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Show – don’t tell

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Dearest Marty, my incredible husband and Prince, how are you?

I write very different fiction in content and style as these examples below, but I am excising show don’t tell a bit. Spontaneous, I got these ideas below and thought I post them for you. I rarely have time for fiction but it sure is fun.    

Here is a “tell”:
He rode to town.

Here is my “show”:
Covered in sticky hot sweat, he no longer felt the freezing rain gushing down on him and his thoroughbred. He lost his hat 5 miles ago, stolen by the howling wind. His throat felt dry, and he longed for a sip of water. No time to stop. Rainwater gathered with one hand during wild gallop had to do. Branches, twigs, and thorns cut deep through his shirt in this flesh. His blood mixed with that of his horse and dripped from its shiny dark fur.
Loud neighing, its hoof slipped on a slick stone. It slithered to its knees.
“No, no, you can’t quit on me, Bandana – get up, get up!” he yelled and pulled it up on the reins.
With its last strength, Bandana bobbed up, slid down the steep rocky hill and jumped over three beech trees that were uprooted by an earlier storm.
On the other side of the gorge bolted the stage coach.
He squeezed Bandana with his calves. “We must arrive in town before the coach. Do you hear me? A life depends on it.”
And Bandana flew over the prairie like black lightening.

I hope both are making it, Marty. 🙂  

Here is another “tell”:
Anita finds a parcel.

Here is my “show”:
The oblong parcel, neatly wrapped in silky white packing paper, was addressed to “Miss Fiorenza, 4799 Alpacay Way, Atlanta, Georgia”. The address was written with an azure-blue pen in a strong masculine handwriting unknown to Anita. The sender paid $24.05 for the postage and mailed it two days ago from the post office just four blocks from here. Instead of a sender name and address, a red glittery heart was affixed to it.
Who would do such a cruel thing, knowing that two Miss Fiorenzas lived at the same address?
Anita grabbed the parcel with both hands and shook it, first carefully, then more forcefully. It was heavy, weighed at least five pounds. Something rattled and moved inside.
What could it be? She sniffed on it. Did she perceive the smell of expensive orchid perfume, heavy extravagant fabrics or was it rather the sweet scent of decadent pralinés?
It must be for her, Anita Fiorenza and not her cousin Jane Fiorenza!
Jane attended a university lecture about agricultural irrigation systems. She wouldn’t be home for hours! Who can wait that long? Besides, who would send her boring cousin a parcel? Nobody!
Was the parcel from a secret admirer? How exciting! Jane had not one admirer, official or secret. All she ever talked about was water, drip lines, nozzles, and alfalfa.
Anita’s heart races faster. Her trembling fingers dug deep in the packing paper, and she ripped it off with one strong pull.
She hesitated. A shoe box! She bought the same dark green pumps with super-high heels a few weeks ago. Did an admirer buy her shoes that she already had? That would be disappointing for her and embarrassing for him.
She ripped the lid off. Anita’s eyes narrowed to slits. The box contained an ordinary red garden stone. It looked exactly like the hundreds of cheap garden stones that plastered the backyard of her home.
She opened the note. It was written in a female handwriting she knew very well:
“Anita, the address was written by one of my fellow students. I just want to see if you open mail that might be addressed to me. Don’t you dare.
P.S. I borrowed your shoe box as I found no fitting other box for the garden stone. Please put the stone back where it belongs, I dug one out behind the dog house.”

Reading my own story, I find both ladies kind of mean. Gee! I am glad that I am not related to either one of them. 😉 And it turned out rather a short story but a show no tell example.

Be kissed, Marty, I love you.

You can mail me a garden stone any time. New or used, I don’t mind, at long it is from you.

I would give it a special place in my home, and place it on royal-blue velvet and red silk.

And if someone would come to visit me and ask why I worship a garden stone, I would answer: “Mind your own business.” 😉

Yours forever,



Some psychologists and psychiatrists finally catch up on that people lived before this life (reincarnation)

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Dearest Marty, my precious soulmate in this and former lifetimes,

How are you? I miss you each day and all the time very much. I know that there is nobody who understands me better than you do. 

I am able to solve puzzles and find solutions by just thinking about the situations that I want to solve. And I thought a thousand times about why our paths don’t lead back together. It all boils down to the conclusion that your request/motion to have me testified is denied by courts and stuck in Congress as the monsters behind Germany control the ear-implants of the people who should have approved your request/motion three decades ago. By denying our rights, they harm themselves. Bad conscience and living in a German-controlled world that can and will turn against them as well.

Now to my headline: I found this article below online. Some psychologists and psychiatrists finally catch up to that people lived before this life (reincarnation). Of course, typical in a German-controlled world, there is no word of that Ron, the founder of Scientology proved the existence of past lives with the scientific approach of auditing.  

Interestingly, psychiatrists attack(ed) Scientology because of its claim that people lived before. Now, it appears that psychiatry wants the credit for what they attacked and tried to destroy. 

For me, there is not the tiniest doubt that we lived before, Marty. People and also animals die and come back in young bodies. 

Only 20% of the people in the USA believe in reincarnation. 51% of all people in the USA allegedly believe in God. Do they not try to access their past lives because they think that reincarnation and God are contradicting each other? In fact, they do not. God exists despite of people being born again. You know it, Marty, I know it, and some others too.

The way I feel God and his intentions are telling me that he wants each being to know the facts of life. God isn’t anti-science. And suppressing facts as Germany and its international psychs are doing it, is not science. They can call themselves scientists all they want. They are none.

I noticed that accessing past lives is very well possible without hypnosis. The easiest access is in the very relaxed status BEFORE falling into sleep that Ron called “reverie”. Psychs apparently are working on giving it a negative touch by naming a TV show after it. 

I am also 100% sure that the access of anyone is deliberately barred by Germany and its p$ychs by playing tapes in the ear- and body implants of EVERYONE stealing everyone’s ability to access past lives much more easily. Ron developed working technology to get round these tapes. Not sure how much of it is left in Scientology after the p$ychs behind Germany took it over and made “Jack Vistaril” and “DM” in charge.

Ron’s approach in enabling and documenting past lives was much more precise than what psychologists or psychiatrists came up with, long after Ron had established his technology.  Have a look here:

I love you.

Yours always, Sarah/Barbara






Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 27, 2018 at 11:00 am

Claas Relotius, once “Journalist of the Year” isn’t the only reporter in the German magazine The Spiegel who fabricated news

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how is your life?

I read that Claas Relotius, a reporter who received the CNN’s “Journalist of the Year” in 2014, the European Press Prize in 2017, and the
Deutscher Reporterpreis in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2018 fabricated parts of numerous stories, particularly targeting the USA with his lies. What an idiot to make stuff up. Typical German to target the USA.  

However, I read fake news in the very same German magazine already before Relotius was born or when he had diapers on:

The Spiegel published pictures of Ron’s impostor in the 80s, showing him in a Bavarian hat, and claiming wrongfully that this impostor would be the founder of Scientology. 

And there is more:  In 1984,  I noticed an article about chemical weapons in The Spiegel, saying that Claude de Rothschild would be the force behind chemical weapons in the USA. And they published his photo in the same article. 

Later, I wrote to The Spiegel and asked them for a copy of this article, and they suddenly claimed that they never have made this claim or written it. But they have. I saw it with my very own eyes in Der Spiegel. 

And I bet that these aren’t the only false “news” that this magazine  or other German news outlet published. 

If I am right and the CIA issued a “security family name” to your family, what is it worth when Germany, the cradle of the Nazis, know the real name and use the real name for defamation purposes in hostile articles to feed the masses with falsehoods and hatred?

I also remember having read an article as a child about the funeral of a child. It was published by in the German magazine “Die Bunte”, and it showed the grieving de Rothschild family and three children (two boys and a girl) standing on a grave. The mother had light hair, the father dark hair. This wasn’t a hostile article and according to my perceptions not fake news like in Der Spiegel about Claude de Rothschild, but again, if German reporters know and publish the real name for each Nazi to read, what’s up with the alleged CIA protection of you and your family? You should get your real name back from the feds who is secretly doing the dirty work for Germany.

On another subject, Marty: a fanatical guy created a GoFundMe page for Trump’s wall but someone else countered it and created a GoFundMe page ‘Ladders to get over Trump’s wall’.

This made me laugh because the wall is just a huge waste of money.

Extended ladders can easily outsmart Trump’s wall. Trump had a German father and it shows. I sure hope that Germany will not succeed in making so-called Americans shooting humans at the border like Germany shot their own people at their wall by transmitting these horrible ideas through ear-implants. 

This ladder is 60 foot high. Trump wants a wall that is 55 feet high. Lol. (Yes, I as a Republican with feelings and a heart for others, are saying lol!)

But now I stop laughing as it is a huge waste of money, this wall.

That 60 foot long ladder will dwarf Trump’s wall. Some say he will just get a 30 feet high wall. Whatever. Even easier on ladders. They could build with platforms all few feet for the safety of those who cross and with belts to prevent someone to fall. 

Border security will be restored when terrorists and criminal people have to give up their secret case officers who talk into their ear implants, which will lead to  Germany above everything and the men behind it.

                                   And as far as economical hardship is some countries are concerned, we have the solution also for that. There is no valid reason to build the war, and as I wrote before, German even instigates wars to get workers to make it the best economic force in the world by using ear-implants to dwarf all others, incl. the USA.   

I miss you, Marty. Loving you came so easy to me. I am so picky as far as character is concerned. I just want you and your pure personality. I was able to see it right away, Marty. There was no dirt and lows in your personality. What a rare person you are. I am glad that you exist.

Kissing you tender and passionately.

Yours forever,


What do you think when you read this, Marty?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

How are your days and nights?

I read online that John Stanard, the National Director, Social Betterment Programs and Policy wrote to President Trump among 19 others to reject changes to the FIRST STEP Act, the criminal justice bill currently pending in the Senate.

I wonder what you think when you read of this topic.

But who better than you to determine what needs to be done? 

An innocent person never should be imprisoned by psychiatrists or in a prison. For the rest, those who really committed crimes, they will think that crime pays when the society is easy on their crimes, and therefore, most will not change their ways. 

And how to you feel when you hear about “justice” considering that Germany, Spain, the USA and the rest of the world, including impostor and Miscavology, conspire together to keep you wrongfully behind bars for a lifetime?

I despise them, Marty, with each fiber of my being.

Be kissed. I love you.

Forever and always,








Earth is trapped in the bubble of the theoretical Oort Cloud

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how is your life?

I am sure you noticed, just like the Big Bang, someone comes up with a theory and the others report it as “fact” and “science”.

Officially, nobody yet reached the theoretical “Oort Cloud” but trillions of comets crashing from these areas should make space travelers worried.

The Voyagers flew through the “Kuiper Belt” but didn’t explore it, because when they were sent in space in 1977, space science allegedly didn’t know of the “Kuiper Belt”. I think due to that the “Kuiper Belt” was not explored, it may not even exist and the frozen volatiles (“ices”) are broken off somewhere with lasers just when “needed” to scare.  The “Kuiper Belt could contain hundreds of thousands of icy bodies that range in size from small chunks of ice to worldlets larger than 100 kilometers across”, says science. “Could…”  

                      The Voyagers made it through without a scratch, didn’t they? 

To me, those who projected the fake universe hologram are sending us the message: “Stay away or you will be crushed by comets or planetoids. They killed the dinos, they can kill you…” It should be easy using lasers in same space station and cutting off some ice and dirt balls and make people believe that those areas are naturally dangerous places, like black holes.

                                                Who are they kidding, Marty? 

Look, we are “trapped”. Bubble all around us. Typical. Some wants us to stay in the bubble forever.  The “Asteroid Belt” and the “Kuiper Belt” and alleged “Oort Cloud” serve this purpose.     

The alleged “Oort Cloud” surrounds our solar systems with ice and rocks and is sending us comets to introvert us. “Don’t come closer. Stay where you are for crying out loud. It is dangerous out here. And it is cold too, freaking cold. Nobody lives here. Go home and stay there. Leave the universe up to us until the last creature has ear-implants and obeys to German nationalism.” 

They possibly destroy the Voyagers inside the “cloud” (allegedly by comets or something else “natural”) or they disable all functions and the spacecrafts are lost and report no longer, because SEGNPMSS sure has no intentions telling us what it does and what’s going on inside and beyond that “cloud”.  

The “Oort Cloud” has allegedly two distinct regions, a spherical outer cloud that surrounds the solar system, and a disc-shaped inner cloud. Whatever necessary to make us feel that we can’t go manned beyond Neptune. 

Sedna allegedly comes from the inner “Oort Cloud”. Doesn’t look like a piece of ice and mud to me. Seems to be very cold on it. Maybe that should stop space travel too, making people think that there can’t be civilizations without a sun nearby. 


Within and behind that “Oort Cloud” lie big secrets.

Be tenderly and passionately kissed, Marty. I miss you. 

Yours forever,




Will Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 stop communicating when it gets most interesting: What is in the Oorth cloud and behind the fake universe projection?

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince and husband, I am thinking of you.

It seems that reaching the end of our solar system just takes 40 years with technology of the 70s. Well, that is technology that mainstream was allowed to know in the 70s. Not the advanced technology that was kept from the world.

Unmanned spacecrafts Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were launched by NASA in summer of 1977 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Both had the mission to study outer planets. They were “reprogrammed” via remote-control over the course of time. 

They are flying with thermoelectric generators, and I assume that such generators could also transport humans. Psychiatric hypnotized, implanted, and conditioned people with the secret mission to attach aliens to the German-controlled psychiatric ear-implant and mind-control system and maybe also people of the run of the law likely don’t mind spending their lives going to other planets and not more returning to Earth. What I am saying and suspecting is that manned spacecrafts did go those routes too. 

I believe that Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 are still flying because Earth mainstream should be fooled that space is free (particularly of Nazis and the men behind them) and nobody is there.

The pictures and data that the Voyagers reported to Earth don’t rule out secret civilizations on planets more nearby either on the surface or under the surface or in the lakes of the planets. Numerous Voyager 1 and Voyager instruments shut down “on their own” or were disabled. Surprise! (Not.)

Both have just a few working instruments at present time. I am not sure what each instrument exactly does except measuring gas but below is the NASA list of what is on and off. I would like to know what exactly made these instruments fail. The transmitter failed on Voyager II. 

Others “non-essential” instruments were shut off to preserve power. What is a “non-essential instrument on a spacecraft”? Why can’t the generator produce indefinitely all the power that it needs? I read that the plutonium that is necessary to generate power is decaying in the Voyagers. How come? Some lasers “helping”? And what do you make of that plutonium-244 has a half-life of about 82,000,000 years?  The Voyagers are just 40 years old. 

Instrument Voyager 1 Voyager


Cosmic Ray Subsystem (CRS) ON ON
Low-Energy Charged Particles (LECP) ON ON
Magnetometer (MAG) ON ON
Plasma Wave Subsystem (PWS) ON ON
Plasma Science (PLS) OFF ON
Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS) OFF OFF
Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer and Radiometer (IRIS) OFF OFF
Photopolarimeter Subsystem (PPS) OFF OFF
Planetary Radio Astronomy (PRA) OFF OFF
Ultraviolet Spectrometer (UVS) OFF OFF




SEGNPMSS ear-implants rule with loud or silent sounds. What are the odds of SEGNPMSS lasers messing with the spacecrafts? It takes 19 hours for communications to the voyagers and back to Earth. That’s also plenty of time to sabotage messages by those who do not want mainstream to look into their space cards.     

It seems that the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 and Earth will completely quit to communicate in a few years when it gets most interesting: What is truly in or behind the Oort Cloud? Would it take a spacecraft indeed 300.000 years to go through it or is this cloud rather the begin of the fake universe projection? NASA says that pristine space starts first after the Oort Cloud. 

Besides that we can’t communicate with them anymore, the idea of  Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 going on forever in space with traces of our existence is an interesting idea. However, fact is, SEGNPMSS consists of cowards. They will stop the Voyagers before they meet any alien civilization that they didn’t yet attach to the ear-implants and their mind-control. 

Most certainly they never will allow an alien race to learn about Earth before they don’t control it.    

What do you think about it?

I love you, my hero. Be embraced and kissed.

Yours forever,



US needs a smart person to represent it at the UN, one that Germany can’t fool     

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Dearest Marty, my precious soulmate and husband,

How are you? 

Soon another year passed and it seems that we just met yesterday. Nothing changed in my love to you except that it got much deeper. I think our love story would have failed if we would be no soulmates and if we would not have a common timetrack. That is what I thought of when I saw you again in fall of 1983 in LA. In addition to the fascinating person that you are that caused my heart to beat faster, you were also so familiar. Back then, I thought it was because we were together in past lives but a bit later, I got some memories back of us being also together in this lifetime, and all unraveled from there. 

If the monsters keep us separated until one of us dies, they still will not win. We will fly directly to God and ask for our own universe, and this one will never see us again. Yeah!!

Actually, I ask myself every day why I took a body on snake pit Earth. What was I thinking? I should have come up with the idea of our own universe before. It must be one in a dimension in which PSs can’t follow us. Like in those vampire movies, only who is invited can enter. If this universe would be WITHIN an identity of God, say, this identity of God stretched himself out and allows a physical universe within these parameters, no one can enter who this identity does not want to enter.  And I also have a solution and justice for them. It will not be bloody but will they be sorry.

The other alternative would be spirits forever. God is able to manage without a body of flesh and so are his spiritual identities. We should be able to. For me, coming back in a human form to this Earth is out of question. I am so sick and tired of the monsters behind Germany and the world and the way these doctors force people (and particularly us) to live, suffer, and die that I will do all in my powers to escape them after my physical death.  

Another subject, Marty: I read that Donald Trump nominated Heather Nauert to represent the United States at the United Nations. I hope she will not be nominated because she is clueless about Germany and has no correct understanding of history.

Here is what the Washington Post wrote:

The United Nations came into existence to vanquish Germany, as 26 nations jointly pledged in 1942 not to surrender to “savage and brutal forces seeking to subjugate the world.”

Three-quarters of a century later, the woman who would soon become President Trump’s pick to represent the United States at the United Nations cited the D-Day landings — a cornerstone of this unwavering Allied pledge and the basis of the Nazi defeat on the Western Front — to showcase the strength of German-American relations.

“When you talk about Germany, we have a very strong relationship with the government of Germany,” Heather Nauert, the State Department’s spokeswoman, said in June. She added: “Tomorrow is the anniversary of the D-Day invasion. We obviously have a very long history with the government of Germany, and we have a strong relationship with the government.” She also pointed to the Marshall Plan, which rebuilt Western Europe in the ashes of Adolf Hitler’s quest for global domination.

Yikes! That woman would fail history in school but Trump wants her to speak on behalf of the USA at the UN. You notice as I do how favorable she speaks of Germany. Just what Germany want. Germany is above all and just about everyone.   

Despite Germany ran the entire world already with ear-implants in 1942 and long long before, when the men behind Germany, the doctors, the psychiatrists, the barbers and butchers showed their real ugly faces through forming the Nazis, they demanded from the entire world to sink to their ultra-low tonelevel (penalizing bodies) and it didn’t resonate with all people, so they got oppositions from some. 

But just about the entire world missed that the monsters behind Germany continued with their plans to take over the world. Their plan after the war was to strengthen their infiltration of governments (particularly that of the USA) even more to bring those countries down and Germany up to make it world power no.1. 

It is really something, Marty, but I know so clearly what they were/are plotting, planning, and deciding as it I were/are in the same room with them when they are doing it. The victim knows the stalkers better than the stalkers know the victim. They are really strangers to spiritual abilities. 

Germany should have paid for rebuilding Western Europe not the USA. As a kidnapped kid, I lived in a small apartment of housing blocks that were built through the Marshall Plan, and I bet this universe on it that all people living there, were lying to Ike and Ron so that they don’t get their child/grandchild back. And the USA paid for their housing and to make Germany, which hasn’t changed, rich and richer. Thanks very much! I can see the foe.

The US needs a smart person to represent it at the UN, one that Germany (and also Germany behind other nations) can’t fool can’t fool.          

Giving you passionate and tender kisses, my love.

Yours forever,