framed you anyhow with planted “evidence”, because I know Germany. I suspect them on a lot more than examining a wrong bra.

Whenever I think of RB, Germany, its p$ychs and officials,  Marty, I never want to be born again anywhere in this universe. This is how bad it was/is. And that is coming from me who knows how to endure!

I had the feeling that you were framed already in 1984. But RB didn’t know your name until end of 1987, after she hired the kidnappers, (Vosper and his friends). I didn’t tell your name to my siblings as RB could have pressed it out of them. In 1987, RB sent my sister to me to ask me who Marty is. 

100%, whatever was filed before 1987 against you, Marty, was filed by Germany and the still existing Nazi psychiatrists behind Germany and nobody else.

If there are signatures of my sister and my brother in any lawsuit against you, those are forgeries. If there is any signature by me against you at anytime from the beginning of time until present time, it is a forgery. The last thing I ever would have done or would do is suing you for anything or filing any charges against you. You did nothing to me but being decent. And in all these years, I never claimed anything to the contrary. Unlike people who flip and flop in their activities and statements, I am like rock. Even wrongfully locked up in the loony bin or under guardianship.      

If there was a restraining order filed against you, it was done without my knowledge and agreement. I was hoping very much to see you again. You staying away from me was and is the last I wanted or want!   

I am so sorry, Marty, that you had to suffer because of this. I wanted to spare you troubles and that is why I kept you in my heart only without telling RB or anyone else in my family your existence. I thought you wanted to be the Inspector General for Ethics and I didn’t want to be in your way.

I knew RB’s hysteria and how easily she can be manipulated. She was psychiatric implanted to hate and attack Scientology, Ron and you. As she was downtone, it worked on her. 

RB also mentioned to me later several times that she had no idea before end of 1987 of the existence of a person by the name of Mark or Marty Rathbun. And the German government has years later the guts to invite your impostor, Monique’s husband, to Germany to beat up on Scientology some more. They are really beyond corrupt! They are from hell. 

And what did Germany do then? They put up Spain to arrest you on false charges (e.g. relating to the finances of the orgs, etc.) They so often hide cowardly behind other nations so that in case things don’t run completely as they want, other nations are blamed instead of them.

This fits right into what I puzzled together as to what Germany and the monsters behind it did and filed against you. That you wanted to come to Germany to hire an attorney to get to the button of these false charges filed against you by having him contacting me as you noticed that your mail from your attorney in the USA were not delivered to me. And they indeed were not delivered to me. Miscavologists in Munich or the C of S attorneys in Germany also didn’t tell about any such case or that you tried to reach me. The monsters behind Germany run the world with their psychiatric ear implants. 

They thought that they are getting away with it. They never thought that our love will last forever and that we can puzzle things together with the original Scientology knowledge of: thetan basically knows. Fools they are. Lol.     

Be kissed Marty, I love you.

Yours forever,



Bashar Assad, medical doctor, works in favor of Germany

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Dearest Marty, my Prince, soulmate, husband, and one and only,

How are you? 

You. Your personality, your existence, your decency, your temper, your warmth, your eyes, your face, your hands, everything about you is what I adore, Marty!      

France says it has proof that the Syrian government attacked the town of Douma with chemical weapons last weekend.

The US says, Syria has used at least 50 times chemical weapons on people! Assad and Germany behind him, should have get their behinds kicked right from the start not 50 times later!  

Bashar Assad, by behaving since years the way he does, assisted Germany greatly by making millions of  Syrians leave Syria and flee to Germany and Europe as their hard and cheap workers. Germany starts secretly wars to get workers to get their economy backed up and better, and Trump keeps immigrants out by wanting to build a wall. 

Syrians are known to be hard workers but many also got infected with Germany’s anti-antisemitism.  

Germany treats Syrians like cheap workers for the superior Germans. Germany also uses psychiatric methods to condition preferably “Muslims” to conduct terror or assault women, so that people despise religion and that voters bring the German Nazis back. And they want the Syrians to drop their identities and any religion (which the men behind Germany radicalize) by becoming German Nazis in Germany, the country that robbed them of their homeland by being the secret force behind the war in their country and other wars and terror.

The world had it with Assad, but Germany doesn’t want to do anything militarily against their secret agent, Dr. Bashar Assad. Typical, Germany. Organizing wars and hiding cowardly behind their international agents by not stopping wars. Using chemical on the population and children, how much monstrous can it get? Germany is “reluctant” to engage in military action because they have the USA and others to protect them, can save a lot of money, are getting richer and richer, and in the first place: CAUSE THE WAR AND TERROR in Syria and other countries. 

Germany also wants involve the USA, Russia, and China in a war against each other over Syria and other such situations.    

I hope the world start figuring them out, Marty, as we did. Germany can’t fool us.

M. is in Toronto. Next stop is St. George, Utah, and then she plans to come to me for some weeks.

I love you. Be kissed. Will be back soon.

Yours forever,




David Miscavige throwing C of S attorneys under the bus?

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Dearest Marty, my marvelous Prince, husband, and soulmate?

I am thinking often about how your life is and what happened since we saw each other the last time. I also feel that you talk to me spiritually. I wish I could hear you word for word but what I clearly get is that I live as deep in your heart as I live in yours, and this after all these years. Who says that there are no OTs and miracles?   

As the SEGNPMSS wants me to leave the USA (and doing them a favor is the LAST thing on my mind), and as it is a SEGNPMSS-ruled world, nobody tells anything about your whereabouts and your mail, messages, letters, anything at all, that your representatives are sending me, is not forwarded to me by anyone.

But thanks to the real Ron and original Scientology, I won the ability to know what nobody told me. US intelligence officials work against us real Americans for the SEGNPMSS instead of using our abilities to me the USA safer. We could be priceless assets to the USA as we see things as others don’t.       

Back to David Misavige. Let’s concentrate on him, the “ecclesiastical leader” (cough, cough) how he likes to call himself.

Here is what I think happened:

  1. After infiltrators forced me to leave Los Angeles and the Sea Org in 1984, Germany filed a wrongful lawsuit against you behind my back. They were using psychiatric-conditioned RB for this too. What ever was filed against you before 1986 was filed without knowledge of RB or my sister because they didn’t even know of your existence before 1986. I remember very clearly that my sister entered my room in 1986 and asked me: Who is Marty? RB didn’t knew your name either. I didn’t tell anyone your name because I didn’t want RB to cause you any troubles. Anyway, despite I was in contact with “Scientologists” all the time, no message of you or any attorney on your behalf ever was handed to me. I would have hurried to your defense. There was NEVER a time, when the orgs didn’t knew where to reach me, and we never were on no-speaking terms until I left Germany forever at the end of 1989.    
  2. Instead of helping you after Germany set you up, I came to the conclusion that DM let you down. Blatant violation of our Code of Honor. As David Misavige is no Scientologist (accepted Scientology from Ron’s impostor), it is no surprise. Instead of making it a priority to reach me in Germany to get this wrongful case against you dismissed, he had other fish to fry.     
  3. Germany put Spain up to arrest you on additional false charges after they figured that you plan to come to Germany (without violating any restraining order) to contact me via lawyers. Knowing Germany, I suspect that they issued a restraining order against you. This was also done behind my back because I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO HEAR FROM YOU! A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST YOU WAS THE LAST I EVER WANTED!!) Germany had Spain arrest you (cowardly SEGNPMSS hides most of the time behind other nations and uses them) so that you can’t see me in Germany. Although that there were communications between the C of S attorneys and the attorneys that you hired, Marty, I believe they did little to nothing to help you. And a lot has to do with David Miscavige who pays the attorneys big sums and could have directed the C of S attorneys to effectively help. Despite that you took the fall in Spain for the C of S (they arrested you on what the orgs allegedly did, despite you had nothing to do with the finances), I believe that DM left your defense completely to yourself. Instead of being defended and set free by the C of S attorneys, I think you had to hire your own attorneys. And not just that, they even conspired behind your back against you and me.
  4. After I got no answers to my letters to various executives in the orgs about your whereabouts, I sued Miscavology for information on you, briefly after I settled in Salt Lake City. This was a clear eye-opener who badly the orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists. I was a Scientologist in good standing. I am an IAS member. The IAS promises to unite Scientologists. But not you and me, apparently. I didn’t sue C of S for cash. Not one cent. I don’t need 20.000 watches and designer clothes like DM. All I want is to know what happened to you. Instead of telling me where you are and getting you released from wrongful incarceration, DM, Mike Rinder, and your impostor, Cheray’s or Anne’s husband, now Monique’s husband, hire an expensive law firm to kick my pro-se action out of court with providing the odd “Lynn Farney” affidavit. As judges are having ear-implants too and obey to the SEGNPMSS, my case was and the appeals were dismissed. One corrupt world it is. Anyway, most blame goes to David Miscavige as one word of this baboon, and these SLC attorneys were never hired. He is broadly known for micro-management of “Scientology”. He rather wastes Sea Org money to hire attorneys but telling a Scientologist where her soulmate is. But anyone else involved has the similar dirty hands. I also suspect that the main attorneys of C of S knew of my case and that they knew that German case filed against you impossibly could be true. Yet, they work against us. Here is the “victim” who is searching the “perpetrator” because she loves him and has flashes of memories coming back to her being married to him before her memory was psychiatric removed. What monsters are these people anyhow to stand between us?       
  5. And then, there is the thing with the IRS. His Cobness, and your impostor visiting the IRS and “settle” any C of S dispute and reach the non-profit status. (They “won” it because the SEGNPMSS approved it as the Sea Org reserves are in Europe and not in the USA. Germany does not want to pay taxes to IRS for what they consider Germany’s money, even if it is stolen by Germany from the USA to Europe by transmitting in the ears of the infiltrators of Scientology to wire all the Sea Org reserves to Europe.)
  6. Briefly after it was all over the media, I strongly assume that your attorneys asked C of S attorneys who that man is who uses your name. And that is the real reason why  your impostor, Cheray’s or Anne’s husband, now Monique’s husband, blew. He didn’t want to be deposed why he claims to be you. And like Germany, DM hides behind others, by saying that he had nothing to do with it. I guess she said he thought it was you after you were released from your wrongful incarceration. What a lousy leader of Scientology is that anyway who does not apply the basics of the tonescale. It is so easy with the tonescale to figure that you are not Mosey’s husband. Your personalities couldn’t more different. I am able to see on photos often who is the original and who is the impostor or doppelganger. This is also how I saw that President Obama got only Osama’s doppelganger and not the real terrorists. A real Scientologist can read personalities, but when DM claimed that he thought it is you, then he admits that he is no Scientologist as he has not our abilities.
  7. Monique’s husband said later that DM begged him to come back and awarded him with a cruise on the Freewinds and free training. I assume that DM denies it. Although that your impostor is a liar, I am convinced that this statement is correct. Think of this, Marty, he begs your impostor to stay in Scientology! This is how much His Cobness plots against Scientology and us. And I am sure that DM left you in the dark that your impostor remained in Scientology without that your representatives could depose him.  
  8. Then there was the rumor put out by the SEGNPMSS that you would be dead, but I would have felt it, if true. I wasted some years communicating with Scientology haters on Usenet, and after some years (!) I received anonymous messages by a person who indicated that he is similarly disgusted by the haters of Scientology as I am. He mailed me one time some information with the mail but it had a postal stamp on it that was not from a city with a Sea Org. I believe the state was Nevada. Of course he could have sent it from LA or the Int Base to some person in Nevada and then to me, but I gave him the benefit of a doubt. It wasn’t Mike Rinder as the writer was kinder. He didn’t have Rinder’s scornful personality. But I always wondered why he didn’t give me his real name. I am a Scientologist, he is one, so what is the deal with the anonymity if there is nothing to hide? Then, one day, Andy (the Canadian who had Thunderstar) told me at the phone: “Gabino cares about you a great deal…”. I found it quite odd that he tells Andy who he is but not me. Now, I was sure that I was dealing not with a private concerned Scientologist but with OSA. I asked my penfriend about your whereabouts. He promised me to check it out but I never got an answer. I have not heard from him in approx. 10 years. One of the last messages that he sent me is that Monique’s husband is indeed an impostor. But short before Rinder blew, I also got a message from my antonymous penfriend who used remailers to write to me. I can’t recall the message word for word at the moment (I still have it somewhere) but it was basically saying that Mike Rinder suffers under the bad postings that Anti-Scientologist make about him. Apparently, my penfriend got a bit more careless to hide that he is OSA.  In other words: Mike Rinder didn’t tell me about you, but wanted me to improve his reputation on the Internet. Yes, it is outrageous from side of Mike Rinder. It was the false message to write to me as I have seen Mike Rinder in videos, while he still was in Scientology and always was of the opinion that he is not a Scientologist and stupid and shouldn’t be on staff at all. And on top of all, Rinder has my name written (via Fritz Kavenaar) without my knowledge and agreement in his idiotic secret service programs, and after he learned that I am anything but charmed by him, use his own programs against me by publishing it on your impostor’s blog. They are agents. I am not. Not just DM needs his behind legally kicked. 
  9. Something else must have happened in 2004, when Monique’s husband blew a second time. I assume that you found out that your impostor stayed in Scientology because DM personally arranged it. You tried to despose him via your own attorneys, and how conveniently, DM and the Miscavologists didn’t produce him as he “blew” again!               
  10. Around this time, C of S publishes a photo of you in a RTC publication in your 40s. I was happy to see this photo but it was also very confusing as it implied that I was wrong and you not wrongfully incarcerated. 
  11. There were some posts on ARS from Chuck Beatty (he blames the real Ron on what his impostor did or didn’t do) saying he has knowledge about you as to what happened to you but nothing that he wrote made me recognize you, Marty. After a few years low-key, Monique’s husband posts on the Scientology hate message board “Ex Scientologist Message” and from his style, I could definitely tell that he was not you.     
  12. Then your impostor did the “Truth Rundown” (some “truth) in the St. Peterburg Times, he had his heydays as an “Independent Scientologist” (year right), then as “no Scientologist” and even making down the founder, then he even flirted with a “course” to leave Scientology, which could be portrayed as “deprogramming”, and finally another 360 grade turn, he is pro Miscavology again. (He even worked with the German government together against SCN. Germany! That set up the legal cases against you and knew better than any country that Monique’s husband is an impostor as it is the country behind sending him into SCN as your impostor in the first place!) While he is filmed speaking pro Miscavology, his eyes wander to two people behind the camera. One doesn’t see the people (typical) who interview him, but the surrounding is a law office, imo. 
  13. During all these years of mudslinging in the public between David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and your impostor, these three, the “other Troika” kept conspiring all the time about your whereabouts and your wrongful incarceration so that I can’t come to your rescue and you can’t come to mine. And no rescue can come to Scientology, Scientologists or the world.  No Scientologist would do this to another one. But lawless agents do. Keeping my blog down in the search engines is also in the interest of DM, Monique’s husband, and Mike Rinder, and DM is doing just that. 
  14. And now, after the world is convinced that Monique’s husband and Monique got paid big sums by DM, and very suspiciously, not even the former attorneys of Monique’s husband and Monique go forward to sue these two to be paid for one million dollars of legal work, I assume that David Miscavige throws the C of S attorneys under the bus by claiming that he knew nothing and that your impostor was paid by them and OSA staff without his knowledge. Yeah right! Who is he micro manager kidding? It reminds me to what Trump said about his attorney’s payment to S. Daniels. Except that your impostor and his wife for sure got a hell of a lot more cash than she got. With Scientology money, DM pays C of S attorneys regularly fortunes. However, as they are officers of the court, they are not allowed to whitewash DM if he has dirty hands. Will they make the lawful decision or will they go down with him?     

         I have no official knowledge of what happens on your side or within the C of S, Marty. But I have OT intuitions, like you, and I can’t image my life without them. So glad to be a real Scientologists.

Be tender and passionately kisses, Marty. I love you.

Yours forever,


What about Scientology-hater Tony Ortega ties to After 3 years of DOJ investigation, the FBI did shut the Backpages finally down.

with one comment

Dearest Marty, my one and only, here is a brief P.S., 

Daily Mail just published this revealing article about

FBI shuts down ‘sex trafficking website’ for ‘child exploitation and obscenity’ following years of futile investigations

Here are some C of S information about Ortega’s background:

I don’t think they pulled the data about him out of their hats.  

I bet the farm that Tony Ortega knows very well that also Ron, the founder, was impersonalized by a German/CIA double agent, non-Scientologist “Jack Vistaril”. To distract from his own shady Backpages activities, Ortega picks out odd statements that Ron’s impostor planted into Scientology and blames it on Ron, the founder.

How disgusting is that?

But what is to be expected by a Backpages guy?

I love you.