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About Megyn Kelly interviewing Brendan Tighey

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how is your life?

I am not excusing Vistarology or Miscavology and any of their infiltrators who altered Scientology upon secret order by the SPs behind Germany. I am getting upset any time I think of it. And this infiltration is not applying Scientology but what their case officrs, non-Scientologists, radio them to do, which is creating a bad reputation for Scientology.

Megyn Kelly is another reporter who failed to figure or publish that founder Ron and you were “replaced” by impostors. 

However, besides that Scarlett Johansson denies Brendan Tighey’s claim about her “audition”, I find his statement about his education in Scientology is also doubtful. He claims that he had not really any education in Scientology except computer courses. Yet, he knows to express himself quite adequately. If the education he received in Scientology was so bad or nearly non-existent, how come he can express himself better than many politicians with university degrees?

But I also want to say this: no good parents leave the upbringing of their children up to their case officers or any organization, Scientology orgs included, which are infiltrated by non-Scientologists. If parents are not actively involved in everything their children are doing, they are no good parents. Only such families fall apart and disconnect. Before the disconnection takes place, there was something very wrong in these families to begin with and it has nothing to do with Scientology. Love and communication as Scientology emphases all the time was not in these “families” to begin with. That is why they disconnect and don’t work out their differences. 

Scientology is not applied, otherwise parents would be there for their children and would know the mindsets of their kids and in what persons the  children develop. If they leave the upbringing of the children to someone else, it is personal out-ethics and non-responsibility. One can have a demanding job but still be there for the family. One just has to organize it. No family that loves their family members truly would ever disconnect. Never. It doesn’t matter what. They hold together come rain or shine. 

As a Scientologist if anyone ever would tell me to disconnect from a member of my family, I would laugh in his face. It is completely out of the question with people whose have no OWs on the 2nd D.

I think most Miscavologists disconnect from their own family because it is the lazy way to deal with a PTS situation. 

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.





About the secret Pentagon UFO research program

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and soulmate, how are you?

Not a day passes, in which I wonder how you are and what happens on your side.

The secret Pentagon UFO research program got my attention. According to FOX News, the Pentagon admitted to this program. It spend 22 Mio. USD and looked in all the wrong places if you ask me. It also “investigated” sightings by military pilots over UFOs. The program was cancelled after a few years. Sure, Germany doesn’t want the US to dig deeper, and the USA is Germany’s (like the rest of the world’s) secret poodle and obeys. 

Fox wrote: “Humans alone in universe, depressing study finds”

It is mainly about the Fermi “paradox”.  As you know, Fermi asked if aliens exist, where are they? Fermi was Italian. It is beyond me how one can grow up and live next to Germany without figuring out that it is typically for Germany and the doctors behind it to project a holographic screen with a fake universe for the rest of the world to see and accept as the real universe. And cloak our corner of the universe while they have their psychiatric-controlled people go out, attaching alien to their stupid trap, the ear implant system, in order to control them all.

701 unexplained UFO sighting according to the Project Blue Book from 1947-1969. I don’t think that Germany allows aliens to fly around here for below reasons, however, these unexplained sightings could be them, making sure that the USA does everything they want. 

The Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) at Oxford University came now to the conclusion that they are no aliens. 

Do you know what these scientists need most of all? Some history lessons as they have all forgotten what Germany is capable of and how they are obsessed to control everything and everybody. 

We are not allowed to see aliens because some on Earth might want to stop the Nazis and psychiatry taking over any being in the universe.  

 Live Science came up with these 12 scenarios why we did not find any aliens:  

1. There aren’t any aliens to find.

2. There is no intelligent life besides us.

3. Intelligent species lack advanced technology.

4. Intelligent life self-destructs.

5. The universe is a deadly place.

6. Space is big.

7. We haven’t been looking long enough.

8. We’re not looking in the correct place.

9. Alien technology may be too advanced.

10. Nobody is transmitting.

11. Earth is deliberately not being contacted.

12. Aliens are already here and we just don’t realize it.

What’s missing on this list is 13. The real universe is hidden behind the holographic projections that was put up by the monsters behind Germany so that nobody gets in their way when they turn any alien in one of their robots. Heil ear-implants! 

I love and miss you, Marty.



It is a secret German world and that is why families are separated by Unmenschen

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

I am sure that you also know that German psychs radio silent and loud command into the ears of so-called Americans to separate migrant children and detain them separately from their parents. And it is deliberate because Germany wants to smell like roses and America should be seen as the Nazi beast (that Germany still is, it doesn’t matter what puppet chancellor “runs” the country).

Germany secretly instigates wars, such as in Syria, etc. to get immigrants (and sells to the world that they do this for reasons of humanity, yeah right!) to boost its economy and the USA has presidents who want to keep immigrants out. Not difficult for us to figure out the plan of this behavior. 

If the USA would be organized as we would be able too, any immigrant who isn’t a criminal could be welcomed. Villages who protect health and youth of its residents would take perfect care of them. The only people who would have a financial loss would be medical doctors and the pharma industry as people don’t need their crap anymore. And these are the short-sighted people who oppose our way of live and keep it from mainstream. It is short-sighted as also they lose on the longer run. I take a healthy life in which I don’t age and get sick in a heartbeat over millions and billions of dollars. But that is me and not a retarded doctor and monster.   

If one takes a trip to the country, away from big cities, one can see how much space there is for anyone. And there are even solutions for so-called overpopulated countries. 

Disconnection in Scientology has actually two sides. If a family disconnects, something is wrong in that family to begin with and it does not apply Scientology. However, if there is one suppressive person in a family who is intolerant and does not accept the religious choices of another grown up member of this family and tortures her or him as I was tortured by RB (she woke me up in the middle of the night to force me accepting her world views) and hired kidnappers to make me force her ways, etc., this tortured  Scientologist should have the same right as non-Scientologist to turn her back to such a lunatic and criminal.

Yet, when I was in Scientology, we didn’t disconnect for any reason. It was introduced to Scientology by idiotic Vistarologists and Miscavologists because psychs knew it can be used to get mainstream anywhere to disapprove of Scientology.

I know, I don’t have to lecture you, Marty.

I miss you. I love you.

Yours forever,


P.S. My little friend coming over to play and showing me his praying mantises, telling me, his Mom doesn’t like it when he lets them crawl over the kitchen table. Can’t blame her! 😉 That’s when the garden and the deck comes in handy. 




I wouldn’t pay a cent for any “Jack Vistaril” letters

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate, 

How is your world?

This is the headline of the Time of San Diego: “Scientology Founder’s Letters to Encinitas Pal Auctioned for $38,000 — Twice the Expected”

Problem is: the letters are from the “Jack Vistaril”, the founder’s impostor, a double agent (for Germany and CIA) and not from Ron, the founder. The real Ron has a completely other writing and personality style. The letters from the impostor were auctioned higher than those of Einstein and Mark Twain. 

The amounts rose quickly says the article — $16,000, $17,000, $18,000. A $20,000 bid was followed by $22,000, then $24,000, $26,000 and soon $32,000. After a $35,000 bid came the winning “hammer price” of $38,000.

Christie’s website says that they were bought for $47,500. Whoever bought it, is a fool. Like the Miscavologists… 

I love you.





Mark Twain: Age is an issue of mind over matter. If one doesn’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How are you?

It is really frustrating not knowing your whereabouts. Sometimes I think that my postings to you are in vain as you don’t get them or don’t want them (but I know for a fact that Monique’s husband isn’t you) or that so much time passed that it is ridiculous to think that we will meet ever again or ever having a life together in this lifetime and this universe.  

On the other side, if you want my postings but can’t answer for a reason, it is sure worth that I continue posting them.  

It was/is the ultimate brutality, separating us when we were young and stopping us getting back together. I can’t tell you how often I think how gruesome these people are. There is no other word than monsters for them. 

I don’t like pictures being taken of me. I can wear as good as no make up as I am having allergic reactions to it. When family or neighbors are telling me compliments that I am looking feminine or distinctive or much younger than my age, I think that they need better glasses. Mark Twain said that age is an issue of mind over matter. If one doesn’t mind, it doesn’t matter. I indeed to care what others think (except you) but what bothers me is that aging is redundant and insults my own sense of aesthetics and beauty. 

Despite I know better than most that this is just a lifetime and that we lived before and live again and can be young again in another lifetime, I agree with Cher who said: “Aging sucks.” It really does. 

And another thing is that it is stupid and absolutely unnecessary. If Germany and its p$ychs never had kidnapped me from our village, we would not age as it prevents it.  I never will let them off the hook for this, Marty, NEVER, in all eternity, NEVER! If they want forgiveness, they shouldn’t have messed with us. And none of their justifications will ever work on me! None.    


I love you. Be kissed.

Yours forever, 


I am back again…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How are you? I think of you.

There was still no message from you or on your behalf. However, my intuition that you are trying to reach me stands in total conflict of me not getting anything from you.

I found below website. It shows an interactive map that highlights the many ongoing conflicts around the world. It is a shame for the planet that these conflicts and wars exist. Israel and Palestrina are fighting since 1948. Argh! Since 1948!! Gee! When do they finally get their act together? Not as long as they don’t spot the obvious 3rd party behind this war. 

Kashmir has territory fighting since 1947! Myanmar since 1948! What the hell?  People in Morocco are fighting since 1970! Yikes! How ineffective in making peace can one be? The other wars and conflicts are a disgrace too, considering that there is place and food and a good way of living for everyone. And another horrible thing is that if finally one conflict or war ends, new ones start. 

The world is such a mad house.

M. left for Boston today and is headed to Canada, Newfoundland, Halifax, Toronto, Quebec… etc. Not getting tired travelling. 

I love you, Marty. 

Yours always forever,